i turn polar bears white

This has been dubbed one of the hardest riddles in the world.....Do you know the answer?

I turn polar bears white

and I will make you cry.

I make guys have to pee

and girls comb their hair.

I make celebrities look stupid

and normal people look like celebrities.

I turn pancakes brown

and make your champane bubble.

If you sqeeze me, I'll pop.

If you look at me, you'll pop.

Can you guess the riddle?

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gooadam profile image

gooadam 6 years ago from san mateo Author

Here is a hint. It isn't Chuck Norris >.

Buhvada 6 years ago

Its either Pressure.

Or the answer is no.

youipoioplkjihbjhbjfsd 6 years ago


the answers no

CeCe 6 years ago

the answer is time :)

the one who gets the answer right 6 years ago

the answer is yes bcus i can guess the answer

ash 6 years ago


Bee! 6 years ago

It's pressure :D

me moi 6 years ago

air 0r wind

lalalala 6 years ago


nomotofufou 6 years ago

It's coca cola. We've seen those commercials ;x

hamish 6 years ago


larissa 6 years ago


Casie 6 years ago

.The answer is


The time has come,

winter is here

and those yellow bears disapear.

(...I turn polar bears white )

The time has past

as man looks back with a sigh

and a tear in his eye.

(...and I will make you cry.)

As time is held

boys cross their legs

but of course the toilet begs

(...I make guys have to pee)

As time marches on

Girls loose their blush

and swap a comb for their brush

(...and girls comb their hair.)

As time passes

For those held high

their end is nigh

(...I make celebrities look stupid )

As time catches up

Everyone is equal

when we get to the final sequal

(...and normal people look like celebrities.)

As time turns

Without it we have flour and water

With it we have breakfast for my daughter

(...I turn pancakes brown )

As time revolves

How does one turn water and wine

into something so fine

)...and make your champane bubble.)

As time runs out

The more in a minute you try and squeeze

the less you can do with ease.

(...If you sqeeze me, I'll pop. )

As time ticks

All the time that has past

man cannot comprehand something so vast.

(...If you look at me, you'll pop. )

Time is the answer :)

jolololo34 6 years ago

why would kids get that?

stasio 6 years ago

i think the answer is milk

stephiee 6 years ago

i think da answer is either da sun or pressure or maybe rain/snow?

vegii 6 years ago

Pretty sure we just figured out the answer was 'Time'. lol.

How does pressure turn a pancake brown and make someone comb their hair?

god 6 years ago

Sam Jackson

jammy julia 6 years ago

water or time/age

and also I am a kid and I worked that out :D

Makenzie 6 years ago

The answer is "no" because you can't guess the riddle! And it couldn't be time any way because it can't pop you and you can't pop it!

poopyloopy 6 years ago

i think the answer is poop

Aaron 6 years ago

Casie - you blew my mind

jackson 6 years ago

guys guys... the answers weed

Emily 6 years ago

The answer is NO. Read the last line of the riddle

anonymus 6 years ago

that poem, saying its time, true that may be the inspiration for the riddle. but the answer to the riddle question itself is not what the object is, but if you can guess it. (whcih is either no or yes, depending on your point of view).

if the riddle was asking the object, it is true that the answer would be time

Nora 6 years ago


hot-gurl-u-dont-know 6 years ago

it isnt no! wow thts stupid

its pressure smart one

jake 6 years ago

what is that peom called

trevor 6 years ago

its air

YungMoney 6 years ago

HA!! I THOUGHT OF CHUCK NORRIS!! LOL..whats the answer then....

Kay 6 years ago

-sigh- The answer is No. A child, when asked to solve the riddle, will say no. The last line is, "Can you solve the riddle?" So the answer is obviously No.

betty 6 years ago

the answer is NO

Thesmartone 6 years ago


Anabell 6 years ago

The answers no!

You guys are reading to much into this,


My god.

Chuck Norris 6 years ago

It's no.

You guys are idiots.

