The Effects of Cosmetics and Perfumes on our Body Health

Nowadays most of our people are using variety of cosmetics, makeup things, such as Moisturizers, Lipsticks, Lotions, Face creams, Shampoos, Shaving Creams, Deodorants, Hair Dyes and etc.,. It is true that some people who are sensitive to those things will be affected in varied levels. The Allergens present in them are the main cause for the allergy. Phthalates, Acrylamine, Formaldehyde and Ethylene Oxide are some chemicals present in the cosmetics act as Allergens. They are the things which cause an allergic reaction in our human body. The immune system in our human body wrongly recognizes, only in some cases, them as 'dangerous' or 'foriegn' and create the allergic condition in our body. Paraphenylenediamine presents in the hair dyes causes severe allergic condition of skin with itching and swelling. Sometimes the condition may need higher treatment to over come the situation according to the sensitivity of the people. Some ingredients of Face creams are making giddiness, vomiting and lack of sleep. It is fact that many people are so innocent about these side effects that they are not able to find out the real cause of their health problems.

It is no doubt to say that beauty means good health. But some of the harmful synthetic cosmetics containing various chemicals affect the body health and the beauty of many persons who are hypersensitive to those things. Sometimes Face creams are working reversely to some persons and totally spoil the natural previous beauty. It is very important to select our toilet soap. Our total body health is susceptible to be affected by the toilet soap which may cause allergy to us. The allergy of toilet soap may cause lack of sleep and briskless feeling.

Perfumes are mixtures of Essential oils, Aroma compounds, Fixatives and Solvents. These are available in both synthetic and natural forms. They emit and diffuse a fragrant odour. The odour of any perfume should be carefully noted whether it suits our health or not. Many people are seriously affected by the odour of the perfumes. Some people are feeling irritation on their eyes, severe head ache,vomiting and giddiness. The state of allergy with the fragrances of perfumes is known as Eczema which is commonly found as itchy and inflammed skin rash, Contact Dermatitis.

Most of the manufacturers of the perfumes are using Ethanol to fill the fragrances into it. The people who are allergic to the perfumes are also and really allergic to the Ethanol found in the products. People having perfumery allergy should avoid themselves getting into the atmosphere filled in with the smell of fragrances.

Many Hindu people are burning incense sticks in their pooja rooms and temples. Generally no problems are arising with the good quality of incense sticks. But the burning of some sticks are causing severe allergic conditions to the people who are sensitive against such things. So the people should avoid the burning of those sticks which make undesirable effects to the neighbours and also to themselves.

Growing children, Old and Sick people may be seriously affected by the strong odour of the fragrances of the perfumes. Keeping in mind the importance of our and other's health we should be very careful in selecting the perfumes and cosmetic things in our life. Pure and natural air is always better than one adultrated with those things.

Some Treatments needed to overcome the Infections by the odour of Cosmetics and Perfumes

Besides the skin irritations, severe head ache and sleeplessness, our body is susceptible to be affected by the infection of bacteria and yeast by the allergic conditions created by the odour of both Cosmetics and Perfumes. Asthmatic persons who may feel severe breathing and wheezing problems need some relevant antibiotics like Ampicillin or Amoxycillin in the strength of 250 mg accompanied with anti allergic medicines like Cetrizine 10 mg and Salbutamol 2 mg. To get rid of sleeplessness due to the smell of fragrances some people need Antibiotics with Ibuprofen tablets in the strength of 200 mg which is combined with mild dose of B complex vitamins. The affected children need relevant doses of Antibiotics according to their age. Skin irritations can be cured by the intake of anti allergic medicines like Cetrizine 10 mg, Hydroxyzine hydrochloride in the strength of 25 or 10 mg. Clotrimazole+Beclomethasone cream can be applied with the intake of prevoiusly said Antibiotics ( Ampicillin and Amoxycillin ) to get rid of skin irritations caused by the allergy of Cosmetics and Perfumes.

