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Why do we need it?

The need for a bicycle mirror depends where you ride your bike. If you usually just ride your bicycle off road then the need for a bicycle mirror it is not that great because you will probably never find enough vehicles that could put you in danger.

On the other hand, every time you ride your bike on public roads you will be most likely surrounded by other vehicles and most of them motorized ones. So you should need to see them to avoid some kind of collision.

There will be people saying that bicycle mirrors are not safe and that you should just look back over your shoulder to see what is happening behind you.

I would say that mirrors are just a complement for your safety but they really do not avoid every danger. You must ride attentively and taking all the precautions possible.

If you ask me, I never ride my bike on the roads without my rear mirror and I can testify that it has save me from accidents several times.

VüBar - Probably the best bicycle rear mirror

After trying numerous bicycle mirrors (helmet mirrors, eye glasses mirrors, handlebar mounted mirrors, etc.) I found out the one which I can say for sure it is the best one for me.

The VüBar it is a bicycle mirror mounted inside your handlebar tube which makes it retractable and very safe to use.

Every time you need a rearview mirror you just have to pull it out of your handlebar and when you are riding off road or on roads less populated you can always hide it again. So simple but yet so effective!

Sports Mirror - The Back Handed Complement

G4Free®Bike Helmet Mirror 360° Rotate Adjust Clear View Flat Lightweight bicycle Mirror bike mirror
G4Free®Bike Helmet Mirror 360° Rotate Adjust Clear View Flat Lightweight bicycle Mirror bike mirror

The Helmet Mirror is constructed with a durable frame that is small and light, and fits on any helmet.


Make yourself a...

DIY - you can always try to make your own bicycle mirror

There are lots of ways to make your own bicycle mirror.

You can make a Beer-view mirror, a Eyeglass-mounted mirror or even a Bicycle Helmet Mirror for just $2!

No matter how you do it, the most important thing is to be safe on the roads and get to your destination in one piece.


We can even expect to see some Bicycle Digital Rear View System available soon

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Comments 15 comments

Tom Rubenoff profile image

Tom Rubenoff 8 years ago from United States

Nice hub. I should get a mirror!

Bob Ewing profile image

Bob Ewing 8 years ago from New Brunswick

I have been thinking about getting a bike but the winters are so long here.

Coach Levi 8 years ago

Good info on rear view mirrors. I never use them, but I agree, a good one would aid in safe riding, especially in an urban setting.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Tom Rubenoff - Thanks for stopping by. If you also ride on public roads you really should buy one ;)

Bob Ewing - I hear you but that´s a lousy excuse :D . Personally I prefer pedal with cold weather than when it´s very hot. During hot months here in Portugal I almost only ride at night. The most important is to have good equipment (transpire, water-proof, warm, comfortable, etc.). I´m looking forward to hear about your new bicycle ;)

Coach Levi - Thanks for reading. Until a couple months ago I never used mirror either but now every time I go to public roads I feel saver having it there.

Bob Ewing profile image

Bob Ewing 8 years ago from New Brunswick

The cold is not the problem it is the 4 to 6 feet of snow and ice. :)

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

OK Bob, nothing to worry about. I found the solution for you:

With the kit you can transform any bicycle into a all weather vehicle. Now what will be your next excuse!? :D

Bob Ewing profile image

Bob Ewing 8 years ago from New Brunswick

OK, that is interesting and will require further investigation.

AngelesF profile image

AngelesF 8 years ago from Castilla y León

Good and helpful hub Funride! It is really important people know about all this. My husband uses both, bike and moto, and there are good complements to avoid cold weather.

And by the way, the same way (again!) bikers should use the type of mirror, we, car drivers must also be careful with bikers, and respect distances when we're on the road :-)

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

I can´t wait to see you riding and having fun even when it´s snowing, Bob. You´ll see that riding a bicycle it´s almost as fun as taking care of our garden ;)

Hi Angeles, it´s always great to have you commenting in one of my hubs, thanks. And you´re so right, if all the car drivers were a little more careful about bikers I´m sure there would be much less accidents and casualties among bikers.

Inspire Wisdom profile image

Inspire Wisdom 8 years ago from Appalachian Mountains

I agree with you and love the mirrors on my bike. Another good Hub.

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Thanks Laurie, I wish you fun and safe rides on your bike ;)

G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 8 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

Hi sweetie...Yes and i feel safer when I see a bike with a mirror as well as those flashing lights when they peddle. I t makes sense to me...tho I don't ride anymore hee hee...but my dear friend (7 yrs old) is trying to get me to get a bike with 3 wheels so i can join him...with a canopy and...hey how about a motor..and a fancy flag....Mirror of course and a horn????   Can't you just picture that????:o)  How are you these days?? My computer has been down for 7 long days :o(  G-Ma :o) hugs

funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal Author

Oh my dear, you have a great friend over there and you should listen to him. I can´t express how much I would love to have the chance to ride with you and it could be on tricycles like this: with flag, mirror and a horn but no motor or canopy because the real fun is to pedal and feel the wind on your face. What do you say!? Lets do it? ;o) BIG kiss

RobertoSoto 5 years ago

The rearview mirrors for bikes are good but they need extra width for your bike and sometimes it doesn's save the chance of being injured coz there are more electric bicycles and car drivers who ignores the traffic rules at all everywhere in China...I think rearview mirrors is perfect for lying bikes coz people can not turn their head for a back glance.

funride profile image

funride 5 years ago from Portugal Author

Hey RobertoSoto, thanks for commenting! I hear you... rearview mirrors doesn`t make our bikes crash proof but they can make our rides much safer. Of course we`ll always have problems with over traffic and people who doesn`t respect others... rear view mirrors will allow us to see those riders/drivers sooner and who knows perhaps avoid another crash :)

Wishing you safe and fun rides!

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