Tony Hawk's Underground Soundtrack

I've been searching the net for a list of Tony Hawks' Underground soundtrack and couldn't believe how tough it was to get the freakin list! We'll I'm saving you the trouble and giving you the list. Here it is. Enjoy!

Tony Hawk's Underground Soundtrack: Rock

Every Day by Authority Zero
Drive by Blind Iris
It’s Alright by Camarosmith
Crazy and Stupid by Crash and Burn
Electric Frankenstein
To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth by Entombed
Mississippi King by Five Horse Johnson
California Crossing by Fu Manchu
Hung, Drawn, and Quartered. by High on Fire
The Legend of Black Thunder by Hookers
Remedy by Hot Water Music
Embody the Invisible by In Flames
Lick It Up by KISS
Rock and Roll All Night by KISS
God of Thunder by KISS
Crusher Destroyer by Mastodon
Run Fat Boy Run by Nine Pound Hammer
Your World Will Hate This by Orange Goblin
Millionaire Queens of the Stone Age
Milk by S.O.D.
Circle of Fear by Smoke Blow
Indolence by Solace
It Takes No Buts by Superjoint Ritual
No Revolution by The Explosion
(Gotta Get Some Action) Now! by The Hellacopters
Loaded and Lonely by The Midnight Evils
Black Woman by Unida(Top Priority)
Suffer Some by Jane’s Addiction
Hotwire by Lamont
Impetus by Clutch

Authority Zero / Every Day

Tony Hawks Underground Sountrack: Hip-hip

Rapps on Deck by Aceyalone
A Prototype by Anacron
Imaginary Places by Busdrive
Iron Galaxy by Cannibal Ox
Better Tomorrow by Dan the Automator featuring Kool Keith
Positive Contact by Deltron 3030
Cosmic Assassins by DJ Q-Bert
Blah Blah by Frog One
Braggin’ Writes Revisited by J-Live
The Circle (Pt. 1) by Juggaknots
A Day at the Races by Jurassic 5
King Kong by L.A. Symphony
War Games by Living Legends
Underground Up by Mr. Complex
Skin Therapy by Mr. Dibbs
Phantom by Mr. Lif
Transitions as a Rider by Murs
The World is Yours by Nas
The Next Step II by People Under The Stairs
Low Class Conspiracy by Quasimoto
King of the Underground by R.A. The Rugged Man
Internationally Know by Supernaturccal
It Ain’t Nuttin’ by The Herbaliser feat. M.F. Doom

Tony Hawk's Underground Soundtrack: Punk

She Said by The Angry Amputees
Rebel Yell by Assorted Jelly Beans
Big Bang by Bad Religion
Don’t Wait by Blue Collar Special
2 Rak 005 by Bracket
Time to Go by Dropkick Murphys
I Want It All by Flamethrower
Crushem by G.B.H.
The Days by Mike V and the Rats
The Separation of Church and Skate by NOFX
Womb Envy by Paint It Black
New Noise by Refused
Like the Angels by Rise Against
Pierce My Brain by Rubber City Rebels
Mommy’s Little Monster by Social Distortion
Suspect Device by Stiff Little Fingers
Refusal by Strike Anywhere
Seed by Sublime
Werewolf in Calgary by The Browns American
White Riot by The Clash
California Babylon by The Transplants
Armageddon by Alkaline Trio
Viva La Revolution by The Addicts
Loaded and Lonely by The Midnight Evils

NoFx - The Separation Of Church and Skate

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Wanton! 7 years ago

you are a freaking life saver with this list!

Ikana 6 years ago

Way to go. I love this soundtrack.

dbk 6 years ago

posative contact is by del the funky homosapien and dan the automator. the album is deltron 3030

dark 6 years ago

You forgot the song annies grave by Electric Frankenstine,but the song list is very impressive.i couldnt even find half of them.

Bob 6 years ago

It stinks on ice. I boght it for my son and I wasted my money. It is to violent. My son went mad and turened in to a indian and ate and broke the game.I read on this site

JT 6 years ago

I like Tony Hawk's Underground Soundtrack and Tony Hawk Games.

dudeurdumb 5 years ago

The game provides the freaking list itself...

sk8ingisawesome 5 years ago

man, I really like NOFX but this soundtrack rocks XD

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