Bone Healing With EBI Bone Growth Stimulator

Healing Broken Bones

 I am writing this article based on my experience with a hard to heal broken bone.  A couple of years ago I had a minor accident that resulted in a major shattering of my big toe.  I wish I could say I was doing something exciting like skiing down a cliff, but no, I simply slipped on the stairs and slammed my foot into the wall.

Since we had been staying at a friends house, I acted tough and tried not to make a big deal about it.  In fact, even when we got home, I tried to keep walking on it to loosen it up.  I thought I had jammed it.

After a few days, I decided to go get an x-ray.  Sure enough, it was fractured in several areas.  I probably had made it much worse by walking on it.  Note to self and others - always go to the doctor first when you get injured!

I had to leave the doctor's office in crutches - not what a busy mom wants!  I had an appointment with a foot doctor and figured I would get some kind of walking cast and all would be well.  Not what happened!  Instead, I was scheduled for surgery to put pins in my toe and I had to stay completely off my foot for at least six weeks, which meant the crutches were going to become by friends.

After surgery, I started counting down the days.  The six week marker came and went.  Then seven, eight and toe was not completely healing.  There was still a soft area between one of the fractures.  Meanwhile, I am going completely stir crazy.

At this point, my doctor said "I think it's time to try something else."  I was thinking that at about week five.  He told me about an electrical bone healing system which might help.  Since I was willing to try anything at that point I told him to go for it and I'm glad I did.


EBI bone growth stimulator
EBI bone growth stimulator

EBI Bone Growth Stimulator

 Description:  The EBI Bone Growth Stimulator promotes healing by sending weak pulsing electrical currents at the fracture site.  These signals are generated by a low energy electromagnetic field which is created by passing specific current pulses through the treatment coil.

Components:  The components consist of a control unit, a battery charger, a link cable, a flexible treatment coil and a grounding plug.


bone stimulator
bone stimulator

Using The Bone Stimulator

To get the most effectiveness, the bone growth stimulator should be used for ten hours a day. Since you need to keep the fracture area immobile during stimulation, it works best to do it at night while you sleep. Although, if you have a cast over the stimulator, it should stay in place fairly well. I had a removable walking cast that allowed some slippage so I did my treatment at night.

The control unit needs to be charged each day. This is then attached to the link cable, which is attached to the treatment coil. The treatment coil is wrapped around the fracture site.

When the treatment coil is on, the site gets a little warm. Otherwise, you don't really notice it being on. A few times I did feel a little minor pain, almost like little shocks. When this happened, I put a heavier sock on so the coil wasn't so close to my skin. It seemed to happen after wearing it for a long period of time.

The great part was that now when I went in for my doctor visits, we were seeing results on the x-rays. There was hope in my future! Sure enough, at about twelve weeks, the walking cast came off and I was free to walk.

It only took a couple of weeks of bone stimulation to get the bone fully healed. I would recommend this to anyone who is having trouble with a bone fracture as this definitely gets the job done for otherwise non-healing bones.

**It is not recommended before giving normal healing a chance.  Things that will contribute to a quick healing time are eating a balanced diet, not smoking, getting enough calcium and following doctors orders.  If, after following the appropriate steps, you still have a non-union or non healing bone, then the ebi bone stimulator would be a terrific option.

Bone Stimulator In Action

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Iris 3 years ago

I just started using the EBI bone stimulator. I am having pulsating sometimes sharp pain while using. Apparently this is uncommon. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Andrea 4 years ago

I have been having trouble with the bone growth stimulator . It is causing intense pain and swelling if I use it too much around my collarbone and shoulder. I am also getting a rash from the gel.

profile image

Klrobis 4 years ago

I have a baker cyst behind the inner side of my right knee, I have just recently had calf pulls or what seems to be a pull in the calf. I dance and after an hour of dance just pushing off of my right foot to do a leap on the left resulted in a pull, tear? I iced and then heated and after a week seemed to b completely well when again this past week the same thing but more pain and trouble walking the next day. today is day five and I am still in some pain. Can this be because of the baker cyst. I am ready to be well and dance

Song-Bird profile image

Song-Bird 4 years ago from Michigan Author

It sounds like you have had the same experience as I had! I ended up being 100% healed and have never had problems with that bone since (5 years ago now) :)

Dan 4 years ago

... and to give some background on myself, former college football player who was dealing with severe turf toe post playing days. 27 years old, non smoker, with an active lifestyle and healthy diet. Had no red flags or other precursors (ie diabetes) of a delayed union/nonunion.

Dan 4 years ago

I was prescribed the same device (EBI) for a delayed union of a first metatarsal. In 12 weeks there was very little bony union. In just one week of use I had more progress than in the previous 12. I'm now at 14 weeks and the progress is going good. I'm not 100% healed yet but all signs have been promising so far. I had two screws holding the bone together and in my usage, I have no noticed any tingling, pain or burning in using this device.

teamrn profile image

teamrn 5 years ago from Chicago

"When the treatment coil is on, the site gets a little warm. Otherwise, you don't really notice it being" ANYTHING. I don''t notice ANY warmth or anything. I have the Bone Growth Stimulator like Aimee said above from EXOGEN and customer service is great. The rep lives near me and on occasion, comes to my doc visits if it fit in her schedule. Doc said I could increase it if I wanted to 20 minutes TWICE a day; but once s twice a day. Then gain, do i want my bones to heal?

Amiee 5 years ago

You should check out EXOGEN ultra sound bone stimulator. 20 minutes once a day and the healing time was fast! I got the unit for an acute fracture. Apparently EXOGEN is the only bone stim with a fresh fracture and a non union indication. What sold me was 20 minutes once a day and he customer service I received from the representative.

teamrn profile image

teamrn 5 years ago from Chicago

To Roberto;

I don't feel anything, nada, nothing, zilch anytime and I remember the representative from the company saying that I shouldn't feel anything. It is just like ultrasound, and that you don't feel unless it is internal. I'd also ask your doc. Annie

Song-Bird profile image

Song-Bird 5 years ago from Michigan Author

I would definitely ask your doctor about that. I could feel a little heat sensation a couple of the times I had the bone stimulator on which was uncomfortable. I ended up wearing a sock underneath the stimulator which helped me.

Roberto Reyes 5 years ago

I am using that bone stimulator for my left non-union metatarsal fracture. On my third day of use, a strong, pulsating burning pain on this area made me take it off. My fracture has a screw. Is this symptom part of the expected process or something is going wrong?

teamrn profile image

teamrn 5 years ago from Chicago

thanks and you just reminded me: USE IT NOW before I forget. The doc says I can use it as many times as twice a day. Somedays my ankles hurt; others they seem to be responding to the BGS.

Song-Bird profile image

Song-Bird 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Hi teamrn, the one I am referring to is the external. It worked really well for me so I hope you continue to have good results as well.

teamrn profile image

teamrn 5 years ago from Chicago

Is the bone growth stimulator you refer to, the internal or external? I use and external (which reminds me, it's time for today's use!!) daily and have had fairly decent results from a chronic condition which doesn't heal, osteonecrosis.

Song-Bird profile image

Song-Bird 7 years ago from Michigan Author

Your welcome Waren! I was surprised at how well it worked.

Waren E profile image

Waren E 7 years ago from HAS LEFT THE BUILDING............

That's a cool device there,thanks for sharing this info songbird!

Song-Bird profile image

Song-Bird 7 years ago from Michigan Author

Thanks for commenting dohn!

dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

It's amazing how technology can help us in so many ways. It's great to hear that you are doing much better. My sister just recovered from tearing her ACL while skiing and that was not fun for her at all. Thanks for sharing this great informative hub!

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