Sadatheart 6 years ago

I thought of sun, and I am a child. But, I am also told that I am a "genius". So, yes I agree the answer is nine.

melanie(: 6 years ago

it air

melissa 6 years ago

its 42

/hitchhikers guide reference/

annierose 6 years ago

its nothing.

kayle 6 years ago

i thought it wuz shampoo 4 a sec... but it cant make ppl pee... i think its water cuz it does or lyk bubbles.... from shampoo

Steph 6 years ago

to those adament that its Air, Pressure, Sun or Water please enlighten me on how that would make a polar bear white?

joyriddlesolver 6 years ago



billo 6 years ago

Air is air. Water is pressure. Sun is not the answer.

You are all crazy man.

conner 6 years ago

its either time or no sun would only make sence for the fist line because a polar bears hair is actually clear... the sun makes it appear white but it dosent make sence for any others pressure does not turn polar bears white nor make girl want to comb their hair and water does not make polar bears white and im pretty sure u dont pop when u look at water. It is "time" or "no"

abby 6 years ago

i thought it was water but then i realized that doesnt make sense for the part about popping. but neither does time?

Bethanee 6 years ago

Water the answer is water

lizzy 6 years ago

Melissa, nice reference! (:

HMMMMM 6 years ago


so its :










or YES

Hmmmmmmmmmm????? :)

sheddy 6 years ago

i think it is bundy rum

sabrina 6 years ago

maybe its the sun. think about it: if polar bears fur is clear and it shows white cuz of the sun. looking at the sun too long will make you cry. heat/humidity from the sun will make girls comb their hair cuz it will start to frizz. pankcakes brown: heat, could be used from the sun. i heard somewhere that champagne will fuzz cuz of heat. celebrities looking stupid: well have u ever seen how rediculous they look when its hot or sunny out? they think they are fashion statements or maybe its because they dont know much bout the sun (and normal people do because of school or something, not saying celebs are stupid, thts just a general stereotyping). and the normal people, well we have a more realistic taste in fashion so when heat comes around we dress normal and look great (some of the time/most) so along with the sun comes heat. hand in hand. idk how to explain the other things tho.

mike93 6 years ago

it's the sun, cause i saw a documentry about polar bears and they said "polar bears fur isn't actully white, it's almost transperant, and the sun turns them white. IT'S THE SUN!

Liz 6 years ago

It can't be time, because you can't squeeze time.

The Answers No? :/

chris 6 years ago

RESPOND TO THIS COMMENT: what about god, because all of the stuff said in the poem is normal stuff, e.g boys do pee, polar bears are white, and celebs do look stupid, therefore everything is kept in its natural balance by god... LOL im a huge atheist btw .. the theory is strictly related to the poem

supersize65 6 years ago

Yall, if you think about it, how the crap are you going to pop if you look at time and your not going to pop if you look at the sun or water and you cant squeeze the sun the most obvious answer is NO because the last line of the riddle is can you answer the riddle it's either no or God because God controls everything he makes all the things in life happen so just think about it before you say water sun or time i mean really!?

ccd 6 years ago

ur mom lol

Matt  6 years ago

The answer is either Yes or No because i can guess the riddle

Gabbie 6 years ago

You guys... it's heat.


Gooadam 6 years ago

the answer is Yes.... because the answer to the riddle if the last line were ' What am I?' would be Time... but the last line is Can You guess the riddle?

Jessie 6 years ago

Life. «3

here 6 years ago


asdg 6 years ago

its time

kat 6 years ago

its GOD of course! ö

what else

amber 6 years ago

its life

jacob 6 years ago

it's yes cuz you can guess.

anon 6 years ago

The answer is *not* NO. If the answer was NO, then by answering NO, you have solved it, and the answer would therefore be YES. Ergo, the answer is YES.

drizzle 6 years ago

Does anyone really care?

The rudder is a lowlife get a job!!

drizzle 6 years ago

Does anyone really care?

The rudder is a lowlife get a job!!

