Hip Fat Exercises. How to Lose Hip Fat in 5 quick and easy exercises.

How can I lose Hip Fat?

People gain weight and develop fat in different parts of their body. One of the hardest places to lose fat from is the hips. There are some exercises that are fast and easy that will help you achieve success and shed those unwanted pounds while losing hip fat. It is important to remember that a healthy diet is essential. If you do not have a healthy diet, your body will not be able to burn fat and you will have difficulty targeting certain areas. Once you get your diet under control, a simple exercise regime can be a huge help when trying to lose fat. In addition to a healthy diet, some minor changes in your everyday life can also help. For example, take the stairs instead of the elevator and park a little further away from the door. These little changes will provide you with daily exercise and will help achieve success.

One of the easiest exercises to lose hip fat is by simply jumping on a trampoline. The small sized trampolines are affordable and they do not take up much space. They are also easily stored. Begin by jumping for a two minute period. This may not sound like it could be effecting, but over time, it strengthens the muscles in the hips and helps reduce fat. You can later add arm or ankle weights to the exercise. This is one of the preferred hip exercises because it is enjoyable and can even be done while watching television!

Focusing on the Abs targets Hip Fat

The second preferred exercise is walking. By adding a short walk to your day, you will exercise the hip area and begin to attack the deposited fat cells. Walking is a great exercise because you can go at your own pace and can walk for as long as you wish. Generally, it is best to begin with a short 15 minute walk and increase your time as you go along.

Toning the abdominal muscles will also help lose hip fat. This can be done by performing a variety of ab exercises such as twists or crunches. Do not overdo it with these. You want to have a set schedule of reps and adhere to it. Abdominal exercises are most effective when done three times a week.

Squats are a great way to reduce unwanted fat on the hips. This is a simple exercise. You begin in an upright position and bend your knees, lowering your body. Then come back up. Not only will this exercise help with hip fat, but it will also tone leg muscles. This is a simple and fast exercise that is preferred because it is low impact and takes very little time. Begin by doing 15 to 20 squats daily and increase the number the following week as tolerated.

More Exercise Explained

Cardio exercises are the best way to lose fat from the body. A complete cardio workout will speed the metabolism and burn calories. These exercises do not build muscle. They strengthen the heart and help burn calories. Popular cardio exercises include jogging, kickboxing, jumping or riding a bicycle. Basically, anything that makes your heart beat faster than normal can be considered a cardio exercise.

There are fast and easy exercises to help lose that fat from the hips. Cardio exercise, trampoline exercises, toning abs, squats and walking are the five most popular ways to achieve fat loss in the hip area.

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Jerry 7 years ago

really great tips on losing weight this worked perfectly, very keen. thanks for sharing....

Mike 7 years ago

Thanks for the advice!

hhhhhhhhhh 6 years ago

i am going to try this out

Christy 6 years ago

i'm going to try this...i also heard that hula hooping helps loose hip fat too.!

Kathleen 6 years ago

I think all of you are wrong and need to go poop yourselves!! Everybody can lose weight if they walk..DUH. EVERYONE KNOWS THAT!!!!! horrible advice. :D bitchz g0 suk muh dik.

Amber 6 years ago

Good suggestions, i'll try them and for Kathleen if you cant recommend any thing atleast don't criticize.

lol 6 years ago

hpe it works :)

Mohammad Ummer 6 years ago

very easy and effective advice

day 6 years ago


i am active(soccer) and have a diet but that is one area i can't seem to lose

no I'm not exaggerating

tt 6 years ago

this is so going to not work because i weight 250 and im 5"1 and been trying this for a month already im 16

Jeffrey 6 years ago

Low cardio exercises are actually better for losing weight, and weight lifting is also great for burning calories as muscle burns more calories than fat

Morgan(: 6 years ago

imma try this..hope it works. thanks.

ev 6 years ago

this doesn't actually work. i am a very active sports player and the best way to get in shape is to run. its that plain and simple. sit ups also help though, as well as planks

._. 6 years ago

You guys who are against this are idiots. Running is bad for your ankles and feet. Walking is good for them also 30 minutes of running equals 1 hour of walking. I have been going on a 30 minute walk everyday and i've already lost weight in my tummy and thigh region.

Omi 6 years ago

Walking and diet is the key, I walked 1hr a day 4 days a week, with some hill incline (around my neighborhood)

and I lost 8kg in 2 months and lost 9cm from my hips. I even had one day when I indulged in a "yummy" dinner. It is possible!

