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Is the Mid-western children's virus Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) been linked to

the GMO-corn that's fed to cows? GMO-corn? - - "In 2000 a GM corn variety called Starlink was discovered in the human food supply, even though it was approved only for use in animal feed because of possible allergic reactions in humans." - - - so I'm thinking maybe it's only in the mid-west where the corn is grown and the stuff is in the air is affecting the children? Have you heard of any news on this? - - normally EV-D68 is rare and mild yet: "there are clusters of serious respiratory disease caused by EV-D68 in the Midwest — 19 in Kansas City and 11 in Chicago, " Please answer this Q.

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Ana Maria Orantes (erorantes) says

2 years ago
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