Nurses Needed Now and In the Future

Professional Nursing Education - Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The need for nursing is on the rise!

The projected growth in demand for nurses over the next decade outpaces the number of expected patients who need medical care. This proves the obvious need for Professional Nursing Education. As the population ages, new diseases pop up, and due to the over burdened health insurance industry in the United States, many more tasks that were traditionally performed only by physicians are being sent to those who hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Many nurses with a degree are now eligible to work in clinics, which are mostly managed entirely by nurses with a doctor on the spot if necessary. Finally, after receiving the BSN, nurses are very likely to pursue advanced educational degrees, while seeking to fill the growing demand for nurses, now and into the future.

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triplet profile image

triplet 7 years ago

Nice hub,I enjoy reading medical information. I am a registered nurse.

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