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Time Travel Cheat

How great would it be if you could simply complete a task whenever you wanted to, even if it was just a few seconds after it started? Well the time travel cheat allows you to do this! All you need to do is begin by starting a task, I would recommend that you try founding a town. Once you have done so you will need to go to your computers control panel and select the date and time option. Change the time / date on your computer to a time when the task is due to finish. Now go back to the game and you will see that your task is all done! You can also use this cheat for going backwards in time as well as forwards. If you are a fan of other online games then you may be able to make this cheat relevant for you on a whole bunch of games.

The West Cheat Codes:

Simply enter the password and receive the benefits of the below.

pisota - $20000
govna - level 100
kita - all quests finish
guzica - always win in battle.

Use The Character Menu!:

In the character menu you get a few interesting facts about your character. Make sure you know your character inside out to have a chance of competing well on The West.

* Your profile picture
* Experience points health points
* The current amount of your energy points
* Traveling speed
* Duels won
* Duels lost

If you are new to The West then check out the below video, which is a brief introduction / tuturiol to the game....

Tutorial Game Guide - The West

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thomas 5 years ago

where can i type these codes

nevar 5 years ago

ye where can I type these codes ??

Radu 5 years ago

super cool , thanks

falkerr 5 years ago

how can i type these coads?

Timmyman 5 years ago

These don't work...

emmanuel 5 years ago

please tell me where do i type these codes

Alamgir Hossain 5 years ago

where can i type these codes

emmanuel 5 years ago

please tell us where do we type these codes!!!

YouPeopleAreSad 5 years ago

There are no legitimate cheats for The-West.

Mike 4 years ago

don't work...fake :)

wowdud 4 years ago

where do i put the codes at *~*

Hello 4 years ago

Pekny cesky The west

SFRJ 4 years ago

Balkan hackers, he he

jarrod 3 years ago

them bonus codes don't work, get some working codes

alex.ace 3 years ago


BestWestPlayer246 2 years ago


westplayer 19 months ago

these dont work morons

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