What Does A Yeast Infection Look Like?

While most people associate yeast infection or Candidiasis, with vaginal infection, yeast is one fungus that can affect almost any part of the body such as in the mouth, under the breasts, hands and feet, in the armpit and on the genitals as well.

What does a yeast infection look like? In general, a yeast infection looks like a swollen patch of red skin around the infected area and in severe condition, it may produce transparent or yellow pus.

What a yeast infection looks like depends on which part of the body the infection occurs. In the case of vagina, a yeast infection looks like a odorless whitish discharge that can be visible from the outside along with vaginal itching and pain during sex or urination.

In the webs between the fingers and toes, a yeast infection looks like a dry patch of red skin that is very itchy.

When the condition affects the mouth which is not uncommon, whitish patch can be seen on top of red patch of skin which makes eating and swallowing difficult.

Vaginal Yeast Infection
Vaginal Yeast Infection

Causes of Yeast Infections

A yeast infection can be caused by a number of factors. Mostly, it is an imbalance of the natural yeasts, good bacteria and acidity levels that are present on our skin.

When a normal pH level in the body is disrupted, it destroys the eco-system in which the body fails to keep the yeast level low.

Women are more prone to yeast infection. It is estimated that that 3 out of four women will have vaginal yeast infection once in their lifetime caused by an imbalance in vaginal acidity (pH level) usually brought on by hormonal changes in the body.

Common triggers include pregnancy (yes, women are prone to yeast infection during pregnancy), menstruation use of antibiotics, diet, menopause, tight clothing that prevent the flow of air and even sex.

Can men get yeast infections? Male genital yeast infection is less common, however, yeast infection on the penis from direct contact via sexual intercourse with an infected partner is not uncommon.

Now that you know what a yeast infection look like, it's advisable that you consult your doctor for the cause of yeast infection and the best possible remedy.

While over the counter yeast infection treatment is preferred, nowadays the use of home remedies to treat female yeast infection is becoming popular.

Such as taking unsweetened yogurt daily and appying it onto the infected area are said to counteract the effect of the infection. Other common ingredients include garlic, apple cider and vinegar are thought to be an effective solution to get rid of a yeast infection without medicine.

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jikanv profile image

jikanv 7 years ago from Stevenage

I used to have a girlfriend who had yeast infection and smelly vaginal syndrome. She was really a beautiful person very helpful and good hearted. Unfortunatelly her condition stopped her from having a serious relationship including me. She's had two children and was divorced. She was so nice I didn't know how to tell her the problem she's had wihtout hurting her. So I just left her like everyone else. I know I was rude and I actually hurt her more by doing this. But I was escaping. There is a cure for this at http://heavyvaginaldischarge.com and it might just help some lady.

Imagine profile image

Imagine 7 years ago

Great Information on Yeast Infecions! I write a lot about such issues!

Yeast Infection Remedies 7 years ago

If you are really careful as to what you eat and what needs to be avoided, you can always live a candida-free life. Therefore, make every effort to follow the yeast infection diet. Some of your sacrifices in terms of food intake are all worth it considering that you won't have to suffer from the infection's symptoms once you do this.

scheng1 7 years ago

Hardly anyone can mistaken yeast infection for anything else. The pain, swelling and itchiness are simply unforgetable.

Tim Fisher 6 years ago

I have found that natural treatments are actually far more effective than traditional over-the-counter treatments.

In fact, the only way to get lasting relief as to restore the body's normal internal balance.

thrush remedies 6 years ago

People with a poor immune system are also more likely to get yeast infections. For example, people on chemotherapy, people taking high dose steroids, who have diabetes etc.

Jentle profile image

Jentle 6 years ago from London

It can often be accompanied by a cottage cheese like discharge and yeasty smell similar to bread.

hobsdv profile image

hobsdv 6 years ago from Bolton, Uk

Nice one for publishing a fantastic educational hub, i genuinely enjoyed reading it.

Vrh 5 years ago

So I've been noticing my body . I have this bad itching , sometimes hurt when I urinate, cottage cheese discharge and feels very moist . I even started wearing panty liners

Lynn 5 years ago

People should know men and women can have a yeast infection and it is not always vaginal!!!!!!!!!

Monistat 4 years ago

The local government should have an active participation so as to avoid any yeast infection from spreading in their community. I think the number one solution to this is proper information dissemination and proper education. People may not be aware that they already have the disease and might think that it is something that they can ignore. for other treatment visit us http://www.yeastinfectionmedication.com/monistat/

4 years ago

well i learn a lot form this today and i hope i am ok and well ,when i get over this

diana 4 years ago

welli leard a lot from this today and i hope i am ok and well ,when i get over this

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