Eczema Simplified

What is Eczema?

You might ask what is eczema. It is a chronic skin disorder that involves inflamed, scaly and itchy rashes. It looks different on every individual, but it’s usually recognized by its redness, dryness and the itchy patches on the skin. For some, there might be darker patches on their skin, which is due to itching too much at that particular spot.

Eczema can occur in almost everyone, children and adults. In children, it’s usually common around their scalp areas, neck, hands, legs, cheeks, elbows, behind the knees, etc. My daughter has eczema too. And she has most of the symptoms mentioned here. There is no exact cure for eczema but it’s not known to be contagious.


  • Family---Eczema can run in the family. If someone in the family has had it before, then the child or grandchild might have it. In my case, my sister has eczema and my husband also has dry and sensitive skin.
  • Allergies---It can deteriorate more in those with asthma or any allergies of any kind like food or animal or dust allergies. The skin is usually very sensitive and dry. It seems that peanuts and eggs are some foods that children are allergic to.
  • Temperature---Temperature plays a part as well. Hot and humid weather can make the skin sweaty and thus aggravate eczema. If the weather is too cold though, it might cause the skin to be too dry as well. My daughter's eczema tends to flare up when it's too hot but I noticed that she didn't itch as much during the cold weather when I was on holiday.
  • Dust---Dust in carpets, dust mites and even dust on beds might affect those with eczema. It tends to cause children to itch.

For my daughter, it seems that it’s mostly due to the hot weather here, the dust and her sensitive skin. It can be very hard caring for her. I have to use different shampoos, shower baths , give her so much anti-itch medicine.

How to Minimise

We can ensure that the carpets, beds, quilts are cleaned and dried so as not to accumulate dust. It’s good to moisturize the skin often as the skin tends to be too dry and scaly. When that happens, our children and even we tend to itch more often, thus making it worse. It helps to take notice of which foods or materials cause allergies and to stay away from them and harsh solvents as well. If it’s too itchy, we can apply cold compressors. This reduces our urge to itch. It’s also said that if it’s salt water, it’s even better but I was told by the doctor that the concentration must be just right and not too much or little. Too much would be concentrated and it might at times infect the wound and too little is the same as basically not adding any salt as well. Some ointments, steroids are also given if the area affected is quite bad but they might cause the skin to thin so the cream should not be applied too frequently at the same area.

My daughter is much better than before now. She still itches and there are dark patches on her skin due to itching too much, but now, I know better how to prevent as well and although she still itches and it fluctuates, I know that it’s common and I don’t have to worry too much and just keep doing what I am doing. That is to moisturize her body when it becomes dry and apply cold compress when she itches too much, especially at night. It might take long for her to recover or she can recover fast, it all depends on the skin and individual so don’t worry too much. And also, this is said by the doctor. This works not only for the children but us adults as well.

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michael_michelle1 profile image

michael_michelle1 5 years ago

i think it goes away with age. i had it too but after 16 its like it just disappeared..of course i also applied a medicine called cloben-g.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 5 years ago from singapore Author

@michael_michelle ohhh i know of cloben-g as well. did that help?? is it a steroid or something else. i was also applying but before i could see any effects, it finished. is it suitable for young children as well or is it a strong medicine and only doctors should recommend it? thanks for responding.

michael_michelle1 profile image

michael_michelle1 5 years ago

its a cream. bought it in nepal for 40rs back then i think. as far as doctors recommendation goes, im not sure. i talked to my friend about it, he also had it. told me it disappeared during his teens. so i wouldnt worry too much about it. controlling is good..but no necessity to freak out.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 5 years ago from singapore Author

i know, my neighbours also recommended it as well but i forgot to show tht empty tube to the doctor so she wasn't able to really identify and tell me about it.

michael_michelle1 profile image

michael_michelle1 5 years ago

cloben g. tahts the name. but like i said, i wudnt worry bout it.

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 5 years ago from singapore Author

yea, i'll just keep moisturing her skin, thanks for responding.:)

saravanan 4 years ago

wil it start disappearing wen we grow rply me fast pls

sminut13 profile image

sminut13 4 years ago from singapore Author

hi, it doesn't really disappear from what i understand. you can only prevent it. it might go away for a few years without occurring and we might think that it's over. but suddenly, something happens, like maybe the weather, the stress, food or even materials of clothings etc, and then it starts happening again and we have to prevent it all over again.

i realised this as my younger sister has the same problem and she's in her early 20s now but recently she said that she felt as if it was occuring again. sigh it's unfortunate but it's something that's passed down from genes as well, so i guess there's nothing much we can do except to ensure that our skin is moisturised always.

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