Developing a Sound Outlook in Life

Developing a Sound Outlook in Life

Factors in Developing a Sound Outlook in Life

Everyone has his/her own individual differences; even twins are not the same in many ways. It is important for you to know yourselves, in order to be happy and conĀ­tented with your life. You must know your likes and dislikes, and beliefs that make you a unique individual, because if you understand yourself it is easy for you to understand others.

Philosophy is the way we see life and the way we live life itself. It can help us decide in solving problems and it serves as a guide in leading our life. Philosophy can either be negative or positive, depending on the way you want to live it. There are factors to consider in developing your outlook in life:

1. Customs andtraditions - the habit or beliefs handed to us by our forefathers.

2. Family values - the way parents bring up their children.

3. Influence of media - the information we get from radio, television and computers, etc.

4. Socio-economic status - the economic condition of your family.

5. Physical appearance- the physical qualities of a person.

6. Religion - belief in God, a particular system of faith.

7. Education - the knowledge and ability acquired from teaching or training.

8. Success stories of other people - the inspiring stories of the achievement of others and setting them as good example.

9. Community - the place where you live and were raised as a kid.
10. Experiences - the things that happen to you, whether good or bad.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Personality is defined as an individual quality that makes a person different or act differently from others.

Our personality is made up of our physical self, intellectual self, social self and emotional self and the combination of these four aspects is known as the "total self". Your personality is also made up of strengths and weaknesses.

Aspects of Personality

1. Intellectual self- it is the capacity of our brain to think. It includes being a fast learner, coming up with accurate estimation and desire for facts.

2. Emotional self- it refers to our feelings, such as fears, childishness, happiness and feelings of security and insecurity.

3. Social self- it refers to our relationship with others, like accepting peers, ability to enjoy people, bad influence, self-centeredness.

4. Physical self- it refers to the changes in our body.

5. Total self- it refers to our whole personality.

Your strengths are your positive qualities, such as being beautiful, talented, ability to express yourself in the right manner and make friends with others. Your weaknesses in contrast, are your negative traits like having dark skin, being thin, isolating yourself and having difficulty in coping with your studies.

Dealing with your strengths and weaknesses makes you understand yourself more. As you grow older you become more aware of them and learn to make use of your potentials and capabilities to enhance your strengths and overcome your weaknesses. In this way, you become confident and develop a positive self-image.

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Having a dark skin is not and shouldn't be a weakness at all ... We are proud of our body. God is the giver of Skin not human ,it's high time people grew up and stop being negative

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