ZM 6 years ago


li bai 6 years ago

it's TAO

qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm 6 years ago

the answer is water

Catie 6 years ago

The answer is simply no. You really only have to look at the last line "Can you guess the riddle" the rest is just to distract you pretty much

random 6 years ago

the answer is 'no, i cant guess what the riddle is'

i rest my case

trolled 6 years ago

The answer is you have been trolled if you throught about it past the thrid line.

The Winner 6 years ago

The answer is yes, you can guess the riddle. You will be wrong but you can guess the riddle.

AUSSIE 6 years ago

The answer is NO because it says can you guess the riddle. No you cant guess it, you can only figure it out.

shavaun 6 years ago

The question is can you guess the answer to the riddle not what is the answer to the riddle. Therefore, logically the answer is either yes or no.

charlotte (CHAZGAL) 6 years ago

its----GOD!!! :0

Cade N. Smith 6 years ago

God would make sens but you can pop him!

yes i have a name o.O 6 years ago

it can be many thing but i say God. That whole "if you squueze my ill pop" it could be a metaphor saying "if you test God he will get angry" and the last line could me if you physically see him you will die

Someone 6 years ago

Its "life" or No.

NO NAME HERE 6 years ago

Hey well I'm 10 and I got the right answer on my first try.

Time is an easy solution.

Adults over think the question.

What really helped was the pancake and polar bear part of the riddle.

Pancakes need time to turn into the golden brown we love,

and I'm assuming that polar bears take TIME to turn bleach white.

nameless 6 years ago

The answer is NO. It can be read as either the word no or nitric oxide.

6 years ago


FUCK NO! 6 years ago

Why does everyone keep saying its no thats annoying if that were the case anyone could make up a riddle...

I make people dance, i put people to sleep.

You can take me with you anywhere and eat me for breakfast

I make you smile, i make you bleed.

Can you guess the answer?


see that was easy ppl shouldn't make riddles that have stupid answers like that or everyone and their brothers could make some lame ass riddles...

Moo 6 years ago

Your comment is rather short.

Cheese..(: 6 years ago

The answer is most likely no. Little kids aren't going to think the answer is time.

Plus, none of those things have anything to do with each other.

Polar bears fur being white, has nothing to do with boys peeing, or girls brushing their hair.

It's a trick riddle which makes adults think because they have heard riddles before and so they actually take time to think about the answer.

Little kids, being asked "Can you guess the riddle?" are more like going to say no, because they can't and it's the honest answer. There isn't a way to guess. Saying time is clever, yes, but no way little kids are going to think that.

Trini 4 Life 6 years ago

It's Pressure... Pressure is low in the poles, it turns their fur white,

Pressure comes from heat.... and the rest you can figure out

OH WISE ONE! 6 years ago

I think it's Lil Wayne...

He makes boys pee their pants, girl fix their hurrr when they see him, he trashes people in his raps, loves his fans, i heard he makes a mean batch of double chocolate chip pancakes, pop champagne!!, "if you squeeze me i'll pop. If you look at me, you'll pop."...i'll let you lick me like a lollipop and pop that p***y. TA-DA!

No, but seriously you guys are over thinking it. Most riddles end with, "What am I?" but this one ends with "Can you guess the riddle?" so the point of a riddle is to make you over think when the answer is actually something obvious. YES you can GUESS the riddle, but NO you'll never know what the TRUE answer bc the answer could be different for each line. BUT if I did guess it I'd say pressure because it fits, if you really think about it.

jndjsKNBV 6 years ago

it is pressure !!!

raisa 6 years ago


Maddie 6 years ago

It is Time

Sully 6 years ago

The answer is yes because the last line asks if you can guess the riddle. It doesn't ask for an actual answer

Zephyon 6 years ago

The correct answer will be Beer !

cbardwell95 6 years ago

Take a look at the final line. What does it say? It says "Can you GUESS the riddle?" So, with this being the last line, the last question, the answer is YES. This being the fact that you CAN guess the riddle. Think about it, it is a trick riddle, anyone can get the right answer.

Sloppy Jalopy 6 years ago

I think its a ghost... Here is a poem/story that has nothing to the with the riddle but seems to answer some of the parts in the riddle any way...

