The Meaning and affects of Color

Cultural differences, and locations, and personal perception play a major role in how color affects us. There have been many studies conducted on color, personality and mood. Scientists are discovering more everyday about color. Color has been used in therapies across the globe. Color is being recognized to have an effect on our moods and perceptions on the world around us. Color has been used in healing, and it has also been used in advertisements to help influence sales.

If you want to aid in changing your moods, or thinking, start with using color. Search for the meaning and psychological meaning behind color, and use it in your house, on your clothes, or even choose a colored tablet to write on. You have a small outline here on color. Be creative with it. Since purple is good for problem solving, use a purple tablet when you are solving problems. Since the color blue is used to have an adverse effect on your appetite, try using blue plates when you are on a diet.


Meaning of the Color White –technically not a color- purity, and innocence wholeness


Meaning of the color yellow- alertness, happiness, intelligence; more serotonin (the good mood chemical) in the brain is released when a person looks at yellow


Meaning of the Color Pink – calm, sweet, gentle, loving; sympathy, femininity; Pink has been proven to having a calming affect



Meaning of the Color Orange – energy and curiosity


 Meaning of the Color Gold – knowledge, and success


Meaning of the Color Red - passion, power, aggression; Red can raise a person’s blood pressure. Be careful when wearing this color. A red vehicle gets more tickets than any other color.



Meaning of the Color Blue – peace, strength, intelligence; Blue can aid in communication, and it has been used by artists to show perspective; it can also have an adverse effect on your appetite. Blue actually releases a calming chemical from the brain. Studies are also showing that weight lifters can lift more weight in blue rooms, it aids in concentration, and focus.



Meaning of the Color Green - growth, health


Meaning of the color purple- spirituality, sophistication; when a person looks at the color purple, it can help in problem solving


Meaning of the Color Brown – earthiness, solidity; Green is the color of nature


Color Black - technically not a color, black is mysterious, and unknown

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