Are You A Weather Witch?

Can You Predict A Storm?

People used to call my mum a Weather Witch and when I was young, I didn’t really understand what it meant. I just thought, cool! My mum’s a witch! However, upon growing up I have come to know that there is such a thing as real Weather Witches and it’s not cool! Having taken after my mum, I too am a weather witch.

Maybe you know what this means, maybe you’re wondering what it’s all about. I am not talking about those people who cast spells to make the weather change. The way that we have always used the term it simply means you are affected by the weather. You could call SAD sufferers weather witches, but it’s the lack of sunshine that makes them depressed. However, in the case of my mum and me, we tend to get intense headaches, sinus pain, and pressure in the head when the weather is changing to rain.

So, too bad we live in England where the weather changes to rain quite a bit! It’s probably due to our location that we are able to realise what the cause is. The term ‘Weather Witch’ is prescribed because of our ability to predict when it will storm or rain heavily (without the aid of a forecast!).

I suffer with a type of grogginess that you can’t quite describe. Its definition lies somewhere between sinus problems and headaches.  It’s kind of how you feel when you have overslept in the afternoon after eating a heavy lunch only its effects can last for days.

When I’m feeling like this, I can’t do anything, it just totally drains me of all enthusiasm for life. The worst thing is when I know I really need to get my brain in gear to do some writing but I just can’t beat my way through the grog in my head.

It seems to build and build up, with the pressure reaching a peak point when you start thinking, hurry up and rain! Then it does rain, and it’s like a sudden lift, and the pressure is gone. It is hard to describe.

Are You Affected By The Weather?

What weather condition affects you?

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Freya Cesare profile image

Freya Cesare 6 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

Interesting. I guess it's because you're very sensitive to the changes and movement of natural aura, so you can feel it come.

I know people can be deeply affected by another person's mood or health problems because they are very sensitive to the aura emitted by other people who stand near them or closed to them in heart. But it is first for me to know that people can have the same sensitivity toward nature. Very interesting.

FranyaBlue profile image

FranyaBlue 6 years ago from London, England Author

Salaam Freya

Yes, it's strange... Someone else wrote another hub about barometric pressure headaches, which explains the science behind it.

Thanks for reading!

Rafini profile image

Rafini 6 years ago from Somewhere I can't get away from

Never heard the term Weather Witch before but being sensitive is something I can understand! (I can smell rain when it's still at least an hour away, sometimes)

FranyaBlue profile image

FranyaBlue 6 years ago from London, England Author

Hi Rafini

People experience it differently I think. I never noticed a smell before, I'd much rather a smell than a headache.

Lightuponlight profile image

Lightuponlight 6 years ago

Very Interesting! Never heard of the term weather Witch.Thanks for the info.

FranyaBlue profile image

FranyaBlue 6 years ago from London, England Author

Salaam lightuponlight

Weather Witch was the nickname my mum's friends would call her.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

tamberly 6 years ago

My daughter is a weather witch.I feel for her, she gets very sick when a storm comes in.its so sad.

FranyaBlue profile image

FranyaBlue 6 years ago from London, England Author

Hi tamberly

Yes, it can really put your life on hold when it gets bad it's awful.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

NiteBear 5 years ago

Guess what... I am a Natural Wizard/Witch with the ability to alter or change the weather and have done so many times.

FranyaBlue profile image

FranyaBlue 5 years ago from London, England Author


I have heard that it is possible.

I have a request, can you maintain this lovely weather we are having in the UK, and any rain clouds on their way here, divert them to Africa? :)

The weather has been so up and down here lately, doesn't know if it's autumn or summer.

RubyJulia 4 years ago

I think I'm a Weather Witch. I'm not sure.

Jess 4 years ago

I'm a weather witch- or my fellow witches say so. We started a coven a couple weeks ago, but then I didn't know what my actual 'powers' or 'gifts' were. Then two days ago my one friend told m that my emotions affect the weather and I thought it was cool. That was until I got mad at my parents and caused a huge thunder/ hail storm. I don't know how this relates to my story but my cousin and aunt have a similar connection to the weather.

sara 2 years ago

i am one also... but i can change weather

russ 2 years ago

Merry meet. I have always been able to predict bad weather, and when outside in inclement weather, I seem to be able to influence the wind, synchronising my posture and breathing to the rhythm of the flow.

Dtorm Angel 16 months ago

Hi I'm what some of my teachers all a Weather Shaman, My emotions effect the weather from the slightest over cast to a insane lighting storm. I have grandmothers and grandfathers that are Christians, Shamans and Witches and other mystics in my ancestry. So its not a shock I've explored the first three and landed with Shamanism with so help from Witch Craft and Christianity. I'm a lamper not a splitter. Any-who I'm glad to know theres others. have you gained better control or do you ride the wave?

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