Hecticschedule  6 years ago

Skipping or jump rope is perfect for it. Do ten mins a day to start off for the first week. Then try to do 20 mins 3 days a week after. Gradually work up to 30 mins a go. I skip for one hour and thirty mins 3 times a week after a light weights session. Lose up to three stone in 10 weeks with a balanced and healthy diet.

Kawewe 6 years ago

I appreciate your advice guys but check on your cheap advice again.

Mohammad 6 years ago

I lost over 37 Kilos in the past year and a half just by walking, cutting down soft drinks, fried food and some starch i was addicted to, but now im facing this problem with my hips and belly shape ! i just dunno how to get rid of them :S

Mack 6 years ago

Running might be bad for your ankles and knees but it is the fastest way to shed the pounds. If your so conserned about your joints ride a bike. There is no way that one hour of walking could in any way equil 30 mins of running. Running increases your heart rate more than walking ever will

Shreyas N Karnad 6 years ago

i was 103 kilos, and now 84 kilos. Shedding out 19 kilos of weight was a tedious task for 6 months and guess what , I still have to loose another 20 more kilos!!!! I started working out in the gym with weights and abdominal exercises, and some cardio, but the result was very minimal. The trainer asked me to focus more on treadmill and forced me to run 10 kms in one hour before work out and come back for 30 more minutes (this time with 2kg dumbells tied to the hand) after finishing the other cardio and toning workouts. A five day routine a week, for five to six months has seen me reduce the said weight. Mind you i lost weight without much dieting. I used eat all junk and fatty crap and yet managed to loose weight. So GO CARDIO - Tread mill is your life, don't leave it!!!

mimi 6 years ago

very nice advice i'll surely try thank u

advice 6 years ago

keep your heartbeat slow if you want to lose weight. if you go to fast your heart will race and that will build muscle over you fact making it jiggely and ugly!

tiffany 6 years ago

thanks for the advice i'd love to try some of these out and for those who has to say something stupid then stay off the page if you think its dumb advice your the idiot

Skyler 6 years ago


Kylee 6 years ago

Cool advice! Another best help tip. I've been run/walk intervals 5 days a week for 40 minutes and on a mostly oat meal and protien diet and I'm looking so much better than my 3 years of walking 3 hours a day. Mind you I built a lot of leg muscle and stamina walking. I.. Just felt fat all of a sudden. So every tip helps! Just couldn't get rid of the hip fat last 2 weeks

tomato 6 years ago

great advice! thanks! will try these out for sure!

joann 6 years ago

im going to try this also

melissa 6 years ago

I have a big problem with hip fat, due to which my body looks really awkward....i just WANT TO KNOW that with strict diet and exercise how many months does it take to shed atleast 9cm of hip fat?

Thank you in advance

Fat Loss Top Tips 6 years ago

Great article, very informative. Hip fat is much easier to lose following these steps.


lose hip fat today

Hridi Nawat 6 years ago

becca:) 6 years ago

i walk a lot in a week, but i cant seem to loose any of my hip fat. i have a normal eating diet and my body looks weird because i have a small waist and big hips D:

-has anyone got any other tips? thanks for the advice!

Marrrr. 6 years ago

well, im 16. i'm about 5'7 & i weigh 157. i been walking on the treadmill for about a half an hour a day & i do crunchs all the time. i'm on a diet too. but i ain't lost a pound. what am i doing wrong? or how can i improve?

banny :)) 6 years ago

well, i am 13 and my weight is 125. i am trying so hard to lose weight but, its not working. i always eat salad and i go to gym and i try so hard to exercise but, it seems that it wont work anyway. i will try over the summer to run and do more exercises :)}

Lose Hip Fat Info 5 years ago

This is extremely informative. With a little bit of hard work exercising and choosing the right diet then you will start to see the weight drop off not only from your hips but from your whole body.

DePuy Pinnacle Lawsuit 5 years ago

Does jumping on a trampoline really improve our hip muscles? I guess it's time for me to buy one. Thanks for the tips!

