My Outlook From a Disabled Mind

My outlook on life, for better and for worse, has been significantly shaped by the slings and arrows, the trials, tribulations and too many errors that have been committed upon me and which I, too, have inevitably committed as a result of my neurological deficits - a partial listing of which includes hydrocephalus (communicating), Executive Dysfunction, moderate to severe visual processing and comprehension difficulties, literal thinking, Nonverbal Learning DIsability, and low to poor memory and concentration

A bitter irony to this is that these and other deficits and affective conundra are ironically (and unamusingly!) paired with "so much potential" and "extraordinary strengths/gifts" (somebody gag me so that I may purge such superficially inept assessment). Usually these are well-meaning compliments and/or encouragement, but these are what have so often put me on the verge of screaming "ASTERISK!!!!!!*, sometimes, however, in a way that comes out a littled less tempered or R (or at least PG-13!) rated.

This duality has resulted in a lot of cynicism, scorn, the "bootstraps speech" and more - from peers, from relatives, from colleagues and from authority figures and society as a whole.

Unfortunately, this has resulted in my internalizing an "anti-intuition", an ***ACUTE*** reliance on literal expression (receptiive and communicative), and an often bitterly vindictivee cynicism, which I sometimes return with *vigor*, and mixed results. I am definitely a diamond still WAY in the rough.

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tammybarnette 4 years ago

Very interesting, I can't wait to read more from you:)

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