The World's Rarest Pokémon Cards

The World's Rarest Pokémon Cards

About Pokémon Cards and tournaments

Are you an enthusiast game player? Or do you have passion for collecting the world’s rarest cards of different game? Then you must have heard about the renowned Pokémon Card game. There is huge excitement and craze among young generation even adults regarding this game. Here is a brief about this Pokémon game as well as its rare cards.

Pokémon is one of the world famous card games which adults as well as kids find really worth to have fun. Originally it emerged for Nintendo, a role play game especially for the Game Boy. Later the name got translated by the Japanese for famous Pocket Monsters. Now it represents 493 species inherited from this Pokémon.

As people get lots of interest and enthusiasm while playing this Pokémon Card game, they collect as well as trade the game cards for improving their chance to win the game. Sometimes kids or some passionate card game players or game lovers collect the cards for just to have fun. Even sometimes collection of this cards become so much valuable that many determined and serious collectors start offering a great amount of money for those rare Pokémon cards.

Now come to the basic concept of this game. Pokémon players’ or trainers’ main target is to collect as much as cards of almost every Pokémon species possible. Those cards are being collected for particular fictional area where this game is generally played as well as in training Pokémon to vie opponent teams which are possessed by other trainers. The contestant trainer who becomes the strongest among the crowd is called the Pokémon Master.

Rare Pokémon Cards On YouTube

There are generally seven categories in Pokémon game cards that are Pokémon, Supporters, Energy, Trainers, Stadiums, Level X and Legendaries. No doubt all of these Pokémon cards were created in Japan only for special contends and fights. Japanese included the "Pokémon Illustrator", the "Mew two battle" and "tropical mega battle" card. Trophy Cards are one of the mostly demanded Pokémon cards.

Among all the Pokémon cards those are rare cards that are mostly purchased by people. Are you confused which are rare cards? Actually there are various cards that fall under the category of rarest. The reason behind is that people don’t know the accurate quantities of Pokémon cards that remain till date. These cards are generally marked as black star. As per information the top three world’s rarest cards are illustration contest winner cards, the world tournament cards and the pre-release designer cards.

According to some people the world’s rarest Pokémon cards are shiny, glossy and sparkly holographic Legendaries such as Ho-oh, Lugia, Suicune and Celebi etc. While few people say rare Pokémon card is dark Pikachu Illustrator which is sometimes called shadow Pikachu because it has 999 HP and Pokémon cards above 150 HP are referred to as rare cards. This rare Pokémon card is also a Japanese Promo.

You can go for the rarest Pokémon Card, Pikachu's Birthday which may cost few top dollars. With same budget of 2 to 3 hundreds of dollars you can get the ancient mew card which is again the world’s rarest Pokémon Card. If your budget is low then you could buy a delta species rare Charizard Pokémon card.

I guess you got a rough idea on the world’s rarest Pokémon Card. Hence don’t wait any more and carry on collecting rare Pokémon Cards. There are countless online stores where you can get better deals on these cards. Verify the market price after visiting few online shops on internet and then purchase accordingly.

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Comments 32 comments

Lukas 6 years ago

There is no Shadow Pikachu

Eddy 6 years ago

I've got the Ancient Mew. :P

Kane 6 years ago

In my first 2 pokémon card packs EVER i got 4 arceus' amd i was like WTFFFF!!!

andrew 6 years ago

will you sell your collection?

shai77 profile image

shai77 6 years ago Author

Hi Andrew :-)

It is not mine to sell .

Try to contact the guy on youtube.

priscilla 6 years ago

i have all of thoses cards lol :)

rooster 6 years ago

i also have all first four complete sets from pokémon plus japanese ancient mew etc but i cant find prices for the complete sets

austin 6 years ago

i had like two ancient mew cards that i lost. how much could i have got for 1


RafRaf 6 years ago

No more than 4 dollars and only if the cards are in mint condition

RafRaf 6 years ago

4 Dollars for each one i mean, at the most

santi 6 years ago

i have compleeted all of the pokémon cards exactly 493 pokemons

Matthew 6 years ago


trainer gl 6 years ago

that wasn't a complete collection some of the cards were dark and not from the original set therefore making it useless its cool that the original 150 pokémon are there but not the real original 150 cards

shai77 profile image

shai77 6 years ago Author

Thanks Matthew and trainer gl for the comments.

Trainer gl thanks and if you have your own collection,you are welcome to write and tell about it here in the comments.

Amnesjr 6 years ago

I have like 80% of them =)

Yummy taco 6 years ago

I have ancient mew is it worth anything

2005Fleet profile image

2005Fleet 5 years ago from Sunny Florida

I linked my hub to yours, thumbs up

shai77 profile image

shai77 5 years ago Author

Thanks 2005Fleet :-)

Loved your Hubs !

anonymouss1212 5 years ago

@yummy taco its worth about 75 bucks. i had one but my mom through it away one day, haha.

pkmn 5 years ago

how many 1st editions does this person have because they are the rarest

shai77 profile image

shai77 5 years ago Author

I don't know this guy.

This vid was uploaded to youtube by a user named pokecentre.Try to find him on youtube and ask.

Good luck !

NOone 5 years ago

@yummy taco & Anonymouss1212 im surprised its worth anything it came free with the first pokémon movie

Zack Bates 5 years ago

got the very first pokémon card

d guy 5 years ago

that speech and video just inspiring to tell you the truth gotta catch em all

baller 5 years ago

First off the very first edition doesn't have dark cards so he doesn't have all the orginals there with him.......

Henri Jacobs 5 years ago

Well I think I have the rarest card which is the whole card as the whole antire thunderes Pokémon card :). Just a giant picture of thunderes with a silver around the surrounding the card

Chivy 5 years ago

nice cards

tc 5 years ago

i hav a bunch of those cards

none 5 years ago

i have all except for 1 or 2 of these, not that rare.

bobb 4 years ago

@Henri Jacobs that's not the rarest. and ancient mew on is four to five bucks. the new darkrai ex FA from dark ekplores will be around ten times that.

Mr.Epic 4 years ago

lol I got all those cards and I've got the first pokémon card that has been ever made XD



Angela 16 months ago

I have a mega venosor ex no trade

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