Sprinting Interval Training: Burn Fat In The Morning

Out of the many exercise programs out there, a sprinting interval training program is one of the best fat burning exercises if not, the best to burn body fat. Sprinting is not recommended for everybody. First, you must be able to sprint at your weight. If you have excess body fat and you want to burn fat, start my sprinting interval training. All it takes is discipline and hard work. I recommend this sprinting training to my friend and his belly fat is gone. You can do it too. It's not easy, but it's also not hard. I can walk you through my program step by step. Lets begin!

Why Sprinting?

I've tried many training exercises to burn fat. The best method I've discovered is interval sprinting training. There is a precise formula to this. Once you get the mathematics correct, you will see positive results in no time. First, you must do this in the morning on an empty stomach. Every morning, you must pick yourself up early and be ready to sprint. There's a reason for this. When you wake up in the early morning, your body is fasting and in energy "storage" mode. By sprinting in the morning, you "trick" your body into burning excess body fat. This method is the quickest way to get lean. Getting up in the morning to sprint is the toughest part. I have a few tricks that work for me. When you first wake up, don't just lay on your bed. Most people lay in bed for a few minutes to an hour. When you first feel conscious, sit on the edge of your bed. By doing this, you force your heart to work harder because sitting up invokes the force of gravity on your blood. After sitting up for a minute or two, you will feel ready to get up. Getting up is the hardest part. Do not waste time in your bed. Wake up. Sit up. Then get up. Do it in this order and prepare for my next step.

Let's Begin!

Are you awake and ready to get beaten up? This first time will be the hardest. A good way to get motivated is to grab an mp3 player like the Sansa Fuze and put on some fast paced beats. Go outside and get ready. Now you must sprint. Your neighborhood will different than mines so I will generalize. Make sure you set a goal. Set a small goal for now but don't be afraid to push your body. Sprint 1 entire block. Sprint all the way to the end of the street and back. Remember to sprint. Do not run or jog. This is not a cardiovascular exercise. This is a high intensity fat burning exercise. You will be sweating. If you are not sweating, you are not running fast enough. Running and jogging builds endurance. Sprinting burns excess body fat. Your heart and lungs will work extremely hard to pump blood throughout your body and replenish your muscles with oxygen. Remember I said you must sprint on an empty stomach? If you have no food in your stomach, guess what your body uses as fuel? That's right, you guessed it. Fat. By sprinting in the morning with no fuel in your system, you "trick" your body into burning "storage". In this case, fuel storage is fat. Remember to never let up when you sprint. If you sprint all the way down the street, be sure to sprint all the way back. This is why I said to set your goals small for now. Test your limits with small goals. Once these small goals are accomplished, you can then challenge yourself by sprinting farther. If getting up in the morning is the hardest step, you can't fail now. Here's something to consider. Why get up early to sprint and fail? If you are getting up and sprinting, you shouldn't bother getting up at all. Do it right the first time and you will be rewarded in the future. No shortcuts here, just a fast fat burning workout.

Common Problems

Most people share some common problems when they first start sprinting regularly. The most common problem is shortness of breath. You will likely have this problem when you first start sprinting. There is a breathing technique that I use in boxing that I sometimes use in sprinting. First, I focus on breathing out, not breathing in. It takes less energy to breath out than breathing in. When you breath out, you automatically breath in. Try it right now. Make a sharp fast breath out. Sometimes I make noises like, "Seh!, Show!, Heh!, and Etsuh!" These noises help my breath control and also provide me with a hormonal boost. Making loud noises or screams increase testosterone and makes your punches harder and more focused. Likewise, I can adapt these noises for running. I can increase my mental drive and sprint intensively by making these noises. You do not have to make these noises when you run, you can simply work on breathing out. When you rest, take deep breaths in and take them slowly. When you sprint focus on breathing out and time them with your step. Breath out every other step. The more your breathe out, the more you breathe in.

Another common problem is pain in the gut. This indicates a weak abdomen. Most people describe this as a sharp, shooting pain in the side of their stomach. This is an indication of the abs ripping and tearing. Your abs will rebuild stronger than before. This is very common. This pain in the gut and shortness of breath is common. When you are sprinting very hard, these two problems alone can stop you in your tracks. Push yourself and find your limits. You must train hard but you must not kill yourself. Remember this.

