What Can A PSP Do With Modification?

Unlocking the possibilities of the PSP at first may seem overwhelming, but is all worth it. There are many types of PSP modifications available, depending on what type and model of PSP to be modified. PSP mods enhance the handheld game console and allow it to do much more than it is originally capable of performing.

Custom Firmware

The number one mod a user wants to add to the PSP is custom firmware, and there are many versions of CFW available. Most CFW’s will need a Pandora Battery for installation. These batteries are available for purchase at many sites on the Web. If the user is not completely confident in their ability to work with software and electronics, it is recommended that this process be done by someone familiar with the process.

What is a Pandora Battery?

Pandora batteries are specially designed to unlock the PSP system. These batteries make it capable for the PSP to be upgraded, downgraded, unbricked, and have custom firmware installed.

Emulators & Homebrew

An emulator is a program that manipulates the PSP into playing games from other consoles. Classic games are still very popular and it is great to be able to play them in one handheld location, as opposed to dragging out all the old systems and hooking them into the TV.

Some Popular Emulators Are:


GPSP (Gameboy Advance), DaRIN 1.4 (Gameboy, Gameboy Color)


Daedalus (N64), InfoNES 0.94j r0.3 (NES), Famicontest 0.31 (NES), Snes9x PSP 0.02 (SNES), Nintencer 0.1.1 (NES), NesterJ 2a (NES)


DGEN 1.0 (Sega Genesis), SMS PSP 0.3 (Sega Master/Gamegear), MEGADRIVE for PSP 0.2 (Megadrive/genesis), PSPGenesis 0.18c (Sega Genesis)


PSX2PSP is a software application for the computer that converts PSX games into Eboot files that will play on a PSP with custom firmware and Popsloader installed.


NgPsp 1.3.1 (Neo Geo Pocket), PCEP 0.7 (PC Engine), xmame 0.1.2 (mame for PSP)

Browser Add-ons

Google Chrome for PSP is a browser portal that makes web browsing easier. This Google portal is capable of tabbed browsing and Google searching.

Frostwire for PSP is a P2P portal like Limewire for the PC. It was originally set up to allow users to share files, games, videos, and music. This portal is still available for download and installation, but seems to be inactive.

And Much More…

There are many more add-ons that are available and homebrew applications along with the PSP itself being already capable of viewing photos, taking pictures, watching movies, playing music, browsing the web, and of course playing GAMES. Possibilities seem endless with this small handheld gaming system.

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o0jopak0o profile image

o0jopak0o 5 years ago

Nice! I remember playing emulators in my psp just for the fun of playing my old PSX games.

VonShanks profile image

VonShanks 5 years ago Author

Thanks. I still use my for PSX and Gameboy games, but I also like my ebook reader, MP3 player and Movies on the go. I hook my PSP into my car's old cassette player and listen to it through the car speakers, it is better than a CD player. I just load up what I want and plug it in.

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