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Job Interviews can be a scary business. The pressure is on and it's time to shape up and show yourself at your very best. This is the time to show your very best qualities and show an employer what you have to offer, and why they should hire you. This is your time to impress. For some reason that seems to scare us? But why? We think perhaps we are abnormal, worrying about something so straight forward but in fact we are not. Yes it's true that some people do just whizz through interviews, appear hugely confident throughout and never seem to batter an eye lid; let alone show any signs of nervousness. However I personally believe that these people are less believable, can come across as arrogant and clearly think that they are something special. I am sure that it depends on the employer but I am also sure that most employers want people like us - but we have to put ourselves out there to get it.

It is usually self conscious people that feel the nerves before an interview. Why do we feel those nerves? Perhaps because we really want the job or we have very expectations of ourselves. Perhaps we had a bad interview in the past that didn't go to plan or maybe we feel that our lives depend on this very moment. By allowing all of these factors to play on our mind we do in fact become more nervous, panic and do not necessarily give a good account of ourselves.

There are some important things to remember whilst being interviewed. Here are some tips, ideas, suggestions, advice and skills that will help you to be more sucessful in your interview.

  • This is not life or death, you will live to see another day and your life will be unchanged from its current position. This is not the be all and end all. Do not be afraid of dissapointment because you are then you will never get anywhere in life.
  • Do not fear rejection. If you fear rejection then you are in fact more likely to be rejected. This theory can be applied when men try to chat up a girl in a bar.
  • You are a good person and have a lot to offer. The interviewer will never see this side of you unless you show it to them.
  • Confidence can be a good thing, but arrogance is not.
  • Everybody secretly thinks that their way of acting and thinking is the correct way and therefore the interviewer will unconsciously always be looking for someone that they can relate to in one way or another. Therefore why not try to connect with the interviewer in some way - you can mirror them in they're actions or perhaps act the same way that they do.
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  • Always let the interviewer finish speaking. Do not interupt. The interviewer wants to feel in control. Put yourself in there shoes, you would want to feel that you are doing a good job whilst interviewing someone - so let them feel in control. This will make them feel more happy and less threatened about the way that interview is going. This does not mean holding back - but it does mean waiting untill it is your turn to speak.
  • Do not sit with your arms crossed throughout as it can be perceived to be negative, even if you are cold.
  • When the interviewer is talking or telling you about the job role, then you should slightly lean forward. This shows a positive interest and will work in your favour.
  • Motivate yourself before you go in. Make sure that you have a life goal. e.g. My life goal is to have own my very own fishing lake in my back garden at the back of my nice big house. If you can see your goals and aim for something positive in your future, then this alone should motivate you.
  • Get a good night sleep the night before your interview, and always dress smarty. An awake, smart dressed person is much more attractive than a sleepy scruff bag.
  • Read the tips over and over untill you are confident with each one. When you are then you will be ready to wow them in your interview.
  • You can never prepare all of the interview¬†answers before an interview, so do not worry too much if you are still unsure on some topics. However you can download sample interview questions on the internet which can help with the preparing side of things. and give you a chance at training yourself before hand.
  • Don't be shy to ask questions in the interview yourself. The HR team will impressed by this as it shows interest, and it is quite common and typical to do so.


Smart Answers to Interview Questions

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Terryandco 7 years ago Author

I hope you enjoyed the tips and ideas for interviews....

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DonnaCosmato 5 years ago from USA

Good information, thanks for sharing this.

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