As Shadows Vanish...Spirits Rise.


As Shadows Vanish...Spirits Rise.


Dawn slips in quiet,

its cool fingers rouse me,
as glimmers of light bleed

in from the shades pulled,
tearing me from sanctuary

that housed me,
just tough love from

some gentle hand tooled.

Six days I languished

in confines of sorrow,
after she perished

in a fiery blaze,
swearing without her

there'd be no tomorrow,
realizing now there'd

be many more days.

Oh, if there only could

be a small window,
into her dank coffin

sealed so far below,
shimmers of light would

seep in and rekindle
what blinds of death sealed

her most lovely face.

But with this intrusion

of morn I am grasping
that darkness is not f

or the living to crave,
it comes soon enough

with it's cold and cruel clasping
she'd never wish me

as a slave to her grave.



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