Hayley 5 years ago

i am 12 5'6 and i weigh 135 pounds i really hope that these work because this is all i have unless i want to be called fat and ugly again

belieber 5 years ago

anything that gets your heart rate up whilst you do it is good exercise and will use energy which burns fat! push yourself even when you're out of breath, because if you give up too quickly you won't get the best results. also, when your muscles burn when exercising that shows you're having an affect. the burning is the muscle getting damaged slightly, but after exercising the muscle repairs itself and comes back stronger! muscle helps burn fat quicker! Carbohydrates give you energy, but if you do not use this energy the body converts it and stores it as fat, so reduce the amount of carbohydrates and sugar you eat and do things that use lots of energy for fast results. Even little things like having some weights in your pockets whilst you do the shopping will help... good luck, losing weight can be easy if you are smart about it! :)

Usaid  5 years ago

thanks man for this exceptional advice..i will surely follow it

No use 5 years ago

I lift every day and do cardio every day but dosent work Im 167 6"'and squat 415 and my hips are huge and I have 8

Sonia 5 years ago

Hey Guys just a healthy Tip... Don't tke up any diets that u can't follow your whole life,,, as one can never be on or off a diet... A diet is to be followed the whole life.. so avoid junk and all extra fatty food but don't take up any extreme diet plans as even if u loose weight with any such program then too this weight will come back in double in half the time,,, Everyone should practice at least a 30 mins exercise routine to be fit,,, Exercising have multiple benefits other than loosing weight... Fat loss is just a beautiful by-product of practicing a workout routine... ;)

Audrina 5 years ago

1.Exercise 5 times a week.

2.Don't diet or starve yourself, just eat healthy.

3.Drink water! It is hard at first but once you get use to it you can't stop and eventually its all you want to drink.

4.Enjoy it, make it fun, put a smile on your face!

Good Luck...


caroline 5 years ago

its not working at all

LALA 5 years ago

I think these are fantastic tips. I used to run a lot(I knew this kid that went to the same high school as me he walked everyday and ate salads and drink water everyday he lost a lot of weight) and do these exercises and I lost up to 20 pounds I did weigh about 145 somewhere around there and dropped my weight to 129. I started drinking milk with my meals I did have pop every once in a while and I also ate the same as I usually did just cut back on proportions. EVERYBODY is different and it may take others longer to lose weight than other people. It will take a good month or 2 possibly even 3 until you actually see change. That is people's problems you want to see results in a week or 2 but you don't and you just don't think it's working so you give up. BIG NO NO! I didn't think it was possible for me to lose weight but I did, so I believe anybody and everybody can just by doing these exercises there are a lot of great tips online just keep searching the ones for you instead of bashing on people on here.

Cestmoi 5 years ago

I'm 15 and I'm 5 ft 8 and weigh 230. I've lost a lot of weight but still have a lot more to lose. In having difficultly losing weight in my hip/thigh area and I really hope this works for me! Thanks

Sammy Lynn 5 years ago

I just moved back home after being gone for 2-3 years. I used to be verrryy athletic by playing vollyball all the time.

Im 5'9 and when i moved away I was 150 pounds

When i moved back 230

Its been 6 months since i moved home and now i am 190

I tried on an old pair of pants size 9 and they Fit, (not well in fact im weighting for them to bust apart but the point is they zipped) ive been a size 18.

Walking is very good for trying to lose weight. Jogging is good for getting in shape. Walking raised the bodys heartrate and keeps it burning off collories steadily, while jogging helps keep your heart heathy and raises your stanima.

HOWEVER im not jogging Yet because jogging is bad for your joins esspesially if u r overweight. So wait till u are at a comfortible weight THEN start a low impact jog

Thx!! 5 years ago

It worked! I'm 12 and I USED to get bullied bout my "fat hips" bit anymore (=

sad=( 5 years ago

m 22..female...my weight is 220lbs..height is 5'7..i wna loose weight from arms n bellly n hips..byw chest n ribcage is a prfct 36, wrists n ankle r even fine..its just my belly n arms bothering me a lot..i wna loose atleast 2-3 inches in a mnth plz help

Sofia V. 5 years ago

I love your tips. I’ve been rigidly following a healthy nutritional diet and regularly have zumba sessions, or what others know as zoomba, and I’ve been losing 500 calories per hour. I’ve been looking for specific exercises to incorporate to these upbeat Latin moves to trim my hips (and my arms), and this article sure is helpful. Thanks!

faizur rehman 5 years ago

how i loss my abdominal pppppppppppllllllllllllllllxxxxxxxxxxx

jocelyn 5 years ago

im 13 errry one says i aint fat , i have fat hips, i hope this works !