I saw you in the ocean

I saw you in the sea

I saw you in the bathtub-

Whoops! Pardon me!

Mrs White got a fright

In the middle of the night

Saw a ghost

Eating toast

Halfway up a lamp post

Sticky stare

Like a bear

I can see your underwear

maybe blue, maybe white

maybe covered in Vegemite

Thank you for your portrait

I think its very nice

I put it in the attic

To scare away the mice

Erky Perky was a worm

A little worm was he

He sat upon the railway track

The train he did not see

Erky Perky!

no name 6 years ago

the answer is yes. yes is the only answer because if you answer no you can guess the answer to the riddle.therefore the only answer is yes.i got this from my son.he just said no then i thought about it and came up with this.

James Foley 6 years ago

The answer is Light, but pressure is good too :)

Martin 6 years ago

This riddle has two answers, but it all depends on the individual who told the riddle. The popular answer is a yes/no response due to the popular trickery in the way the riddle is presented (i.e. "can you guess the riddle?")On more straight-forward terms, the riddle consists of both literal and figurative references of which the genuine answer to is pressure.

"I turn polar bears white"- A polar bear's fur is actually translucent, but thanks to the thousands of hairs pressed(pressure)against each other, polar bear fur appears white.

"and I will make you cry."- Crying when under pressure is a highly common occurrence.

"I make guys have to pee"- Pressure from a mans prostate will not only make him need to pee, but he should probably visit his doctor also.

"and girls comb their hair."- Air pressure goes hand-in-hand with humidity levels, which can leave a woman with a very bad hair day.

"I make celebrities look stupid"- More often than not, iconic figures make stupid moves under pressure,

"and normal people look like celebrities."- We've all heard the stories of the average every-man's hero. The model citizen that performed a deed under pressure and came out on top.

"I turn pancakes brown"- This one's a little trickier. When pancake batter is browning, bubbles start to rise on the uncooked top half. This is from a build up of pressure as heat tries to pass through the now-solid pancake surface.

"and make your champane bubble."- Carbon dioxide is gas that creates the tiny pressure bubbles in carbonated beverages.

"If you sqeeze me, I'll pop."-Squeeze something under pressure, like a baloon for instance, and see what happens. It pops.

"If you look at me, you'll pop"- One of the more figurative ones, but it should be self explanatory. It's common for people to 'pop' under pressure.

COOL 6 years ago

i fink da answer is liek da sky liek

COOL 6 years ago

liek da sky liek LLF wil ne1 buck me? bits LLF

fawkin yeoooo 6 years ago

oi i will...gis yer number we gurl


na m8 i cn smel gingerz mb soz m8 LLF

anonymous 6 years ago

the answer is no because it is not asking the object of the riddle its asking if you can answer it

Me 5 years ago

The answer is either Yes or No if you look at the last senctene in the riddle.

Apparently 97% of harvard students couldn't answer it but 85% of kindergardeners could answer within 8 minutes.

So the answer must be something simple. Yes or No. and since most kindergardeners would not realise that if they said no, that is actually an answer whoch means the answer is yes, then it must be no. Simple.

Zai 5 years ago

Will you people look at the question? It says, "Can you guess the riddle?" IT'S A YES or NO QUESTION. It isn't asking "What am I?"

Charmaine 5 years ago

Cassie You are amazing. R U in Mensa? U should try out if not!!! Were did U find that Poem???

Dictionary 5 years ago

The Answer Is Time......

the chosen one 5 years ago

these are the possible answers

religions answer is :god

stupid answer: Chuck Norris

common sense: no because the question is can you solve it

science: existence because with out their is no color for the bear, no erge for men to pee, no need for women to curl in need to look pretty,emotions make u cry, and the other stuff u can figure out

Katniss, Maggie,TONY DU 5 years ago


Death 5 years ago

Time does everything

ashly15855 5 years ago

i have no clue so hard as if!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome sauce 5 years ago

it is water

mobster511 5 years ago

ur brain

beautiful 4 years ago

air is the answer

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BTD6 maker 4 years ago


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