Fiber Gummies and Other Delicious Ways to Supplement Your Fiber Intake

Benefits of Fiber

Fiber is an important component of your diet for many reasons. Fiber helps with constipation so eating more fiber will make stool softer and easier to pass because it absorbs lots of water in your bowel. Make sure to get enough fiber to keep yourself regular.

Fiber can also help with diseases like diabetes by regulating blood sugar and cancer because fiber speeds up the passage of foods through your body, which gives toxins less time to affect your body. Fiber is also an essential component of weight management because of its bulk, which keeps you fuller longer.

There are lots of foods that contain fiber, but sometimes it is hard to get in your recommended amount every single day, which is why I have outlined a few delicious ways to sneak some extra into your diet. As with any fiber supplement, make sure you start with a small amount and then gradually up the quantity so you know how your body will react. Gas and bloating might occur if you start with the highest recommended amount - since these options are portable and you can take them at any time, be sure to test them at home so you aren't faced with an embarrassing situation at work!

Fiber Gummies

These are my absolute favorite new way to get fiber into your diet if you need extra fiber. There are lots of brands of these fiber gummy bears so just look for them in your local grocery store or convenience store - usually the serving is just two pieces a day so they are easy to take any time. I usually take my at the end of the day after dinner, but experiment for what works for your body.

The fruity flavor of these fiber gummies make remembering to take these really easy. And, unlike some of the other delicious ways to get fiber into your diet, you don't have to mix it with anything so just popping a couple in your mouth takes no time at all and you are well on your way to your daily allowance of fiber.

Kashi Golean Protein & Fiber Bars

These bars are a great breakfast item or snack that also happen to have a ton of fiber and protein, which will keep you full for awhile. I like all the Kashi GoLean products, like the cereal and other crunchy bars, but these are a great source of fiber. The peanut and chocolate flavors and great crunchy texture make this bar seem like a treat instead of a high fiber bar. The malted chocolate crisp is a great afternoon snack!

These are easy to keep on hand and grab whenever you are on the go. Because they are so portable and easy to throw in your bag, you can take one to work or with you to the gym so you can eat them after a work out.

Benefiber Sticks

Not only are these Benefiber sticks delicious, but they are also very convenient since they mix with a single bottle of water. They also come in larger packages so you can just use a spoonful in any glass of water during your day. The raspberry iced tea and kiwi-strawberry are my favorite flavors - they are not too sweet so it is easy to drink the whole glass or bottle. This is definitely not your mom's fiber powder - it completely dissolves and doesn't taste chalky at all. These are easily portable so throw a couple in your purse and you won't have to remember to take it at any specific can just throw a single packet in your water at any time, during any meal, anywhere!

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HC 6 years ago

Hey, awesome article! Really, really helpful! I was also wondering that if you take too much of the fiber gummies (Like, more than 2 each day), are there any risks?

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