Bhuban 5 years ago

Hey I am a male. But my body construction I think is lust like a lady. My hips are just like of ladies. My kness bend inwards, When I put on jeans, it looks like a lady's back. So I am not comfortable and confident. I wish I can get half of them reduced. I am not sure if its due to fats deposition, I think its muscles.

So please suggest me any exercise..

Please no criricism. I am very much of ashamed of this already..


SHIVANI SHARMA 5 years ago

it really work's.now i have my body in shape.

David 5 years ago

Now I'm excited I'm a male, 184 High and about 73kg and I'm allways on my feet even at work, I jog and run a lot in the summers, and love fysical activity, and eat healthy, I am curious if this Will help.

Thanks 4 the tip.

zeel 5 years ago

kam kare to haru 6 baki to.......... to b dhanyavad salah mate abhar hu india thi 6u

diamond 5 years ago

I use to be 119 pounds at age 15-19, i walked 3miles every morning from my bus stop to my school. i was always active...in 2009, middle of 2009 i went from 120 to 160..now..119 i was extremly active, i fast walked everywere, i had no hip fat and i was skinny but not anarexic..now im plain 160 becuz back in 2009 i sat around and did absolutly nothing for 4months and gained all that weight..don't sit around and do nothing. be active and you will loose pounds..to be honest eating 6 small protions a day will increse your risk of loosing weight too..i did that and i kept a steady weight of 119...

Linda 5 years ago

Try getting on all fours and keeping leg bent take your leg out to the side and back again it looks a bit like a dog when it takes a pee but it works i lost almost 2inches in a week while your on all fours you could also draw your knee towards your chest and then slowly kick your legs out backwards and up i do 4 reps of 10 on each side of each of these when you do the leg to the side ones you can feel it burn around the hip area trust me it works and only takes a few mins a day to do

Linda 5 years ago

Also another great exercise that's easy is to lay on your back lift your legs up to the ceiling and point your toes and criscross your legs quickly 3 sets of 20 it mostly works your inner thighs but it will work the hips a little at same time if your in doubt how a muscle is working put your hand in that area and you will feel it tensing working i love this exercise its so quick and easy walking and squats are great and yes bouncing on a trampoline will work try it and see how much it effects your legs and arse etc lol the more you move around the more you will lose if you don't want to look like a couch potatoe get off the couch ;) its what i did and it works also drinking water gives you lots of energy so make sure you stay hydrated and drink lots of it

best of luck all xx

sam 5 years ago

thank u thank u very much

shinyy 5 years ago

i m gonna follow it..

deja 5 years ago

im 13 and i weigh 160 im tall so it dint really show ,, ima try this out and see how it works i gotta lose my hip && thigh weigh ,,

deja 5 years ago


kookiboy 5 years ago

any body is there?who lost hips through above trick??

kajol 5 years ago

im going to try this...thanxxxxxxxxxx

jocelyn 5 years ago

ok, im not the same jocelyn from awhile ago.. but its weird because im also 13: im pretty thin and have like a perfect shape : except for my hips and this helps great! (p.s. im 13 like i said and i weigh 127lbs which is sooo fine because im 5'6 so im pretty average) but id like to fit perfect in my jeans... so thanks for the tips!! now im gonna go outside on our tramp!

xoxo ~greatfulness~

DFatOne 5 years ago

I want some heavy exesises 2 reduce my hips in a month.

Coz Ive tried many but dey r very slow. I want some exersises 2 reduce my hips instantly

Pl help !!!! :(

James 5 years ago

Great site, great information, I'm always looking fot information. I've lost 80 pounds in about 18 months so far, I need to lose some 20 more pounds to be in the weight I want to, I am almost 40 years, so it's possible, don't give up people. I found this page also useful, www.losehipfat.net. I hope they do not remove it, cause it helped me a lot. Tks.

Sharlene 5 years ago

Hey there =) thanks for the advice..... i shall try it out :)

lisa 5 years ago

I have been doing the slim in 6 program for 25 days and trying to eat right. I have gained 3.5 pounds since I started. What am I doing wrong? Oh yeah I am starving all the time even though I eat generally nutritious foods.

Any Thoughts?

lisa 5 years ago

I have been doing the slim in 6 program for 25 days and trying to eat right. I have gained 3.5 pounds since I started. What am I doing wrong? Oh yeah I am starving all the time even though I eat generally nutritious foods.

