Best Dawn Simulators

If you're someone who experiences Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) then you'll probably want to look into the benefits of having a dawn simulator alarm clock. They do precisely what it sounds like: Wake you up via what your body interprets as a naturally occurring sunrise which spans about 30 minutes. This is particularly handy if you have to wake up several hours before the sun actually comes up. The dawn simulator will wake you up gently, as opposed to the loud obnoxious manner in which so many radio alarm clocks can do. But the dawn simulators do more than just simulate dawn; they also simulate sunset. This can help your body go to sleep at night, or in the morning, if you're someone who works night shift -- and God knows how problematic night shift can be when it comes to getting "normal" sleep in. There is even a model for kids here (although, if you're like me, you might want it for yourself!) who can have the same difficulties with sleep as adults do.

Bio Brite Sunrise Clock

The BioBrite sunrise clock is the top of the line model for those needing to regulate their sleep cycles in a gentle, efficient manner. It's programmable for varying sunrise durations, starting with 15 minutes and ending with 90. The same goes for the sunset settings, and there are even varying levels of brightness. If background noise is an issue, there is also a white noise function, and a snooze bar.

Bio Brite EZ Wake Clock

The BioBrite EZ Wake Clock has a dawn simulator that lasts 30 minutes and a sunset simulator that lasts 30 minutes, as well. These 2 settings are the most popular options with other models and that is why they've been selected for this economy model. It can also be used as a bedside reading lamp. This model is meant to be the bare essentials model of the original, to make it affordable for the masses.

Bio Brite Junior Sunrise Clock

The Bio Brite Junior Sunrise Clock is my favorite of all the models, and one I would very much like to have! Not only does it have the same features as the previous model (30 minute sunrise and 30 minute sunset), it can also be used as a night light! How cool is that? Kids will love going to sleep with the images of the moon and stars on their bedroom wall, as well! Too cute!

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