how to record gameplay without a HD capture card from xbox ps3 nintendo PVR

shows the s-video, component video, composite video, audio connections, internet connector, usb, etc etc
shows the s-video, component video, composite video, audio connections, internet connector, usb, etc etc | Source
reads flash memory and writes to flash memory reads sd cards - i think it reads all memory. i have only tried the ones mentioned so far
reads flash memory and writes to flash memory reads sd cards - i think it reads all memory. i have only tried the ones mentioned so far | Source
return button, home button, stop button, pause button, record button, and directional buttons (up, down, left, right)
return button, home button, stop button, pause button, record button, and directional buttons (up, down, left, right) | Source

hd pvr to record and capture gameplay footage

Have you ever tried to capture gameplay footage? I have – the first thing that came to mind was to grab my video camera and start recording the TV screen. The captured gameplay from the camera came out horrible with weird reflections, indistinguishable sound, blurry and unfocused game footage which I couldn’t upload to Youtube. If you have been here with me once before or if you are there now then you must be a passionate video game player (gamer), like me. Fellow gamer you are not alone there are many other passionate gamers out there who would love to record gameplay screenshots, clips, or theater mode screenshots. Most of us just give up because we don’t know how to record our video gameplay. I’m here to tell you that there is an easy way to record video gameplay for hundreds to witness laborious video gameplay achievements that you have accomplished!

I think I have found a way to record decent clear HD like gameplay footage in real time with the Newelectronx Tristar MX HD PVR. If you have been following my articles then you know I promised you this article a long time ago. Well for those of you whom have been craving it, it’s finally been written. The term PVR stands for Personal Video Recorder. The HD might mean Hard Drive or High Definition – so Tristar Hard Drive Personal Video Recorder or Tristar High Definition Personal Video Recorder. It doesn’t really matter much what the HD exactly means as long as you know it’s a PVR.

As you can tell from other articles about this new toy I acquired is that it keeps teaching me more and more each day I use it. It is just a small wonder that I landed by word of mouth. It’s a cool little box made for any digital media enthusiast or gamer. I especially like it because it is simple to use and does not require a computer to capture gameplay or to record TV. It is just as easy as using a VCR recorder/player, but instead of recording onto VHS tapes or VCR tapes; it records directly to an internal hard drive like your cable or satellite DVR. The only difference from your cable or satellite receiver is that it can connect to your video game console (Nintendo WII, PlayStation PS3, or Xbox 360) and record gameplay footage. It can even copy the gameplay to a flash drive. I think I will get more into that later. Probably not in this article, but in another article. I know I am putting my foot in my mouth for those who are using my articles, but I guess I will find some time to write about the flash drive feature of the HD PVR. If you read my old articles you know I have used this same machine to digitize older media from video cameras, DVR, and especially VHS tapes, VCR tapes, and mini discs. I know, this article is supposed to be about gameplay capturing features and such, so let me stay on topic.

In order to capture gameplay or retro gameplay to see it in real time on a HDTV you will need to use the HD PVR component cables and the HD PVR component output RCA jacks. Also if you use the component cables to connect your HDTV to the HD PVR then you will also need to connect audio from the HD PVR to the HDTV. You can find all these connections on your TV and on the back of the HD PVR.

There is also a composite output or s-video output if you want to connect your TV that way. Some of the key features about the HD PVR include a USB 2.0 port (actually 2 – one to connect to your computer and the other to connect to flash memory or external hard drive), flash drive memory reader writer, SD card reader/writer, Internet Connecting port, Component ports, Composite ports, S-Video Port, and Remote. I think I covered everything. If I forgot something I will mention it throughout the article. The USB port, internet ports, and flash memory ports are the main features, which is the key to getting gameplay video captured to the HD PVR. You can then watch it directly from the HD PVR or put it on your computer/MAC. On the front of the HD PVR is a cool blue display, card reader/writer for memory like SD cards. On the top is control buttons like Play, Stop, Record, Pause, Fast Forward, Rewind, Directional buttons (UP, Down, Right, Left), and Home button. The S-video, Component, and Composite video in and out ports are on the rear. If you can use a VCR then you can use this HD PVR because everything is clearly label, easy to hook up, and get started using right out the box. And the cool thing is that you don’t need to purchase anything else. Everything you need is shipped in the HD PVR box: component cables, composite cables, remote control, hard drive, and USB cable. Another great thing about the Newelectronx HD PVR capture device is that it is a self-contained unit and does not require to be connected or installed on a computer. Also you don’t need any special software to use it on your computer. In fact it works without a computer system.

