by Alexander Thandi Ubani

According to the oxford advanced dictionary of current English,[mental pressure] Stress is defined as pressure or worry caused by the problems in somebody's life.


¤1¤There are many ways to manage stress. ONE WAY IS BY NOT TRYING TO DO TOO MUCH AT A TIME. This means that one must not take matters or issues that are too compound, complicated or rigorous when people around can help. TRY THE FOLLOWING:

DELEGATE MATTERS. Consider, learn and try to delegate matters judiciously in order to avoid too much work. Lessen the burden by asking people around you to help out in house, office and business work. This goes along way in reducing stress.

CHANGE THE WAY YOU DO THINGS. when you see that a particular situation has in one way or the other contributed to the stress you experience, change the way you do things. If your work is too strenuous, you always do catch ups on assignment, rush to work or is always late just try and make adjustments.

If you find yourself always sweating to meet up with office work, why don't you prepare in advance and check on how you will make things less stressful. Advance preparation is a key element for reducing work related stress.

¤2¤ DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY: this means that you should make room for things that bring smile to your face. Go on vacation, read stories, swim, exercise, bike, travel from place to place, have fun and good time with the one you love, family members, friends. Buy out time to enjoy yourself. Always do those things that matter most in your life.

¤3¤ DO NOT TRY TO BE OTHERS.[COPY cats] Never you start comparing yourself to others cos your circumstances and theirs aren't the same. This entails that you should be yourself and proud, content and happy with yourself. Do not try to impress, compete or follow others at your own detriment. Do not try to impress or follow others or the way they do things. Always be yourself. There is no two exact individuals at a time. There must be a difference even twins.

¤4¤ AVOID SMOKING AND HEAVY DRINKING. Yes, smoking and drinking do not augur well for those who want to reduce stress. Therefore, try and do what is necessary.

¤5¤ DO LOTS OF EXERCISE. Studies have shown that engaging in exercise takes the mind away from stress. The energy you spend burning fat makes you feel better especially when the changes are obvious. Most exercise[s] require hours of rigorous movement, running, lifting and many more, however, many people have found that instead of spending time thinking and getting your mind preoccupied with the many worries of life, exercise provides healthy alternative for stress relief.

How to live a stress free life.
Engage in meaningful and good communication and conversation.

Eat enough food[mostly vegetables and fruits]

Love yourself and people around you. Always be cheerful.

Do not try to copy others. Always be yourself and natural.

Avoid smoking and heavy drinking.

With these steps followed religiously, one is destined for a stress free life.

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Sueswan 5 years ago

Hi Ubanichijioke

I hope you are doing well.

I remember being overwhelmed with work. I was always working late and on the weekends just to keep up. I didn't ask for help because I thought it meant I wasn't doing a good job.. Well it finally caught up with me.

I no longer work overtime and I ask for help.

Voted up and awesome.

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos Author

Dear lovely Sueswan, I am doing well. I hope you re doing well too. Thanks for that great and inspiring comment[s]. Your sincere comment will make some have a rethink and lessen the burden on their shoulders. Be blessed

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 5 years ago from London, UK

Very useful. Stress is rising in people. I'll share one joke with you...

One day I was so stressed, when writing an email I couldn't remember how to spell the word "with".

See what stress can do. lol. Simple 4 letters "with". :)

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos Author

Ha ha ha, that is funny. You re relieving me of stress my lady. I think your experience does happen to me too. You know what i do when it happen? I run to my kid brother and ask him to spell simple words like 'divide'. lol, what stress can do. Thanks for stopping by. I most enjoyed this little talk. Have fun

Marj Lago profile image

Marj Lago 5 years ago from Paris

This is very informative. It's important to look after yourself and avoid stress as much as possible in order to function daily and accomplish goals in life.

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos Author

Marj, you ve made a wonderful point. When you take good care of yourself, you lessen the stress in your life. Thanks for your wonderful comment. Hugs and kisses

marcoujor profile image

marcoujor 5 years ago from Jeffersonville PA


I am just catching up... never enough time... sounds like stress? Actually I suspect many of us feel like we will "never clear our out box"... before we proverbially move on!

I love that your words have so much balance and peace intertwined. I think our lives can be very full but we need to know what/ who is important and always take that time for them.

Voted UP & UABI--You are growing in your writing range and it is exciting to see, mar.

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos Author

Thanks lovely Mar, your kind comment is a tonic. Dear, you re awesome! Thanks for your contribution. Bless you

ladyjojo profile image

ladyjojo 5 years ago

Dear ubanichijoke i did something on stress but hubpages did not published it due to bullets etc. Anyhow interested topic but you know we can manage stress if we do the right things and try to overcome it. Yet stress always pops up different kinds different times.

