The Causes and How to Stop Bloating

Bloating makes us feel that we have gain some weight on our bellies. If you are a woman, are you tired of getting bloating every month? So, why do we have bloating?

  • swallowing air when eating or drinking
  • poor digestion
  • constipation
  • anxiety disorders
  • lack of protein
  • excessive consumption of alcohol
  • food allergy
  • high salt intake
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • carbonated beverages
  • stress
  • do not drink enough water
  • ovarian cyst
  • bad eating habits/ overeating
  • water retention
  • hormones
  • PMS!!!

Tips to stop bloating:

Vegetables and Fruits and Food

  • Pineapple has bromelain, an enzyme that is beneficial in protein digesting.
  • Beans, onions, and asparagus have contents of carbohydrates. 
  • Fruits and vegetables are necessary for a healthy diet and body. It is essential to eat 3 to 5 servings per day, don't overeat or else, bloating will comes!
  •  Eat wheat bread for breakfast instead of white bread.


  • sorbitol - a sweetener made from the natural sugars found in fruit such as apples. It is commonly found in chewing gum, cookies, light yogurts, syrups and soft drinks. Sorbitol isn't easily adsorbed. Therefore, it stays in your body and causes bloating.
  • sodium - the human body only needs a teaspoon of salt per day to function properly. Too much salt causes water retention.
  • caffeine - stimulants in caffeinated sodas, tea, coffee, chocolate and energy drinks cause stress to the body which then secretes hormones that cause bloating
  • cooked beans, cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli - gaseous vegetables
  • high-fat meals - slow digestion
  • junk foods


Some suggestions

  • Eat smaller meals throughout the day
  • Chew food thoroughly for a better digestion
  • Sit up straight while eating
  • Remove any foods that make you produce more gas
  • Do not chew gums too much especially when you have bloating
  • Exercise daily to maintains healthy bowel function - walk daily for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Eat food slowly and keep mouth shut while eating so no air could go in
  • Increase water consumption
  • Do not eat food in an improper way such as eating food too quick, take your time 
  • Have peppermint capsules (in your pocket, handbags). It help relax digestive muscles.
  • Grab some carminative herbs; they are gas reducing herbs. Peppermint, ginger, chamomile, fennel, and lemon balm are examples of carminative herbs. 

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Vernpaulwriter profile image

Vernpaulwriter 6 years ago from backwoods of Nevada

I will let my wife see this one, very valuable especially about the gas...

Susana101 profile image

Susana101 6 years ago from New York Author

Thanks Vernpaulwriter. Very appreciated!

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