Pull-up Bars and Circuits Equipment in London Parks

A not totally comprehensive but growing list of which London parks have pull-up bars, circuits equipment, monkey bars, etcetera, for those that want to know.



  • Elthorne Park: Monkey bars, pull-up bars at different heights, bench press machine (with a fixed weight -- not sure exactly how much, but not that heavy).

       Off Beaumont Rise, Hornsey. Nearest Tube: Archway.

  • Russell Park: Gymnastic Rings (!!!) -- the only London park I’ve found that has rings.

       Off Westbury Avenue. Nearest Tube: Wood Green. 

  • Lea Valley / Springfield Park: A brilliant set of wooden monkey bars with nice height and good smooth dowel grips. Three sizes of pull-up bar, but the highest is still kind of low for an adult -- you'll have to pull up your legs to be able to dead hang. There's a sort of obstacle course thing too, but that's probably more for the kids... so go early and have it to yourself.

       Off Spring Hill, HackneyNearest Tube: Manor House.

  • Victoria Park: They've got some shiny new circuits equipment (about time!) -- pull-up bars (two heights, nice bar width), low parallel bars for dips and whatever else you can manage, two poles (I guess for climbing?), plus some hurdles and a balance beam.

       Off Victoria Park Road. Nearest Tube: Bethnal Green. 

  • Primrose Hill: One of the oldest outdoor circuit areas. Pull-up, dip and monkey bars. Obstacle course stuff too.

       Off Prince Albert Road. Nearest Tube: Chalk Farm

  • Queen's Park: Pull-up bars, dip bars, and benches for sit-ups.

       Off Harvist Road. Nearest Tube: Queen's Park


  • Castlenau Recreation Ground: Hmm. Hmmm. The council says there's a Sports Point here, but when I lived near I walked down and couldn't find anything. Supposedly the Point is a circle of gym-style workout stations -- bars, press machines, an inclined table (for sit-ups?), a station for forearm-supported leg lifts, etcetera. Check it out if you like.

       Off Barnes Avenue, Richmond. Nearest Tube: Hammersmith.

  • Kneller Gardens: This is another one where Richmond Council are claiming there are facilities, but I haven't checked. Apparently there's a FitPoint -- which is like a smaller version of the mythical Sports Point with a lat machine and some bars for pull-ups, etcetera.

       Off Meadway Road. Nearest Tube: Hounslow Central.

  • Hatherhop Park: As with Kneller Gardens.

       Off Broad Lane. Nearest Tube: Hounslow Central. 

  • Battersea Park: Popular with the parkour kids, Battersea has pull-up and parallel bars, balance beams, and a gold Buddha sitting atop a peace pagoda (no, really).

       Off Albert Bridge Road. Nearest Tube: Vauxhall. 

  • Wandsworth Common: Has a spread out circuit trail (hope you like running...) with pull-up bars, ab-benches and beams.

       Off Trinity Road. Nearest Tube: Balham. 

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Aaron 6 years ago

For those in the Docklands Area - Millwall Park (close to Manchester Road) has pretty decent circuit facilities. 'Monkey rings' - solid metal rings arranged like monkey bars (but on a slight curve). A couple of pull up bars. An incline bench for sit ups. Parallel Bar (although this isn't great as its pretty narrow and the bar itself is a bit too girthy for most grips I expect.

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thespacesbetween 6 years ago from London Author

Only been to Millwall Park once -- at night, when you don't really want to hang around. Will check it out in daylight hours next time I'm close by; monkey equipment is my favourite.

luka 6 years ago

is there any in cetral london like near high street kensington

Bones66 6 years ago

West London. There's dip bars and some gym stations in North Acton Playing Fields next to the tennis courts. No pullup bars although at certain times like early morning when no one is around you can use monkey bars in the nearby children's playground.

mike 5 years ago

all the comments are quite old but if you ever update this page, then a few parks you haven't picked up yet are:

archbishop park, Waterloo - one of the better ones; rings, parallels, straight bar

Weavers field, bethnal green - pull ups, parallels, monkeys on a trail round the outside of the park

Kennington park, oval - parallels, good pullups, monkeys; good park

burgess park (i hear rumour there is one here, tbc)