Thanks for sharing

God be with you

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos Author

Dear lovely Abigail, yeah stress atleast can be managed when we take the right decisions and also delegate roles. I hope to read your article on stress someday. Peace to you dear.

Debby Bruck profile image

Debby Bruck 5 years ago

Dear Ubanichijioke ~ So many times we hear the messages about stress reduction. You have confirmed and reaffirmed it once again. Please let us know how you manage to balance your theatrical career, studies, and arts with family life, as well as, you constant affinity to Hubpages writing. In health, Debby

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos Author

Dear lovely Debby, thank you for your kind comment. Stress can dull one's morale and sometimes render one inefficient. However, i will discuss how i have managed my many lives as a thespian, writer, hubber & student and make a hub out of it.

Thanks for your considerate concern. You are awesome! Bless you ma

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 5 years ago from Shelton

Stress.. some need it some feed off it... but we do have to manage it.. of course, a great hub :) Frank

howtomodify profile image

howtomodify 5 years ago from usa

INCREASE YOUR HEIGHT, WITH SIMPLE EXERCISE Do Not Buy Anything Just Exercise Videos and tips follow me

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos Author

Dear Frank, you re right. We can learn to manage stress for our own good. Doing so will help us live long. Thanks for your wonderful comment. Bless you.

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos Author

Dear gorgeous Ali, i ve already visited and i found it useful and informative. Bless you

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

A very well presented and useful hub which I am sure many will benefit from.

I vote up and take care my friend.


ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos Author

Dear gorgeous Eiddwen, i am thrilled and flattered knowing that you re impressed. Your encouraging words leave me amazed! Be blessed

Vinaya Ghimire profile image

Vinaya Ghimire 5 years ago from Nepal

Your points are very useful but I go into meditation routine for stress management.

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos Author

You re right Vinaya, meditation can also relieve stress. Keep doing it big man cos you re on the right path. Bless you

Rswilliams8 profile image

Rswilliams8 5 years ago from Provo, UT

very helpful and beautifully written. I am following you as well as voted up on this hub!

Thanks for sharing

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos Author

Thanks Rswilliams, you re a cute and lovely friend. The comment, quite awesome. Be blessed

BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 5 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

Stress we now know for sure is a killer. We just can't live like this. I follow all your rules (yay!) - and last week I threw out that ridiculous TV. Writing at home I would turn it on and it would be background noise. We just don't realize how constant noise - especially useless TV patter - can be stressful.

I'm a whole new person and the creative ideas just keep coming.

Thanks a million for this much needed reminder. Rated up and more!

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos Author

Dear BKcreative, how sweet of you. Now, you ve taken the bull by the horn. Great work!

lyns profile image

lyns 5 years ago from USA

This ubanichijoke, was very enlightening I thought I knew a great deal regarding avoiding stress, but you brought from a different angle, simple but profound approach which we know, but yet don't consider, such as avoiding the things that causes to stress, and I very glad your brought out about the drinking and smoking which I do neither but people don't know how much this and prescription drugs actually compounds the mind and causes distress and anxiety, so once again I appreciate your work and I give it an graded it properly in 3 areas, keep up the positive work, I love it!!

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos Author

Dear sweet Lyns, i am grateful that you found this hub beneficial and useful. Stress can be a big problem if we overlook it. Be blessed my dear friend. Peace to you and lots of love

qlcoach profile image

qlcoach 5 years ago from Cave Junction, Oregon

Hey my friend, nice work with your "stress management course!" (smile) Excellent writing of course. As you know, I'm a retired mental health and substance abuse counselor. Over the years I have learned that people can learn how to vent, release, and replace stressful emotions with positive thoughts, actions, and beliefs. This is my approach to emotional healing and recovery. Peace and Light...Gary

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos Author

Dear Gary, am glad you stopped by to grant me your ever loving support. I also believe you re helping alot of people solve their many problems going by your resume. I am glad to be your friend and to dine in the knowledge that you share. Be forever blessed. Peace to you, Sir Gary.

Pinkchic18 profile image

Pinkchic18 5 years ago from Minnesota

You have some great tips here! It's easy to get stressed out these days, especially with the holidays coming up. Thanks for sharing!

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos Author

Thanks for reading dear pinkchic. Am glad you benefitted. Be blessed

Brinafr3sh profile image

Brinafr3sh 4 years ago from West Coast, United States

Hi Ubani, Awesome read. Not being other people's copy cat is a great message, being ourselves is only right. Voted up and useful.

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 4 years ago from Lagos Author

M????????? greatest thanks to ??? Brinafrsh fO??????? that awesome comment. ??I????? appreciate. Be forever blessed

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