The last problem some people have is a symptom I like to call, "jello legs". After an intense sprint, their legs may start to feel very weak. So weak that it becomes hard just to stand up. Visually, this is the problem when people say, "he has no legs". This happens when there is not enough oxygen and/or fuel feeding your leg muscles. Your body then converts glucose(sugar) into lactic acid. This is the sting sensation you feel when you work out too hard. A common misconception most people have is that lactic acid is a waste by-product implemented by your body to tell you to stop. In fact, lactic acid is a fuel. Lactic acid burns very fast and professional athletes learn to "train through the pain". That pain is caused by lactic acid and training through it is very possible. If it wasn't possible, professional athletes wouldn't be able to go further. You can do it you you are capable. When you first start, take it step by step. Build up to where you can sprint for 2 blocks straight.


You finished your first day of training. Congratulations! What now? Don't stop now. This fat burning exercise is very effect. Take pictures of yourself shirtless every day before your sprint. I guarantee that you will see good result after a week and if you follow this for a month, you will be a believer just like I was. I follow this exercise if I want to lean up. Weight loss training is mostly mental. If you do not have the will to get up and work on it, you fail from the start. Think about it this way, if you won't even try this exercise, you've wasted your time reading this article. Don't let my personal experience and knowledge be a waste, get up and do it! Like always, fight hard and train hard!

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jonas mitchell 6 years ago

Awesome article. This really does work (I know from experience) like nothing else. Plus, it's exercise humans are meant to do.

Miami Heat 2011 NBA champions 6 years ago

I have been doing something similar. I run for 10-15 minutes at 7mph, then walk 10 minutes at 3mph. I do three intervals of this.

I have been losing weight and inches. Is "running-walking intervals" as effective as sprinting intervals?

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 6 years ago from New England Author

There is a new "trend" going on with running. 10 seconds of jogging and 10 seconds of sprinting. I've tried it and it's very difficult. The run-walk intervals you do is not as effective as sprinting intervals. You have to try it to know what I mean. I can comfortable jog 6-8 miles but I cannot run as easy 1 mile. Same thing for sprinting. It's immensely more difficult to sprint the same distance as you jog or walk.

Whatever it may be, if you are losing inches, you are on the right path. Congratulations! Most people talk the talk, but don't walk to walk.

To answer your question. No. Sprinting intervals is more effective for your body, lungs and heart.

denis 6 years ago

sprinting and swimming are the best exercises!

james 5 years ago

Are you trying to kill me ? I mean seriously how can you expect me to sprint at my age ? I find what works best is slow jogging & besides people would think I'm nuts sprinting up & down the block as suggested. Can we sprint on a trend mill or by lifting weights or by swimming ?

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 5 years ago from New England Author

I don't know how old you are james but sprinting interval training is a proven way to burn fat fast. I've done it and while I am not overweight, I have gotten really lean as a result. Swimming would be the next best thing on your list. You can sprint on a treadmill but I personally don't like them. They seem very unsafe to me. Lifting weights builds muscle. The point of sprinting is to burn fat and strengthen your heart. Hope this helps.

janelgui 5 years ago

So you have to do this EVERY morning to achieve fat loss. But how many sprints do you have to do each morning?

Do you only sprint to the end of the block and sprint back? Or do you do certain repetitions? Also, how long of a break do you take between sprinting down the block and sprinting back?

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 5 years ago from New England Author

yes, every morning and you will SEE a difference. Sprint both ways. If you must take a break, take a 30 second break. You will realize how little time that is. What want to achieve is shocking your body to burn the store fat before the glycogen. This is why I don't like jogging as much. Sprinting the same distance burns way more fat and it also help strengthen your heart.

Janelgui 5 years ago

So sprinting two blocks in total every morning is all you need? That shouldn't be too hard.

