How To Overcome Social Anxiety Step By Step

Isolation and Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety can be a nightmare and goes hand in hand with anxiety attacks and/or panic attacks. Social Anxiety is sometimes for many the fear of speaking in front of a group, but that's the smaller part of the equation.

The worse side to it is the disabling effects it can have on some people who become housebound, which is called agoraphobia. They suffer from many fears, including the fear of acting stupid in front of people or afraid of social situations or people you don't know. It's a severe form of shyness.

Many people have it and suffer without treatment or learning ways to combat it. There are anxiety medications out there which do help like Klonapin which is for anxiety in general but this does not necessarily help with social anxiety. Sometimes an antipsychotic like Seroquel can help a person, who may be overly nervous due to paranoia- which can be part of social anxiety- a fear of being around or socializing with people.

One should find a professional, a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist who can help access the situation and provide help. A therapist seen once or twice a week can help you talk about your issues with anxiety. A psychologist can help you delve deep into your anxiety issues, and is someone you would see less often. A psychiatrist would prescribe something for you if needed. And there are also self help books as well. Some of the ones below are helpful.

Steps to take to overcome social anxiety:

  1. Get out there and try to overcome it. This is called exposure therapy. For example if you're afraid of going to social outings, make yourself go, and if you have a bad time go home, but most likely the more you do go, you have a chance at having a good time especially if you know a few people there.
  2. Taking deep breaths is good.
  3. Self help books out there and going to a therapist and getting to the root of your anxiety is probably the best. There is a reason people feel anxious, and it's very helpful to find out. A good therapist will help you recall the past and explore how stressful things made you feel and give you some suggestions on how to apply that to your present life.

Social anxiety is very real. If you have a friend who has it, be sure to show them this article and read about it as well. There are support groups out there and things you can do. Practicing mindfulness, which is basically being aware of your surroundings- your feet on the floor, what you smell, taste, see, and hear can really ground you when in moments of anxiety and distress.

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mse profile image

mse 6 years ago from texas

Very interesting hub. Best of luck to you.

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago from USA Author

Thank you!

profile image

kimberlyslyrics 6 years ago

Nice job, I have actually been here about 14 months and wrote 130 mostly from and about personal experiences. Be proud that you can, as not many are able to open themselves, meaning expose themselves to judgement by sharing things as you say are left hidden in social anxieties. Hundreds and hundreds of comments and I swear not one bad, that I can think of. I won't lie, it back fires on me now as I begin to start over, but I feel thats mostly just personal stuff from a few people.

I am bi polar also, borderline, agoraphobic, anxiety/panic disorder, OCD, ADD, Post Traumatic Stress, massive abuse history, recovering heroine and cocaine IV addict, x columbian from 'projects crack' drug drealer, have not seen my only child in 12 years she's 14.

But know what? There's tons of crap, But something, hard to believe, good came out of even the biggest of horrors.

I believe everyone has a story, the magic is there is always someone, somewhere who's interested in your.

I am, and good for you

so, your off to a great start and I thank you for sharing, not always easy to do. But you will touch people, just like you did me.


Kimberly [and prey]

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago from USA Author

Thanks Kimberlyslyrics,

Sounds like you've had a really rough road too. Most of my friends are like me and we identify with each other. It's nice to make a new friend :) Yes this was one of my difficult topics to keep posted. I'm glad you have gotten good comments and people on hubpages have been pretty decent about this stuff and nice to me in general. It's an intellectual community , I think, that love to share.... keep in touch!

qwark profile image

qwark 6 years ago


I'm keeping my fingers crossed for ya. I've experienced the depression and anxiety thing. I can empathize.

Stay on the meds. Friends to talk to helps.

Good luck!

Thanks for becoming a are appreciated!


schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago from USA Author

Thanks qwark! I am doing much better, I'm on Lamictal now, I feel soo much better! thanks for your comments and thoughts! xo

RandomLife profile image

RandomLife 6 years ago from Nashville TN

It was nice to read your post. I have social anxiety as well and it's helped me so much lately to talk to other people who can relate or even read about someone else's experience.