Kilburn grange park, kilburn - parallels, ish pull ups, all those shitty body weight machines

paddington recreation ground - (havent' been personally)

Any central? 5 years ago

Are there any in central London, maybe Hyde Park?

fuck yourself miserable idiots 4 years ago

camden has open air "gyms" with just about anything that is useless... but they cant have one decent pull up bar....their shitty bars are too low, too narrow, and, sure enough, they have deliberately made it impossible to swing, lift knees, do anything but straight dull pull up (or the bit of it....cause the "bars" are total shit)

artois 4 years ago

You'd think with the olympics they'd up the amount of jungle gyms in London. Be great if every park had at least chin up and dip bars.

MrToropov 4 years ago

are there any pull up bars near enfield?

Jon 3 years ago

Copthall, the fields to the west of the stadium, between Hendon and Mill Hill. They are renewing the circuit after it fell into disrepair. The pullup bars and parallel bars are available. Pullup bars are at the south west corner of the western mown field, near the underpass from Sunny Hill Park.

Ras Tankara (on facebook) 3 years ago

kenton recreation ground - far north west london - walking distance from harrow on the hill station - northwick park station and kenton station - mite need to get directions from google map - has 3 pull up bars low / mid / high, dips bars monkey bars and so on - all in very good condition - i think i'm the only person who uses them seriously - i've never seen or herd of anyone doing a even a pull up on them - people often ask what i'm doing and why when i do muscle ups on them - i live in the flats behind the park and train there daily - the bars are on the other side to the shitty outdoor gym - if you cant find ask where the kids park is as the bars on located on the childrens park - i train there either 1st thing in the morning or just before it gets dark most days.

Ras Tankara (on facebook) 3 years ago

Also Linford Christie Stadium, is awesome and has everything you need for a decent bar workout plus has the added bonus of a wide pull up bar which is why its worth a visit as most in london are a but narrow (the pull up bar alone ranks it up there with Primrose Hill for me) - walking distance from the following rail stations - east acton, north acton, ladbroke grove, latimer road, white city, kensal gren, westbourne park.

Jason Doggett 3 years ago

I've created an online map of London's outdoor bar parks and trim trails (some of which are listed above, some are not) with clear photos and directions. It's free resource and its here: http://www.muddyplimsolls.com/outdoor-fitness/

I hope you find it useful. Jason

sergio 2 years ago

anyone knows where to find parallel bars around colindale/hendon?

Ninja Warrior UK 2 years ago

There is a Trim Trail at Barnet Copthall stadium not too far from Hendon/Colindale which is mentioned above. Enfield has Trent Park trim trail, separate stations with 3 chin up bars, parallels, monkey bars, rope climb, cargo net and hurdles.

Damjannich 2 years ago

do anyone know any place with bars and etc near Kingston upon Thames or New Malden in London ?

GregY 2 years ago

And same question from Greenwich / Charlton area , any thing in here ?

Luke 2 years ago

@Ras Tankara. I live near Harrow recreation Ground, searching for pull up bars. I may join the Kenton one. Is there a soft ground or all concrete? Cheers


Gul Muhammad Taherani 2 years ago

Any parks near Angel station or old street station??

JD 2 years ago

Highgate woods, nr highgate tube. Has 3 pull up bars differing heights and 1 low parallel bars. All nr cricket nets in central clearing. There are also a few body weight exercise machines.

Na 21 months ago

The one in Kneller Gardens isn't worth visiting, it is tiny and very run down - the facilities don't work properly and it is basically rubbish!

Dan The Lion 21 months ago

Hi guys, do you know of a bar park in the Isleworth / syon lane area? Thanks!

Ryan 18 months ago

Hey All - anyone know of any near London Bridge or Tower Bridge in SE1

Tom 8 months ago

The Castleneu bars are definitely there, really good range of equipment too!

Wes 6 months ago

On the outskirts of London One of the best outdoor equipment like primose hill similar in spec ive seen is at the bushey sports club football ,cricket ground just off aldenham road ,and no one uses it ,monkey bars dips everything you need for free and a lot newer than most parks

Rolfen 5 months ago

Imperial Park around Sands End / Imperial Wharf (SW6). Small but nice park with nice monkey bars. You might have to share, which is OK.

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