How to Tighten Your Abs

The Position.
The Position.

 Real Simple, Quick way to shed some Belly Flab.

Get on the floor in a push up position.

Place your forearms on the floor instead of your hands.

Hold yourself up in that position, REMEMBER TO BE OFF YOUR KNEES! (cheaters ;)

Hold that motion for 3 minutes. (at first, the burn will not allow this, but slowly everyday you should be able to hold it up longer)

Do this once in the morning and right before bed.

Simple as that!

 Here are some other tips on how to bust that belly fat:

Eat Breakfast every morning.

Steer clear from fast food.

Have 3 servings of Dairy products a day.

Drink lots of water.

Foods that have been proven to shed belly flab, JUST BY EATING THEM!


-Brown Rice.

-Whole Wheat Bread and Pasta.



Hope this helps. :)





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