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prems4u profile image

prems4u 8 years ago from KERALA Cochin

but still i love cosmetics

monitor profile image

monitor 8 years ago from The world.

THis artcile really makes me think about cosmetics. Wow.

Your fan.


ratnaveera profile image

ratnaveera 8 years ago from Cumbum Author

Dear Prems, You can love those things until you have no problems with them.

ratnaveera profile image

ratnaveera 8 years ago from Cumbum Author

Dear monitor, Thanks for visiting my Hub. I am also added to your club. We can use cosmetics and perfumes after finding no allergy symptoms.

arpit saxena 8 years ago

this article has helped me a lot in doin my project work so "Thanks Ratneveera"!!!!!!

arpit saxena 8 years ago

this article has helped me a lot in doin my project work so "Thanks Ratneveera"!!!!!!

ratnaveera profile image

ratnaveera 8 years ago from Cumbum Author

Dear Saxena, Thanks for visiting this Hub! and best wishes to get completed your project successfully!

profile image

GLORY 8 years ago

You have provided good facts about the ill effects of cosmetics and perfumes,but I think natural and herbal cosmetics and perfumes are safer to use.

profile image

GLORY 8 years ago

You have provided good facts about the ill effects of cosmetics and perfumes,but I think natural and herbal cosmetics and perfumes are safer to use.

ratnaveera profile image

ratnaveera 8 years ago from Cumbum Author

Yes! you are absolutely right Glory! The natural form of perfumes are the gifts to mankind. They will never show any side effect.

sime profile image

sime 8 years ago from pakistan

lot information in your article.

sime profile image

sime 8 years ago from pakistan

lot of information in your article.

loly n candy 7 years ago

i luv to do makeup..these articles still didn't change my opinion about cosmetics

Edith 7 years ago

Thank you i don't use cosmetics anymore

midnightbliss profile image

midnightbliss 7 years ago from Hermosa Beach

there's no problems with cosmetics if you don't have allergies with them, but there are some kind of cosmetis that are essential for our hygiene.

Miss Isolinx 7 years ago

Hi Admin!!!

Thanx for best and unique info to protect my skin and to promote beuty........ Thanx again

aliasgar 7 years ago

i think it is better not to use cosmetics and damage our health it is not going to help us in any way. it is not going to make us fair and all this is just rubbish.its better to stay in the world like how god as send us and ur acticle is really true

awesomeness79 profile image

awesomeness79 7 years ago from UK

I love perfume but have to be careful what I wear, as like you mentioned, if a perfume is too strong, then I get a headache for hours! Great hub!


DONOT use cosmetics. Be happy with whst God has gifted you.

1234 7 years ago

thanku sooo much for this information...

IrA 6 years ago

Hi ratnaveera.Thx for the article.It had help me in my project work.:)

jordan 6 years ago

this articlae has helped me a bunh in my essay writing...THANKKK YOOOOOOUUUUUU!!!

won castle 6 years ago

i don't now what is the right thing about the cosmetics but someday the right cosmetics well be sow........

Nandini.R 6 years ago

thank u ratnaveera, nice article.

Nandarani 6 years ago

I was in search of such an article. Most of the people are unaware of the harms caused by the cosmetics and the perfumes. I would love to see that synthetic perfumes are totally banned. I remember the very small bottle of "Attar" that my father used to buy in India. Mild and nice smell. Pure oil of pure flowers. It never caused any problems.

yoyo 6 years ago

wwooooo....nice articleeee

Woody 5 years ago

It's like smoking in public. Some people have died because of this incondiderate use of cosmetic disguise,

I have just returned from being hospitalized by someone else's use of these products and boarded the bus on which i was travelling. Too late!! I got his snd her whiffs and I had to call and ambulance. An aplogy is too late.

Rajul Jain 5 years ago

nice ......

El smak 5 years ago

Your topics on costmetics are very educative.

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