Tips for Overwatch on survival mode in spec ops, on Call Of Duty Modern warfare 3 learn how to get far! ( MW3 )


This guide/hub will teach you the tips and strategies that you can and should use to get to high levels on the map Overwatch for survival mode on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

PLEASE NOTE ::: Below is a guide for general strategies for all survival maps that i suggest you read prior to the rest of this hub. I will reference and not going into great detail on the things you should use. But if you read the guide i give full reasons of why you should use each item.

The Map

Okay, so here is the legend for the map picture down below.

I initially had the boxes backwards, but is now fixed thanks to medic4army

The yellow G - This is your guns and ammo box, and where all your weapons will be

The yellow W+A - This is the grenades box. This is where the grenades, turrets, and all the other necessities are.

The Yellow KS+P - This is your kill streaks and perks box.

The orange X's - This is turret placement.

The Red and Blue X - This will be your player placement.

The Strategy

Okay So as most of my strategies are, this one is pretty straight forward. Remember the necessities, you should ALWAYS have self revive, and you should keep well stocked of you ammo, grenades, and all your perks. If you are level 50 try to get the Sleight of hand AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. This is very crucial for later rounds especially if you are using the dual light machine guns like I suggest in the guide i linked above. I think that Quick Reload is extremely crucial.

Now that the basics are down, now your strategy for this map. Basically the Red x should watch the doorway he is closest to, while the blue x covers the turrets ( orange X's), and this should get you pretty far. Either player can play either role, and you will both get a good amount of action.

On juggernaut rounds, or if you start to get bogged down just run out the doorway and make a loop around the map. This map is perfect for making loops, and this will allow you to take out enemy troops, while making your way to each crate, or back to the camping spot.

Remember to try to take out helicopters first, this is an element that can make or break good or bad teams if they forget to shoot the helicopters first. This is what will allow you to truly get to much higher levels.


This strategy is for solo play only!!!

I guess I will add a strategy for solo play as well, so I don't have to write another guide, and re add the picture.

When I play this on solo, I FIND that the best strategy is a runner strategy. This means you will constantly be running in a big circle around the map. This is a very easy strategy to do, and get really far using. As long as you keep making turns and not getting hit by bullets, and keeping your self revive maintained then you should have no problem getting far.

On this strategy you are going to need slight of hand, and preferably two light machine guns. This will allow you to take your play much further, and will allow you to get much further.

You should also be trying to take the helicopters out first when playing on solo as this will make your gameplay much easier throughout the game.

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Medic4Army 4 years ago

I like to stay right where you initially spawn, and I find that most enemies come from the right up the stairway (from the Guns area). I place a Sentry here. I claymore the stairways behind me. My partner places a sentry on the other side (between the red X and KSP on your map) and keeps an eye on that area and the rear. We each maintain an LMG and use whatever enemies have as our #2 weapon (excluding the FAD). We find that grenades and C4 are extremely useful (grenades to lob down stairways, and C4+Flash/LMG for Jugs). Normally, I find airstrikes useless, but on this map, the enemy has nowhere to run and airstrikes seems to either kill them all, or seriously thin them out. One of us will always have a Predator at all times. When 1+ Jugs come out, we nail the close one with a Predator, and the others with whatever works. This has gotten us to Wave 48.

Any thoughts? I respect your opinion; I have been waiting for you to post an Overwatch guide. Your guides seriously helped me and my buddy on the normal maps. Thanks man.

profile image

medic4army 4 years ago

Also, unless ours are different, I believe you got the "Weapons & Ammo" and the "Grenades" spots mixed up on your map. I know mine is different (from your map), but if for some reason that's how yours looks, forgive & ignore this comment. Peace

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

First off, thank you for correcting me, and I gave you credit in the guide. On another note, I should have the other two DLC maps out this weekend for survival on liberation and piazza. Your strategy sounds good, and should work, I don't see any reason why it would not. I am glad that my guides have been able to help, and I am going to try and find a better strategy for this map, I just have been to busy to perfect it. Either way, thank you again for reading, and staying up to date with the guides.

profile image

medic4army 4 years ago

No credit was necessary, but thank you. I look forward to your other DLC guides to see what strategies worked for you (especially BlackBox! - my new Fav map).

Dick 4 years ago

I don't see this MAP in my XBOX MW3? Where can I find it?

Wraith 4 years ago

Dick, this is part of the DLC. You have to pay $15 (US dollars) to get this map, Blackbox, Liberation, Piazza (for multi-player and survival mode), and a few spec ops missions. I'm not sure whether or not I will buy the DLC, but if I do, I'm buying it for the survival maps. (A few of my friends have told me the DLC isn't worth it...)

Wraith 4 years ago

On a slightly unrelated note, do you think the DLC is worth buying? I'm considering getting it but I think DLC of THIS size would be better priced about $7, not $15... (I'm primarily considering buying it because of the spec ops missions and survival stuff.)

profile image

medic4army 4 years ago


I know your question was directed at Johnrr631992, but allow me to throw in my 2 cents anyway. I would say the DLC is worth the price (albeit I bought the whole CoD Elite Premium deal), especially if you like playing the maps on Survival and if you like the Missions maps. The two most recent missions, Ironclad and Kill Switch, are my favorites thus far. Hope that helps!

Wraith 4 years ago

Actually medic, my question wasn't really directed at any specific person. Most of the time I do like survival better than multi-player, lol. TBH, the thing I enjoy the most is 'trolling' the survival AI. So funny... see my post on the Seatown page. XDDDD

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

No wraith it is not worth matter of fact, I personally would not pay for the elite service, nor the map packs. The only reason I even bought them, was with money I made from here SOLELY for writing the guides FOR here. I don't play them anymore, and enjoy the original maps more. if you buy them, only do it for spec ops, and not for any other reason. Thank you for posting the questions, being very helpful replying to other questions on my hubs.

Wraith 4 years ago

John, I'm just glad to help. I frankly find breaking games without using real "glitches" to be one of the funniest things ever (like the 'gaps' in AI path coding I've found on Seatown, Underground, and Hardhat). I'm actually having a hard time NOT thinking about the possibilities of spots like that on the DLC maps. LOL

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Well obviously there are probably more spots on the DLC maps as they haven't been studied to prevent glitches like the originals were. Not to mention if you did find them and made a video, or wrote about them you could gain a CONSIDERABLE amount of hits when things are found like that.

Wraith 4 years ago

Well... I'm a big PC gamer, but I have only ever recorded 2 gameplay videos, and I haven't uploaded either, lmao. Hoping to figure out how to soon though. XD

Wraith 4 years ago

I'll be honest, I didn't even go past wave 10 on this map when I first tried it. The map itself just feels really awkward to me. I think with 2 people, if you hold out in the long hallway (the one that goes pretty much the width of the map, I *think* its near the weapons and ammo box...) with you and your partner watching one end, and having a regular and a grenade sentry watching the other way you could last a good while, but like I've said on the other ones, I've never even touched co-op stuff before... XD

Johnrr631992 profile image

Johnrr631992 4 years ago from Tampa, Florida Author

Yah this ones tough but there are no good camping spots for the most part which is why when I play this one now I MOSTLY do a run and gun method.

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