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The cursed book

Although the cursed book returns in 8th edition warhammer fantasy battle from 7th edition it has had a complete revamp. It has changed from an enchanted item that granted a one turn hex to models attacking the bearer to an arcane item that can be used to cast spells.

The cursed book is used at the start of the magic phase and drains D3 dice from the winds of magic pool, it then casts a random spell from at the minimum casting value from a selection of six.

There are three spells from the lore of shadow melkoth's mystifying miasma, the enfeebling foe and the withering. Two spells from the lore of death are present soulblight and doom and darkness. Finally the hex curse of the midnight wind from the lore of heavens is also present.

Tactical uses

The cursed book offers hex's that will all be useful against enemy units you are engaging in combat with, the only problems are you do not know how many dice it will take nor which spell you will get. Whilst they are all useful against enemy units involved in melee against your own there will no doubt be some that are more effective at a given time then others. It is best taken by a lower level wizard and can become surprisingly useful if you lose your higher level wizards.

Basically the cursed book is a bit of a gamble you can get a one power dice the withering (normal casting value is 13) or you could end up with a three power dice mystifying miasma (normal casting value 5). You also get the lore attribute of the spell cast though the only one that will take effect really is the lore of shadows smoke and mirrors allowing the wizard casting the spell to swap places with another character of the same type (ie infantry). It does give the benefit of these hex's to an army that otherwise may only have the lore of the vampires so is also useful in that respect.

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Count Jondi 4 years ago

I find the book has interesting uses, Dragginf down your opponents dispel and hexing your enemies.

A bit risky take, but a fun one at that

Arioch profile image

Arioch 4 years ago from Wakefield, United Kingdom Author

Its pretty fun and the debuffs are nearly always useful somewhere.

Count Jondi 4 years ago

I have only two qualms with it, it has to be used at the start of the turn, and I usually find myself needing the power dyes....

Although i still go for the book often, it's just such a nice touch of random to the army.

P.s I have a question, do the lore attribute(s) of the spell come into play? for example, if you get curse of the midnight wind, and you target a flying unit, does it take the d6 hits?

Arioch profile image

Arioch 4 years ago from Wakefield, United Kingdom Author

You can choose whether to use the book or not so can save the power dice for something else if you really want. Your casting a spell from the rulebook and as far as I'm concerned that includes all aspects of it including the lore attribute so yes they would.

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