Janelgui 5 years ago

I've officially tried sprinting in the morning for a week now. I don't think it's working. I don't think you theory works. How do you know the body is not burning muscle instead of fat. Fat is usually the last resource that body draws. Moreover, the storage of glycogen in your body can last for days. It takes at least two days for your glycogen storage to deplete. So there's no way that your body is depleted of glycogen just over night. and be careful you may get hypoglycemia working out in the morning on an empty stomach.

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 5 years ago from New England Author

Janelgui, I've been doing this when I was 170lbs. I'm at 145 lbs at the moment. I've had no issue with muscle. I hear that a lot from people and it hasn't been the case with me. I am involved in a sport that takes enormousness amounts of energy, boxing. Sprinting in the morning is the closest thing I've found to the intensity of the sport. Jane, I mention that you must shock your body into burning the immediate fat.

Here's an idea. Ever wondered how much glycogen is stored in your body? Most of the glycogen store in your body is in your legs. They have about 2-3 times the mass of your arms. take about 30 minutes to do jumping squats. All the way down, and with great intensity, jump high in the air. 40 reps(or however much you can). Then 30, then 25, 20, etc. Do this until failure (where you can't physically do anymore). Do at LEAST 4 SETS. If you do it right, your legs will feel like jelly for about a day. Where else would your body get energy? Working out is not easy. And diet and exercise go hand in hand. I'm sorry it did not work for you but it has helped my get ripped. 145 for someone my height is lean. I'm still working at it(for more defined abs). Everybody is different and if this doesn't work for you, no need beating yourself. BTW, I am a very strong, 25 year old male about 5' 8".

I have never imagined sprinting in the morning NOT work for people. It has always given me a huge sweat. It is also a much different feeling than sprinting after a meal. Thanks for sharing your story. Please use me as a frame of reference. I don't JUST sprint, I do other exercises too but it has definitely helped.

Jane 5 years ago

Wait, you sweat? How many blocks do you sprint? Do you sprint down and back multiple times (4-5 times)?

I sprinted as fast as I can for one round, but there's no sweat. Only extremely out of breath.

I didn't find this to burn fat for me. However, I still recommend people to do this every morning. It's the best thing to wake you up. After the sprint, you'll be energized and ready to start your day!

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 5 years ago from New England Author


You bet I sweat! I pour buckets. I use to sprint back and forth 3-5 sets, depending on how late I slept. 1 set is a round trip(down and back). The thing is, I usually don't sweat when I'm sprinting. It's when I stop, that's when I feel it beading down my head and back.

Seasons are changing and it's getting a bit colder here so I mainly do other workouts now (I hate the cold).

Sprinting is like jumping(squat jumps). It take tremendous energy to do either. If you are sprinting, and you don't sweat, you're probably not sprinting. No heel-strikes, feet to butt, and don't cross your arms when you pump. To me, that's sprinting. Thanks again, Jane!

Jason 5 years ago

How long does this sprint interval last?

bryan 5 years ago

Hey, do you suggest i eat something before I run these intervals?

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 5 years ago from New England Author


very quick depending on how fast you are. I am not sure on the specific time but usually under a minute.


I am not a morning eater, meaning I don't usually eat when I wake up. It gives me stomach problems. However if your are a morning eater, I suggest either you wait until you had you sprints or eat, then wait at least 30 minutes before you start. That way, you won't upset your stomach or possible vomit. Anyone who has ever worked out after eating knows the feeling. Thanks.

Los 5 years ago

I just started sprinting amazing, I think I lost about five pounds in five days. Definition is starting to show, good luck to everyone that's starts the program..

simranjeet 4 years ago

Excellent article, well written apparently by someone who has experience. I personally feel that on alternate days one should do sprint/ high intensity workout and low intensity long duration workout so that body can recover and different body movements occur. Eg. Sprints one day (40minutes off and on) and walk the other (continuously for 1hour30minutes).

Luciano 4 years ago

Great article, I am doing this program Im 19year old boxer 147 weight class Golden Gloves is in a 6 days I might have 2pounds to loose, My question is Doing these sprints in the morning. and running at night (like 3miles) will be over training or is the whole day to rest okay.

