The Bipolar Experience of the Written Word

The Pain of Bipolar Disorder

No, you can't just pull yourself out of it-

seek help

Paper bound in dark dusty jacket

Pungent smell of mold spots

Stagnant news; reruns of all that has gone before



Dark, numbing, sour

Slowly read - missed a line - concentrate

Blurry grey letters jumble randomly

An invalid opinion, a dull tale

Attention drifts

Shelved long before the last page,

The life story ends here


The Infinite Pleasure of Bipolar Disorder

Joy is great, but be aware of too much joy-

Seek help

Paper bound in brightly coloured sleeve

Crisp clean new, sharp

Amazing news; the world shines with possibility



Glowing, stimulating, sweet

Quickly read – absorbed - assimilated

Sharp black letters flow in ordered lines

An insightful lecture, a novel point of view

Attention gripped

Shelved only after the last drop of ink

The life story begins here


Thanks to all the friends, family, colleagues and other care-givers that support us in understanding our inconsistent view of the world.


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FloraBreenRobison profile image

FloraBreenRobison 5 years ago

Beautiful poetry. I believe that Carrie Fisher has written a book -or more- than one book-about her experience with bipolar disorder.

catsimmons profile image

catsimmons 5 years ago from Mission BC Canada Author

Thanks Flora :-)

I should read some Carrie Fisher, she's such an interesting person.

mirror_eyes profile image

mirror_eyes 5 years ago from north Texas

Very touching, very well written, and an excellent portrayal of the nature of bipolar "disorder".

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