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Music can be hard to make in traditional ways. It often requires understanding of notes, keys, stanzas and squiggly lines, and perhaps more confoundedly, a musical instrument, which may not always be easy or possible to come by. Fortunately, the Internet has generated a myriad of ways for people to make music without having the foggiest idea what terms like legato or sombrero mean. This is a good thing. Music is not something that should be locked away in violin cases or stuffed down the back of old pianos, it is something that should be accessible anywhere, anytime, to anyone.

Tone Matrix is a great little music making game, well, I call it a game, it's really more of a tool that allows you to create melodies from the comfort of your pc simply by clicking on various squares in a matrix. It is as clever as it is entertaining, as pleasing as it is simple.

How does one play the Tone Matrix?

A pulse runs across the matrix from left to right at regular intervals. If one of the squares in the matrix has been clicked, it will emit a sound when the pulse flashes over it. The higher up the screen the square is, the higher the note will be. It is possible to click more than one note in a column, resulting in multiple notes being played simultaneously.

This is a great game for adults who like making pretty sounds and for children who show an interest in music.

Is There More? I Must Have More!

The same website also features another fun little game called 'Tone Wheels'. Unlike Tone Matrix, which is fairly easy to work out and which works on a comforting square tabular structure, Tone Wheels involves three revolving 'wheels'. The top wheel, with three spokes, produces a high pitched note. The middle wheel, with five spokes produces a middle note and the lowest wheel with just two spokes produces low frequencies. Instead of clicking on places where you would like sounds to be produced, you have five white dots which will activate and create a sound when a spoke passes over them.

This is a more challenging exercise than Tone Matrix and it is undoubtedly more difficult to produce pleasing tunes in Tone Wheel. However, those who enjoy a challenge with undoubtedly take to the Tone Wheels with great enthusiasm and vigor.

Go forth and please your musical inclinations!

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