Plug in the power cable from the HD PVR to your power strip. Power-on the HD PVR, and you will get a green screen with a simple menu to make selections on your TV. Press video input on the HD PVR remote control or on the HD PVR console and you will see the gameplay output right on your TV screen from the HD PVR. To capture gameplay footage from a PlayStation 3, Nintendo WII, or Xbox 360 press the record button – on the HD PVR or HD PVR remote control. If you want HD like output then change the video output setting on your game system and on the HD PVR. Your video game system settings should be set to 1080i or lower and the HD PVR settings should be set to 720p or 1080i. Since this will be recording in real time, you might get some lag. This happens with all HD PVRs. You can try turning off the timeshift feature. It helped out a little bit for me. If you compare the real HDTV output to the HD PVR, you will see the lag and you will notice it with the video game system controller, so you might consider using a splitter. It may or may not make a big difference to you, but it will not make a difference in the awesome video recording. To me, it really does not matter – what does matter is how good you play – the HD PVR will not give you super powers or better game skills. Start playing your game on your HDTV and press record.

HD PVR gameplay video capture examples from an Xbox 360, MAC, and PlayStation 3 are in this article please see them. I also have some netflicks and PSPgo gameplay clips. Check out a few samples of screen captures

This ends my over view or rather review of the Newelectronx HD PVR. If you want to capture hard drive or high definition gameplay footage then let me give you the quick rundown on how simple it is before I close this article out.

I am assuming you have invested in the HD PVR and have it connected to your HDTV. Ok, I changed my mind. I will explain how to connect it. Now let’s get started.
1. Connect the hd pvr to your HDTV. Connect the component cables (red, blue, green) to your HDTV component input. Place the other end of the component cables to the output on the HD PVR. These cables are in the HD PVR box.
2. Using the cables included in the box, connect the hd pvr to your Playstation PS3, Nintendo WII, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo N64, Xbox 360, or whatever. This is done with the composite cables (red, white, yellow). Connect one end to your video game system output or get the video game system output cables and connect it to input of the HD PVR. Place the cables on the yellow, red, and white RCA jack inputs. This is the AV IN area on the HD PVR.
3. Power on the video game console and then power on the Hd pvr
4. Start playing your game and press record on the hd pvr. When the game is over press stop on the hd pvr. You now have a copy of it on the hd pvr.

Thanks for reading another one of my articles. If you need any help or have comments then just drop me a line. I will be happy to chat with you.

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doYouKnow 3 years ago Author

with this device you can record whatever you hear in the game.

it doesn't segregate sound and make it hard for you to record yourself. :)

are you planning on buying one?

Vincent 3 years ago

Hello there! I'd like to know if I can record my voice and/or other people's voices on Xbox while in a chat group, and also, would the sound be recorded in high fidelity or not. Thanks!

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doYouKnow 4 years ago Author

applying commentary is transparent with this hd pvr. basically it is a little easier than other gaming recorders i have used. my set up is a little advanced and probably not geared for the mere novice. so when using this hd pvr to add commentary, i would say the same thing as any other website. use an aftermarket software of your liking and that should suffice, or add a microphone to the incoming line of the hd pvr and do it that way. the machine basically accepts any way you could imagine doing it. so it's a huge YES on does it do commentary. Hope this response helps.

Eric 4 years ago

What if you wanted to include commentary?

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doYouKnow 4 years ago Author

i would try searching with google first or any other search engine. they are not hard to find. if you are lucky you might find one on craigslist, ebay, or amazon - just keep your eye out for one. or buy from a reseller

Video Game Museum is pretty good and reputable.

or buy directly from the website that makes the hd pvr.

if you buy direct then use the coupon for it. it will save you some doe $$$ LOL!!!

i haven't time to make anymore tutorials, but if you need help after you get one just chime in and let me know. if i have time, i'll help you out.

prices vary so search around, you can get these cheaper than what i paid a year ago.

anonymous 4 years ago

This seems like the kind of recorder I need, but how much does it cost and where can I find it?

