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They are so real looking you might think that they are alive. Foopets is getting with kids and children of all ages who want to adopt a virtual pet and play with it online. Some of these interactive game websites for kids pets and games are truly amazing. Their official Foo Pets website is at www.FooPets.com. This is the website where you can setup a virtual account and play with your adopted virtual foo pet.

You can choose your puppy or kitten, of which there is a large selection of pet animals to choose from, then you can click on adopt pet. You can then name your puppy or kitten and describe it. The web site claims that there are over 4 million foopet owners and that they enjoy their interactive computer desktop experience playing games with their foo pets online. With your adopted pet you can play fetch, throw them a frisbee or ball or let them chew on toys. You can also pet your foopet with the mouse and cursor, and scratch their heads. You can personalize and decorate your pet's room or yard with furniture and collectibles from the FooMart. See their web site to see all that they offer.

www.FooPets.com Information

FooPet Puppies and Kittens

Many children have fun with all of the animals that are available as pets. They are so cute and life like, it is amazing. Some of the puppies and kittens you can adopt, and they all love to play games, include:

Silver Tabby
Shiba Inu
White Poodle Mix
Miniature Pinscher
Golder Retriever
Cream Persian
Tabby Mix
Orange Mix

and more ...

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Comments 64 comments

lovebug11 6 years ago

i have always wanted one of these acccounts the animals r so cute!!!!

TeAra 6 years ago

you rock

samantha 6 years ago

i love this sight it is adictive but i want to transfer my foopets to my cell

cj 6 years ago

i love foopets so cute

tia 6 years ago

i have no idear to login to foopets and play with them.can u help me.

Lea 6 years ago

foopets r so cute

donnabone 6 years ago

i love my foopet

milly 6 years ago

so cute i got one to

dogslober101 6 years ago

I totally LV foopets

jazmyn 6 years ago

hi i love this sight very much and i hope other people can visit this website.

cece 6 years ago


lola 6 years ago

hi wats up foopet rocks!!!

polinna 6 years ago

foo pets are rubbish why do you like it?

sim101 6 years ago

wats wrong withyou its awsome

zoe48 6 years ago

i forgot my email on hear other aount help

katara  6 years ago

so cute

titi 6 years ago

I love id foo pets it is just that u need a signup accout

rey2414 6 years ago

i love foopets! the are adorible

keeleykk 6 years ago

I can't sign in and get to my adorable foopet can I get some help here I would really appreciate it. well bye

P.S. (FooPets is the best I mean the bomb digidee):)I got the bomb digidee from Good Luck Charlie that show rocks bye.

peace101 6 years ago

foopets are awesom hoe do you login

PEACE13 6 years ago

i cant sign up help me!

coolestAnimalseeker 6 years ago

i love foopets its just so...AWSOMELEY COOL!!!!! XD im cereal lol

cookiesandcream12 6 years ago

thiz is makin me mad it wont let me sign in

alexis 6 years ago

i like foo pets

shaelee  6 years ago

i like foo pets and my cusin has one

aimee 6 years ago

i love foo pets im playing on it mow!!!!!!

aimee 6 years ago

foopets are the best!!!!!

catgirl 6 years ago

u guys have some good comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Savannnah 6 years ago

I love the foot marly yellow lab

natasha 6 years ago

foopets is awesome its like you really have a pet i have two cats but now i have a foopetdog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

angelina 6 years ago

I tried to sign up but it wants me to be a member and adopt my pet! From what I saw, it seemed you didn't have to pay for your first pet. Help!

alea 6 years ago

i like foopets

lexi 6 years ago

i love foopets! its a awsome website!

taylor 6 years ago

i love foopets it is so cool!!

chazella 6 years ago

fooopets are so adorable like me haha jokes but it wont let me in so there gonnah die but o well i have 3 REAL pets a dog, cat and a bird. dog= sally cat= malibu and bird= kharma dont ask y we named our bird kharma. its cause of my dad in case u were gonnah ask haha and ILY CALLUM UR EVERYTHING SWEETY and yeh so

Avery 6 years ago

I am a HUGE fan of foopets and now that they changed the website I cant get in!

Avery 6 years ago

I HATE THE NEW SETTINGS 4 foopets.I cant Join clubfoo cause my parents wont pay the money.If anybody knows how to fix it TELL US! I cant stay off forever,I have 3 dogs to take care of!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE HELP111

KC 6 years ago

OMG! there used to be like 20 different foopets to adopt from and now there's only 5. i'm so mad! i'm going to send them an email to change it back! who's with me?

sannah 6 years ago

I like foopets but if other people want to join in foopets how can they? mostly it's unfair

Margaret 6 years ago

I love it! you can play with them feed them walk them and you can buy background it is just So fun

rockey108 6 years ago


Ringo 6 years ago

It won't let me adopt my first (free) pet. HELP!!!!

Sen 6 years ago

when my foopet got older i could take him on a walk.

Blake Robinson 6 years ago

why so much per month?

muneeba 6 years ago

foo pets is just a realyy good website to go on

I can't get in! 6 years ago

Hi, I am complaining because when I go to sign up, I enter everything correctly. So then I press continue but it just shows the info for parents link in the corner. So I pressed continue again but it didn't respond. I showed my mum the info for parents and she's OK with it but it still won't let me join! Have you guys even noticed how many people have said they can't log in? No? Well look again! Please help me!

lovebug10 6 years ago

I love foopets they are the best in the world!

kim johnson 6 years ago

i will like to get a dog

PAIGE 6 years ago


Victoria 6 years ago

The game is cool, but the people behind it (FooMojo) are incompetent at best. FooPets is not free, the rules change arbitrarily and you can be banned -- YES, BANNED! -- for a new rule that hasn't even been officially announced by a site administrator. The means of earning FooDollars (the currency of FooPets) have been all but eliminated so you have to either buy them with real money or go to the section on Earning FooDollars but beware: the offers to earn FooDollars involve downloading software and toolbars that are filled with viruses or signing up for something that puts you on a mega spam list. Oh, and forget about customer support.

Bottom line: do not give this company one cent of your real money and parents, watch it closely so your kids don't inadvertently download spyware or worse while trying to earn a few FD's to care for their "pets".

katy 6 years ago

how do you log in this game it hard to log in

kaylee 6 years ago

i love foo pets but i agree with katy it is so hard to login and asia it wouln't let you sign in but my mom helped me and i have a pug what do you have katy, asia,briana.

william 6 years ago

How do you log in?

sam 6 years ago

i love my foopet

shamar 6 years ago

every one say it is cool, it will not let me in so i am very mad

MAKAYLA 6 years ago


nashara 6 years ago

katy what is your foopets name

elise 6 years ago

i woud like black mix plz

courtney 6 years ago

foopets r set on a good website but i do not have a email a dreas from courtney

johnny 5 years ago

thats cool

ALEXIS 5 years ago


stephanie 5 years ago

I love foopets but I am crying because I don't have a email or password.Help me please I begg you.

Emma 5 years ago

I NEED A FOO PET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Davidson 5 years ago

Does paying for Foo Pets use real money? and what if a person wants to adopt how can they do it without the bank being invoolved?

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