The Skinny a diet by Dr. Louis Aronne

New diet, The Skinny. It works.

This just in.............

Ok, it has now been 10 weeks since George has taken the weight loss challenge. His beginning weight started at 257 pounds and is now at 220! Can you believe this? Way to go George, he has lost more than 36 pounds.
The weight loss challenge is based on the book "The Skinny by Dr. Louis J. Aronne. You can lose the weight without being hungry.

There is a new diet book out by Dr. Louis Aronne.

Dr. Louis Aronne is the expert whom doctors refer their toughest cases to. For more than twenty years he’s worked on the front lines of obesity research and treatment. The founder and director of the Comprehensive Weight Control Program at New York–Presbyterian Hospital /Weill Cornell Medical Center, he has helped thousands of people achieve lasting weight loss.

You might have seen Dr. Louis Aronne on the David Letterman show. One of his crew was put on The Skinny diet with a starting weight of 256. He was on the diet for 2 weeks and lost 11 pounds. The dieter said that the first three days were hard but it got easier. The Skinny diet lets you diet without feeling hungry.

The Skinny by Dr. Louis J. Aronne


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