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 4 years ago from New England Author

Luciano, I box too, but not as seriously as you. I get really into it in the summer. If I were you, I wouldn't run that far this close to fight night. If you can run a 5 minute mile, you are in fighting shape. You should definitely get some rest a few days before your fights. If you do the sprint in the morning and run your 5 min mile in the evening, I think that's all you need. Running 3 miles is not that bad but running a mile in 5 min is much harder and it will train your lungs better for your fight. Good luck!

subhajit 4 years ago

hi set all set i love ur article and after reading ur article i started sprinting on next day nd i sweat a lot does that mean its burning fat??? i do it regularly!!!pls comment

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 4 years ago from New England Author

hi subhajit,

the idea behind interval training is to pump up your body so that it is heating up and "working" while you are off. Thing about it this way. If you sprint 1 minute on, 1 minute off resting, you will notice that your body is also getting "hot" while you are resting/walking. This is more effective that simple "jogging" for 2 minutes.

To answer your question, no. Just because you're sweating doesn't necessarily mean you are burning fat. Your body tends to burn off the instant energy it has first. This is usually from carbs. The idea of sprinting in the morning is so you are targeting the "reserves" (fat). When you sleep, you fast. This means you don't eat(carbs). When people wake up, they usually eat breakfast. Get it? Break-Fast. The idea behind this is you sprint before you eat so you force your body to burn more fat than carbs.

Petal765 4 years ago

Hi there;) Have a few questions for you! Would it be ok to have a few cups of coffee before performing these sprints? Just to wake up a bit? ;) Also, I did swimming sprints yesterday which were pretty hard as well. Would it be alright to alternate my days between running sprints and swimming sprints for variety? Also, how long should each running sprint interval last? I have been sprinting 30 seconds, and walking a minute, 6-8 times. Do you think that is effective enough??Thank you so much!! Excited to get started with this;)!!

Petal765 4 years ago

I performed 7 intervals of 30 second sprinting with one minute walking in between. I was pretty exhausted, but it only took about 15 or 20 minutes. Am I doing enough to burn fat? Thank you!

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 4 years ago from New England Author


yes, it's fine to take a stimulant like coffee. Lots of people do that pre-workout. That's a great start! You are doing fine. Just stay consistent. most people think that if they workout once or twice, they'll see results. Don't fall into that trap. You will be disappointed. Fitness is a lifestyle change. Sorry, I can't tell you if you are doing "enough". Everybody is different. One thing to keep in mind is to change it up once in a while. try jumping ropes and doing intervals of double unders. Sometimes, doing one thing over and over will get you bored.

Petal765 4 years ago

Oh absolutely. I exercise everyday...not just once or twice a week, so I definitely put my time in. Ive always been an avid runner, but haven't seen results in years. I have been wanting to try something different, so I am giving sprinting a whirl. I am on day 2, and already feel changes in my legs and tummy. I will probably do swimming sprints over the weekend. I also want to try the Insanity workout. Have you heard of it? What are your thoughts? Thank you!!

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 4 years ago from New England Author

I'm a big fan of Insanity. My sister bought it and we have a challenge. I get six pack abs by august and she gets down to 126lbs. The loser buys the winner lobster dinner :).

I have a friend that has been a runner for years but when I see him run, I'm very critical of his form. He's more of a "jogger" than a runner and he regularly participates in marathon style events. The heel-strikes are what I don't like. Sprinting forces you to use to mid to fore foot which stretches out your calf muscles. Also, the jogging-style of running is lazy IMO. Going at your own pace is fine but getting really fit requires hard core work. Work that is anaerobic.

Want to see how fit your really are? Run a sub 6 min mile. Or if your are up for a heavier challenge, run 1.5 mile in sub 10 min 30 sec. I haven't tested my mile in a while but I've done the latter. Be warned, it's hard.

Petal765 4 years ago

I am still doing the 30 second (8 reps) interval sprints, which is getting harder and harder everyday..but I love it! I am a little sore, but is so worth it. I haven't weighed myself yet, but I definitely feel more toned and my clothes feel better..I am anxious to see how I look at the end of the month. Not sure if I could do a six minute mile as of yet. I will probably order insanity soon as well. What do you think of swimming sprints? Thank you!

