Stationary Exercise Bikes For A Safe Workout

Recumbent Bike
Recumbent Bike

Stationary exercise bikes are also called indoor bikes, or studio cycles, but regardless of what they're called, they are perhaps the best home work-out equipment. We are all told to exercise for thirty minutes each day to stay healthy, as well as make sure, that we eat a well balanced food intake, so a stationary exercise bike is a worthwhile investment. There are two fundamental types of stationary exercise bikes - upright (pedals below the rider) or recumbent (pedals in front of the rider). If seat comfort is a priority then recumbent bikes are the most comfortable with the additional benefit of good back support.

Many experts would say that stationary exercise bikes are unmatched for burning calories, raising your heart rate, and providing you with a great aerobic workout. They are a fundamental piece of gym equipment due to the low-impact, high-gain cardiovascular exercise they provide, and perhaps it doesn't really need to be written down, they are stationary and don't need much room. You simply place your exercise bike beside your TV, window, children or anywhere that is convenient, and peddle away to build hamstring and thigh muscles and stamina, while enjoying your favorite TV show, or looking after the children as they play. With an upright bike, by keeping your back straight and your stomach tight, you can build all of these muscles at the same time.

Stationary exercise bikes are promoted throughout the health and fitness business as a form of safe exercise because, unlike treadmills, exercise bicycles limit the shock to leg and knee joints. They are also pretty easy to use with no complex programming needed, although it is possible on some models. But nearly all of us learned to ride a bike when we were kids so nothing could be easier than getting on and exercising. And what's more you know you're not going to come off, however slow you ride. And you don't have to think about other vehicles either! Lots of people also ride stationary exercise bikes for warming up and down, before and after their training session.

If you weren't aware before, perhaps you now are satisfied that stationary exercise bikes are great exercise machines for all levels of keen health and fitness fans, including novices. They are straightforward to ride with variable resistance, so your heart, lungs and muscles can be worked as much or little as you wish. Stationary exercise bikes are also very reliable and require only minimum maintenance. You can burn an average of 550 calories per hour riding an exercise bike so you may want to buy one, if you want to work out in one of the easiest ways possible.

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Stationary Exercise Bikes - Comments 6 comments

Elliptical Trainer 7 years ago

I didn't realize it was 550 calories an hour, nice hub. What they should also do is connect them to the electric power supply so you can make your own electricity at the same time !

bigmikeh profile image

bigmikeh 7 years ago from UK Author

Somebody's already done it, I'm sure!

Suki C profile image

Suki C 7 years ago from Andalucia, Spain

someone has given me an eliptical cross trainer - I'm very unfit and nervous about starting to use it - any tips? :))

bigmikeh profile image

bigmikeh 7 years ago from UK Author

Suki C: Just take your time and start very gently. If you're really in doubt about your fitness, seek medical advice.

Ron 5 years ago

Stationary exercise bikes are great for warmups

bigmikeh profile image

bigmikeh 5 years ago from UK Author

Ron, Agreed. Mike.

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