WalkThrough for Advena of Gamevil 01

Advena is an A-RPG game designed by the famouse company GameVil, it is the story about the fight between 2 absolutely different Kindoms.

Now let us start the game.

Quest 1: Where Am I?

We wake up in a strange forest and been attacked immediately, so we need to destroy them now. This is the tutorial quest, so it is quite easy, just learn how to play the game and defeat all the thieves.

Quest 2: Find the Palace

We now arrive at a small villege, and before we go out, we need to talk to Tenos first. Tenos is just beside us.

Quest 3: Mysterious Forest

We need to go through the Byaba Forest which means we need to clear all the 5 stages of the Byaba forest. Byaba Forest is full of wolves, it is kind of annoying to deal with so many wolves, but the scene has no Boss, so the quest is quite easy.

Quest 4: Get to town of Cowell

After cross the Mysterious Forest, we now need to move to Town of Cowell for help.Town of Cowell is north to the Mysterious Forest.

Quest 5: Count Bailey

In the Town of Cowell, we need to ask Count Bailey for help. He is in the Castle Cowell. The Entrance of the Castle Cowell is at the right side of the town.

Quest 6: Trouble in the town

After talking with Count Bailey, we now need to speak with the elders to find out the root to the town's major problem. The elder is just beside the entrance of the Castle Cowell.

Quest 7: Trouble in the town 2

We now need to dig the problems through the orcs on the Cowell hills and let the elders know. The Cowell Hill is at the west of the town of Cowell, Cowell Hills has 6 scenes and we need to clear them all, the orcs are in charge of the cowell hills and we need to defeat them. At the end of the Scene, a large Orc boss is waiting for us, it has one skill that can attack the field all around him and also with a lot of small orcs. Team well and bring enough hp, it is quite easy to defeat it.

Quest 8: Conspiracy of the Count

Go to find the Count Bailey again and question him about his relationship with the orcs. Go to the Castle Comell again.

Quest 9: Catch the Count

Count Bailey really has an intimate relationship with the orcs, now we need to catch him for his crime. There are 6 scenes before we can meet the Count Bailey, the boss is quite tough, we need to doge his attack, and take the chance to attack him until he turns white, and now we need to doge his attack again, after he stays, we should focus to attack him, and after several round, we can defeat him.

Quest 10: Core of the Problem

Now we need to let the elder know what happened to the count bailey. Just Talk to the elder outside the entrance of the castle comell.

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Comments 25 comments

Andrew 5 years ago

This is a very good walkthrough, but I cannot find Count Bailey. I must have gone trough the Castle Cowell like, maybe 10 times n he's nowhere to be found... Please respond if possible... I'm really stuck

Mac 5 years ago

I m stuck at e level fighting temptor ?? How to fight it with only e main character , temptor is far too powerful !!!!

profile image

howardhe 5 years ago from USA Author

@Andrew Count Bailey is just in the Castle Cowell, you supposed to finish the quest by entering the Castle Cowell and meet the Count Bailey immediately.

@Mac Sorry my Iphone got crashed when I tried to upgrade to IOS5, and now I am restart the game, I will let you know how to defeat the Temptor ASAP

Shike 5 years ago

Please e-mail me withe the guide to defeat the temptor


fran 5 years ago

can someone know why after i finish byaba forest but i can't found the town of cowell?

DON 5 years ago

i cannot get to the place where orc boss is ... wTH!! HELP

Ashlay 5 years ago

I am at the part whurr I am in Prison after talking to that King and Im trying to rescue Elloy and I am suppose to look for a Lever...whurr is it?!? I'm stuck on that! Halp please! :(

profile image

howardhe 5 years ago from USA Author

The lever can be bought from one guy in the prison

Lobster dance 5 years ago

What is the deal with the locked chest after you beat a boss? I can't open the darn thing. Does someone know what I need to do?

profile image

howardhe 5 years ago from USA Author

@Lobster Dance You can always unlock a chest with the character of thief in your team.

Lobster dance 5 years ago

Alright, thanks. Been keeping a thief in my party regularly.

poliepower 5 years ago

always cant finish

the cine's agony :(

where i can find the thief??!


Cam 5 years ago

Almost done with it, ready completed all the main quests, ready finished killing Zenos or whoever he is and off to finish the King's sorceress or something, just finishing up the side quests. Where can I find sappy pupas btw? I skipped the conversation and I have no idea where to hunt for them. :/

stuck @ byaba forest 5 years ago

hello howardhe, i cant get to the town of cowell after clearing byaba forest, both normal and hard. The town of cowell doesnt light up in the map. what should i do?

Jessica 5 years ago

Where is the thief for cine's quest!!??

Pobs 5 years ago

I defeated count Bailey but when I talk to the elder nothing is happening

Mimedrm 5 years ago

Where to farm gold....

4 years ago

I can't find the thief on Cine's quest too. :(

NoZ 4 years ago

I beat the Count Bailey and talked to the Elder and cant get to byava forest or watever the Byava city any Help plz and ty

Andi 4 years ago

The thief for the cine's request .

The thief is in the erlona forrest par 6/7 .

Meng 4 years ago

Can help me on skill guide?

warenchaa 4 years ago

Where can I find the wolf livers in the quest "need ingredients" ? The quest said that it can be found in enlora forest and dungeon, but I already hunt in that place more than 10times, but I never get that livers. Please help :(

Antony 4 years ago

Adter defeat the orc my quest appear that "where am i" and adk me to clear the place near patigonia" and i stuck there can do anything please help

klaus 4 years ago

warenchaa: Wolf Livers can be bought in one of the merchants selling pots in one of the towns.. go explore :)

you will also need more wolf livers in another side quests.. :)

Bens 4 years ago

I think the game has some bugs, coz after defeating the orc boss, i go back to talk to the count but he just says that hes busy and that i should go away and away goes my character :p

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