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 4 years ago from New England Author

Sorry for the late reply. I have to admit that I don't know how to swim! Been trying to learn last summer but stopped due to cooling weather. I must say, when I was learning, it was TOUGH. Certainly a strange kind of workout. I have low body fat so it's tougher for me to stay afloat in the water, and insulation is tougher. Not only that, but I felt a "weird" kind of fatigue afterwards. And HUNGER! I will say from my limited experience that it's a tough workout. You have to be eating tons of carbs if you can swim like Phelps.

steve 4 years ago

I'm just wondering what you are supposed to do after sprinting. Such as what foods to eat, how long to wait to eat after your done sprinting, and if it is bad or not to do high intensity weight training later in the day.

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 4 years ago from New England Author

I usually prep a protein shake before my workouts because I use a blender to mix it and it's usually not as cold as I'd like. I take the shake with a meal. Well balanced, some carbs and meat. Some people say that diet is more important. I'd have to disagree. I eat anything, especially fast foods and I've never had any "real" problems staying in shape. This depends on the individual though. I've talked to people that gain lots of weight if they eat. One thing I do is eat only when I'm hungry. I don't snack. I find that people who eat on leisure tend to have problems with weight gain.

For me, I don't worry about what, or when to eat. I only eat when I'm hungry and I only eat 'til I'm full. I don't stuff myself. Now, I find myself getting full easily and I'm happy with that.

steve 4 years ago

I'm about 5'10" and 180 lbs but I would like to gain muscle as well as lose the fat along the way. I lift almost 5-6 times a week and I'm pretty muscular as it is but I would like to maintain this muscle while at the same time lose the excess body fat . I really don't wanna lose that much weight tho . Do you think this is the exercise for me?

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 4 years ago from New England Author

Steve, pretty much all body builders would tell you that it's possible but only with cycling. This exercise will help you lose fat but it's more for toning and the later part of what you are trying to do.

MasterChief 4 years ago

Ok I have read alot of articles that say a glass of chocalate milk is the best post workout drink, because of its protein too carbohydrate ratio. Now I know this is true but is it ok to drink it after these sprints?

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 4 years ago from New England Author

i don't know you specifically(your body type), but i assume it would be fine. too many people focus on diet and whilethat is important, i never question what to put into my body. i think that should be common sense. In fact, i like to have a cup of iced cofee, black with a little sugar,to finish off my workout. i find the caffeine helps with blood flow

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 4 years ago from New England Author

i don't know you specifically(your body type), but i assume it would be fine. too many people focus on diet and whilethat is important, i never question what to put into my body. i think that should be common sense. In fact, i like to have a cup of iced cofee, black with a little sugar,to finish off my workout. i find the caffeine helps with blood flow

Hamze 3 years ago

It's not the sprinting/interval training that gets people lean, it's the performance. When you're one of the best sprinters in your city, it's very hard to get fat.

You don't need a special diet to get to 12 percent bodyfat being ridiculously fast. Also, weight training helps improve sprinting performance. Also makes it easier to get leaner. So, the best training program should get you to 12 percent bodyfat at which point maintaining that comes down to "don't eat so much". Which makes sense. You overeat, get worse at something simplistic like pullups, sprinting performance goes down, and you get fatter.

Going from 12 to 10 percent bodyfat and improving sprinting performance for the average trainee at the same time will come down to sleep and diet. You already got the training covered, you just gotta get the sleep and diet part down.

If you're trying to get to 9 percent bodyfat, you pretty much don't give 2 figs about sprint performance, so do w/e you want. You don't deserve to be fast if you're restricting fruit.

Sam 3 years ago

Great article. I used to to sprint on the treadmill 3-4 times and do a lot of strengthening exercises afterwards. Amazing results, leaner and more defined in just three months! I went broke:-), couldn't pay gym now I sprint outdoors in the park, its even more intense and tiring. I recommend sprinting for anyone looking to be in shape fast (of course don't forget the diet, low carb, low fat, lots of water)

Lily 9 months ago

Is it alright to sprint at night? I know it's recommended to workout in the mornings, but it's hard to find the time in the A.M.

Jamie 9 months ago

Will this help burn belly fat?

Travis 8 months ago

Does this help lose love handles?

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