The Best Exercises

Playing With Pets

Anyone who has ever owned a pet, understands how much they give back to us. We might not always appreciate chasing them around the yard while trying to train them to "come" and "stay", or having to climb trees and hop fences to rescue them. That doesn't make their efforts any less important.

There are also a few studies already out in the internetherworld, covering the subject of exercises that are the best for us, and walking your dog twice a day, is on that list.

You'll get extra health gaining and pound losing points for playing tug-o-war with your puppy, petting your purring feline and teaching your parrot how to talk. These exercises are heart healthy, mentally enhancing and even spiritually enriching.


Everything from digging up your plot to pruning your hedges, counts as a worthy exercise. As an added bonus, most garden related exercises are easy to moderate exercises. You'll definitely sweat from spring till fall, but you won't have to worry about over-stressing yourself on your workout.

On top of the physical work, science has already proven that gardening helps to improve mental acuity, lower stress levels and help you connect with the world around you.

Playing With Your Kids

If you're looking for a more strenuous workout, you might try playing with your kids. Play sports, play at parks, go to the zoo, take nature walks or even just have a fun game of chase around the yard. Any activity that includes active play, is a good for you physically and great for everyone mentally. Not to mention all that quality time well spent with your family.

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