Grieving with Children

Grieving with Children

We had a wonderful friend who was like family to us. We had plans to get together and spend a week or so site-seeing San Diego and camping. He NEVER stopped smiling, his visits were bursts of extreme Joy and Love...then he died.

You can never be prepared for death, and when it is sudden, it is as if life stops...or it feels like it should! My children and I have not experienced death together and it was a sad journey to travel. It was a new, lonely, and hard time but we did some things to help us get through it together.

  • First thing we did was cry...moan...wail...scream...sob...whimper...hug.
  • Next we talked and talked and talked about all the wonderful things we could think of about him.
  • We gathered every letter and card he sent us, then printed up loads of pictures of him and carried it around, posted on our walls, made collages and talked and talked some more about him.
  • Then we made a gift for his family
  • We would sit and mourn our loss and talk some more.
  • The more we talked, the more we realized what a special bond we had...and what will never be

It was as if we had one last time together with him and then we were able to say goodbye on our own terms. Some took longer than others and we were ok with that.

I don't know if this would work for your situation but the freedom to share, laugh, cry and express our hearts helped us bond, grow closer together and heal as a family.

*sniff* still missing you Jeremy...

much love, Marmie

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    still missing you!

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