Any Thoughts?

tom 5 years ago

i have heard that power walking twice a day or excess power walking can make your thighs and hips fat and heavy...

is it true....?

plz help

shazaan 5 years ago

spot reduction is not possible.. by doing ab exercise u can grow ur abs bt not loose fat over it. fat is lost throughout the body no matter which part u target during an exercise.

noorjahan 4 years ago

i need help even for reducdtion of belly

Kira 4 years ago

Hi I'm 13 127 pounds and 5'5 I'm perfectly happy with my body Exept my thighs and hips HELP!

----\/--- 4 years ago

Omg sooooooooooo gayyyyy

rashmi 4 years ago

hips chude hai

steve_pt 4 years ago

im a personal trainer and for those of you who mock walking, it is actually the fastest and most effective way to lose weight.. IF YOU ARE OVERWEIGHT.

if you walk 45 mins a day you will burn 5 times the calories and fat than if you run. with running the cardio vascular system will kick in when your heart rate is greater than 130bmp ( roughly ) wich builds muscle rather than burning fat. whereas if you walk at a reasonable pace keeping the heart rate around 120bpm you are 100% in the fat burning zone. it is also important to diet and stay consistent with your exercise with rest days.

although walking is effective at losing weight, focusing on the lower abdomen and hips can best be done on an exercise bike with a propper workout. my advice..

on a regular bike resistance 1 - 10. set a timer and set resistance to 3 or 4 and warm up for 2 mins, raise resistance to 7 or 8 and sprint from 2:01 to 2:45, then return the resistance to 3 or 4 and keep peddaling slowly to recover until the timer hits 3:00. repeat process as many times as you can per session always trying to better yourself... you WILL lose weight. i have clients that pay 120 dollars a session for that workout. give it a go

Sabrina!!! 4 years ago

im in track nu tim so slow at runnung because im fat and well lets say chubby. I throw shot and discus bu twhen they say throwers go to throwing im the only girl that stands up. :(

bebo 4 years ago

heyyy thnx nice advice am gonna try this out...

karitika 4 years ago

l lose 15kg weight

Deb 4 years ago

who told you that running is bad for your feet and ankles is a quack of a doctor!!! well then every runner should be crippled up by now NOT!!!

aannny 4 years ago

thankx for advice ........i'll gone do it

Rocky 4 years ago

i am really very thin but my hips are BIG!! Thanx i'll make sure that i try out these exercises however i'm not pretty sure as i play run and walk around a great deal!

sami 4 years ago

I'm gonna try it

hiit 4 years ago

I am glad that I spoted this hub, exactly what I was searching for.

Ron from Fitness http://www.intervalstraining.net

Alysha 4 years ago

Running is a fantastic way of exercising and a long as you use the specific shoe for your feet you will have no problem. I used to run with regular Nike shoes and man did that kill my feet as well as dealing with shin splints. But after I purchased a special shoe that met to my running style I've never had any more problems. :) There even good for just normal walking.

And to the people giving this article a bad comment saying this is not true then obviously you haven't been doing your research. These pointers are great to get into shape. :)

And for those who give it try you can do it! :D

SANJAY 4 years ago

Hello, I am sanjay live in chennai,Are you interested to reduce your body weight.by taking good natural food and daily morning & evening indoor Physical exercise for 30 to 40mins.i have good tips on daily food and 7 days exercise.each day different move this will help you to reduce the body weight.Am not suggesting you that your body weight will reduce in 10days.but surly once you continue this impact you will come down within 34 days...CONTACT ME ON 8608779330. Thanks Sanjay,Mobile:8608779330

Doyle101 4 years ago

okay i haven't tried it yet so if u have advice im on every day.

and livestrong never helped me i did everything so help me.

i'm 11, strong and slim but have some hip fat

Becca 3 years ago

I swim a lot, and swimsuits clench your figure SO MUCH! I found it really awkward when I pulled my suit on, and walked out the changers with big hips. I got desperate when I met my future partner at training, so I came scouring for ways to lose the hip fat! Now I'm totally happy with how I look, and me and my partner are getting married in June. Thanks so much for the tips: they changed my life.

fitnuz freek 3 years ago

Good article, except it's redundant saying cardio will not build muscle but helps build your heart-your heart IS muscle.

amit 3 years ago

I am going to try this ...... fella .,.

dwerjk the great 2 years ago

this article is helpful try this

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