Purple Haze Daze.


Purple haze daze into a black mist


In those
Purple haze
Jimmie's hero
was a foxy lady
a heroin
so to speak
she powdered his nose
so often
that he finally injected
her into his
mainline of work
never fretting
he bled
electric squeals
in riffs
that rocked the world
he rode the guitar
slung over it
like shooting star
headbanded and
headlined often
but headed to
an early grave
the music
into a new dimension
that changed
the way rock
rolled forever
but then
he Jimmied
the lock on life
and got caught
breaking and entering
death's door
far too soon
purple haze
days turned into
a tourniquet
and then a
a black mist
the needle went
into the groove
as the swan song
played a sad tune
about a phsychedelic place
where Hendrix
no longer exists

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