Living and Breathing for Today

Upon awakening...

 oh wait a minute that's the opening to my favorite paragraph. So let me try it this way. After being rudely awaken from a sound sleep by my little furball of a dog; so she could go out for her "morning constitutional" I have that first chance in that morning walk to breathe in the wonderful morning air and feel the beginning of the warmth of the morning sun..You get to do that in southwest Florida. Here the mornings are a mix of salt air, burnt oranges (from the Tropicana orange juice plant) and a hint of crispness. Aaaahh! such a good feeling, instantly the day starts off on the right foot with a walk and breathing. Surrounded by blue skies, palm trees, and lush plants and flowers. The sound of the birds, the ducks around my complex's lake and the sound of people's days beginning. It is quite the sensory morning overload...and I would have it anyother way.

Even though I have never been a "morning person," let's face it the best thing about morning is that it is over at noon, I can appreciate the world around me. I do enjoy maybe not so much the day as I do moments. I live for moments and I try to appreciate each moment as it comes. I take in moment like I take in paintings, and music, or maybe good book.

Moment are the building blocks to a much greater story, just like the pages of a good read. Everyday has its own twists and turns...the plot thickens, maybe suspense grows...maybe its just a day of dialogue and metaphysics.  Quiet reflection laced with moments dedication.

But for everyone the day begins the same way...Upon Awakening.

The Call "Let the Day Begin"


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