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Looks like a rapid result in-home HIV test will soon be available. Is this a good or bad idea?

An FDA panel of advisors recently unanimously voted to approve an in-home HIV test. The test uses an oral swab and produces results in 20 mins and has a consumer accuracy of about 93%. As with all HIV tests, it does not always detect infection within the first 3 mos of transmission. Much controversy has surrounded in-home tests for HIV.

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Shelly McRae says

4 years ago
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    My2GreenBeans 4 years ago

    People have question both would people get a false positive then do something drastic like suicide or the reverse, get a false negative and then continue to spread the disease? I think more benefit than harm can come from home testing though.

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Web4u Technology (web4utech) says

4 years ago
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