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Grapefruit is great for weight loss and known for its anti-cancer ingredients. It also helps you protect yourself from common cold. Also, drinking grapefruit juice during fever reduces your fever. Grapefruit is not only safe for the people suffering from diabetes but it also helps them by reducing starches from the body. Read more grapefruit benefits.


The health benefits of this fruit have already been summed up by the saying: "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away."

Bone protection and Alzheimer protection are some of its benefits. It lowers cholesterol and protects you from lung, breast, colon and liver cancer. Aids in diabetes management and helps you with asthma.


This amazing fruit helps you protect yourself from various forms of cancer. They are rich in vitamin E, which has a lot of health benefits of its own. While the intake of avocado lowers your cholesterol, it also helps you keep your heart in a healthy condition.


Grapes are great for asthma patients and also reduces the chances of a heart stroke. They also help you with kidney disorders. Grapes have strong anti-cancer properties and a study shows that purplu colored grape juice helps in protecting from breast cancer.


Plums help you keep your heart healthy and they are great for your digestive system. They are also rich in potassium and iron.


Prunes are an excellent source of dietary fibers and helps you lower blood glucose and cholesterol.


Peaches contain beta carotene which ultimately converts in vitamin A which in turn aides your heart and eye-sight. Peach tea has been used as a kidney cleanser.

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Thera Tilmon profile image

Thera Tilmon 5 years ago from Lindenhurst, Illinois

I was wondering if you could explain how grapefruit aids in weightloss besides being a yummy low calorie treat?

FaiqaU profile image

FaiqaU 5 years ago from Pakistan

it is low in calories, and its soluble fiber content is decent enough to fill you up, discouraging you from overeating.

dallas93444 profile image

dallas93444 5 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

Thanks for sharing!

dohn121 profile image

dohn121 5 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

I actually worked at a health food store where I was in charge of the juice bar years ago, so of course I had to learn a lot about the properties of certain fruits and vegetables. This is very useful information, UH! Thanks for sharing it.

drdspervez profile image

drdspervez 5 years ago from Pakistan

Ultimate Hubber ,thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with us.I rated you up for writing an informative article.


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