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doYouKnow 5 years ago Author

of course i do. doesn't everyone these days.?

adam 5 years ago

do you have to have a hd tv

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doYouKnow 5 years ago Author

if i understand you correctly - yah, i get full recordings of game speech. the sound and video is in sync, no lag between the two.

Duckman 5 years ago

Does this record in game speech also?

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doYouKnow 5 years ago Author

no worries....

duckmoo 5 years ago


now to buy it :)

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doYouKnow 5 years ago Author

you don't have to worry about that. if you find your component input on your hdtv, great, if you don't find it then don't sweat it. the newelectronx mx gameplay pvr has outputs for almost any tv (hdtv or standard). just use the composite video AV output (red, yellow, white) or better yet, use the s-video output.

you can find a splitter anywhere and they are really dirt cheap. so just use your friendly google search. i picked up one at the local corner store in my area.

if you happen to find the component on your hdtv then use the hd pvr component output (red, green, blue or RBG).

duckmoo 5 years ago

Hey, I think i have a huge problem. I cant find the component input on my HDTV!!!!!!!!!!!. I have looked every where but cant find the dam green, blue and red input holes..... :'(. How much is a splitter?

My tv is a Sony bravia

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doYouKnow 5 years ago Author

Yah, I could make a tutorial on that. That should be easy to do. Im not at home right now & i don't have the hd pvr with me at this time, so it'll have to wait until later. in the mean time, i'll explain how i have done it though.

xbox is a little funky, but you can connect the composite/component cable and hdmi at the same time. you just need to do a little mod on the cable first. sony ps3 is a little more forgiving with this.

1. connect the hdmi from the xbox 360 to your television like normal.

2. go out and get a cheap 3 way splitter from your local department store. connect the composite cables from the xbox 360 to the input side of the splitter.

3. now this splitter should have 2 outputs - connect one output to the AV1 on your television

4. connect the other remaining output of the splitter to the hd pvr input.

5. connect the hd pvr output using component, composite, or s-video. if you use component, place it on component1 or any open component on your television. if you use composite then use av2.

now with this set up you can play in hdmi high quality and record at the same time.

change the television source to hdmi, press record on the hd pvr, start playing.

if you want to view play back then switch the television to av2. this will show you the hd pvr on the television screen.

if you want, you don't have to switch back and forth. you can just leave the tv on av1, but that will record with lag. this is not good for fighting games or playing online.

that should get you started until i put up a tutorial on it.

Matt 5 years ago

Could you possibly upload a picture of it setup to the tv and console? i have a hdtv that goes to 1080i and im interested in this i've just recently started looking for a capture card and don't yet understand what they look like how to hook them up or install on my console (in my case xbox 360) im bascially a noob at capture cards and i found a website with a link to this page and was wondering if you could help me :) im just wanting to buy a $50-$60 capture card for my xbox at 1st i didn't know it had to be plugged up to a computer and my xbox 360 is wireless and i use a laptop so hooking up to an internet connection with a cable is impossible especially with me being upstairs and the router downstairs so.. idk also the reason i requested a picture is because in your discription on how to hook it up you kind of ran circles around my head lol thanks for any help you can give me :)

profile image

doYouKnow 5 years ago Author

tks a bunch, branden. I've been busy these days playing around with the hd pvr and learning some cool stuff about it. what would you like me to focus on. when i get some spare time, i will put another tutorial together for you.

just tell me what you would like for me to talk about ;)

branden 5 years ago

plzz make more arrivals I love them

profile image

doYouKnow 5 years ago Author

Yes, this HD PVR is actually pretty incredible. I been messing around with it for a few days, playing with stuff and I plan on making some more articles about it because it has so many features. But yah! It can record standard definition TV and High definition TV too. One of the impressive features about the HD PVR is that it will allow you to record stuff without a computer. I know most people think you need a fast computer or computer near to use a HD PVR, that is not true and not the case with this one. So, I'm happy my little article helped you out and I hope you get one and like it like me. Like I said, I'm still learning it and its real simple to use, but if you have questions then let me know - may be I can help you.

Ryan 5 years ago

Hey im thinking of buying one of these but first i need to ask can it record from a standard definition tv? Thanks man this helped heaps since my ps3 is ages away from my computer :)

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