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago from USA Author

Thankyou Random Life,

I hope things continue to get better. I believe a huge amount of our "illness" is situational. This hub is about being unhappy in a place far away and isolated which is not recommended for people esp those w/ social anxiety.

In order to "save myself" since the system totally ignored my requests, I spend 75% at my Mom's and I'm enjoying their company- they aren't too bad, so I keep my place as of now as a retreat.

Eventually I'll be able to get a place closer to home.


But we do have anxiety for other reasons too. Again it can be caused by abuse or being controlled by someone. Lots of reasons or just being shy and having anxiety.

I have more hubs such as "The truth about my anxiety." Thanks for stopping in!

profile image

Brenda Durham 6 years ago

Good hub. About a hard subject. I've had anxiety attacks before, and they' fun, to say the least. And I know people personally who have that problem on-going plus even more advanced problems. Society, I think, doesn't mean to ignore them or dismiss their fears; it's just hard for anyone to understand unless they're living in that situation. I wish you the best. It seems to be helping you when you put your thoughts on "paper" like writing this hub! Cool!

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago from USA Author

Thanks Brenda! :) I love the eye with the cross in it ,your avatar. thx for stopping in and commenting.

profile image

Brenda Durham 6 years ago

You're welcome.

scooby07 profile image

scooby07 5 years ago from Ayrshire ,Scotland

Hi there I like your hub I have just started one of my own on drug abuse an how it can be overcome ,I was a sufferer or generalised anxiety for years and made the big mistake of self prescibing myself valium ,big mistake as you can understand but im clean and healthy now and have decided that any of the experiance I can pass on through something like one of these hubs would be great as Im no teenager im 43 and only clean a short time but my point always is never give up .

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 5 years ago from USA Author

Thankyou scooby07, I am moving soon to a much nicer location and I've been feeling much better with social things since I broke up w/ someone who was socially phobic after 5 1/2 years, so becasue I'm getting out much more, I feel much better and so you're right, NEVER GIVE UP you never know how much better things can get, Praise God!!!

scooby07 profile image

scooby07 5 years ago from Ayrshire ,Scotland

Social anxiety is a nightmare I myself was diagnosed with generalised anxiety ,which I took into my own hands and self prescibed myself valium which at the time I thought was a wonder cure ,how wrong could I have been within 3 or 4 weeks I was dependent on the valium and my doses were getting higher and higher and basical making my anxiety 100 times more worse so if your thinking of self medicating I strongly addvise against it ,yes if you take that firt small 5mg yellow diazepam ,a very low dose your problems will disapeare but within weeks you will have a much larger problem to contend with ,unfortunately iv yet to find a drug that isnt helpfull for anxiety that isnt habit forming very quickly I may add .Everything I have done in my road to recovery thats helped me the most is thinking diferantly doing small daily things like a dialy that Iv spoke about on my hub .These are things iv learned from the councilers I have worked along side for a long time now ,one thing I would also recomend is be as honsest as posible with these people as they are her to help you not grass you in to anyone so be as honest as you can if you had a relapse why not get it touch with them have a talk and try to get to the bottom of what caused it instead of the next apointment you get you tell them a load of bull and say yes every thing has been cool .Hope this helps someone and gives sombody a bit of addvice from someone who has been through it all .Just remember you can beat this but you must want to and try and get the backing or your friends and family ,a problem shared and all that as they say .Thnaks scooby07

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 5 years ago from USA Author


Self prescribing is NEVER a good idea, as you can see from how it affected you. Thankyou for sharing and yes one can definitely better get to the bottom of things by TALKING about it...some cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT) are very helpful in turning negative thoughts into positive ones...If you have a GOOD therapist he/she can really help you get to the root of your anxiety. I feel like I'm not the best adviser but I can def sympathize with it and have gone thru it.

profile image

arnfinnjr 5 years ago

Social anxiety must be a hell for those struggleing with this! One thing is the anxiety, the other is all the joy and peace that fades with it. I struggled with anxiety too, and write some hubs about it.

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 5 years ago from USA Author

Yes it is. Thankyou for posting and mentioning your hubs as well.


felixtroll2 profile image

felixtroll2 4 years ago from Manitowoc, WI

Good article

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 4 years ago from USA Author

Thank you felixtroll2; anything about it in particular you liked?

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