Top 5 fun Sudoku variations

Are you a big sudoku fan but are getting sick of the classic rules and all those squares? Want to do something more fun with your numbers? Checkout these fun sudoku variations, it's just amazing what people can come up with!

it comes half done
it comes half done

Binary sudoku

For the computer geeks inside us all! Ok then, some of us... What, you think it's too easy?

Clock sudoku

There's nothing like the perfection of a circle is there? The aim of this sudoku variation is to fill the rings with numbers from 1 to 12 so that no number is repeated in any of the 6 rings, any of the 6 same color pair of wedges or any of the pairs of opposite wedges. As seen on

Curve sudoku

The aim of this one is to determine which digits belong in which cells using the clues given which are the greater-than or lesser-than symbols and the difference markers. Greater than symbols establish the relationship between numbers in adjacent cells. Difference markers establish the difference between values of adjacent cells. Each curved line and shaded section needs to contain one digit from 1 to 9 without repeats. This one is pretty tough! More great Sudoku at

3D sudoku or cubic sudoku

The people at the Mathematical Association of America came up with this one. In Cubic Sudoku each 2x4 region can have distinct digits from 1 to 8 while each "layer" of the three dimensions on the cube also have distinct digits. Now that's adding a whole different dimension to sudoku games!

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Color sudoku

Using colors instead of numbers is an interesting adaption of the monochrome sudoku games but of course this isn't do-able using just pen and paper, however there are plenty of computer programs out there both free and paid that offer this sudoku variation. It's great for kids who don't particularly like numbers or math, or don't know all of the digits yet.

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heho 6 years ago

Nice sites. Also check for sudoku variations

Sudoku Tutorials 6 years ago

Cool variations, I love Sudoku! thanks

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