Editorial Policy

HubPages.com’s mission is for our community and readers to discover and create original, in-depth, useful, media-rich pages on topics they are passionate about. We have created topical domains to showcase the best articles on HubPages.

The following Editorial Policy is to provide information for potential authors who would like their work on topical domains, e.g.,Bellatory.com, our beauty site, PetHelpful.com, our pet site, or Delishably.com, our food and recipe domain.

Potential authors must sign-up on HubPages.com and pass HubPages’s quality assessment program before being published on a topical domain. Only articles that are of the highest quality will have the opportunity to move from HubPages.com to topical domains.

All authors on topical domains will:

  • Adhere to the spirit of our network of sites to inform and inspire.
  • Have a genuine interest and expertise in the topic.
  • Be responsible for creating original, in-depth, and media-rich content.
  • Be responsible for the content they post.
  • Have demonstrated that they are trustworthy, e.g., are well intentioned and not primarily motivated by potential earnings, write about topics they know or care about, have a real name or pen name and bio.
  • Develop their message with a tone complementary to the topic.
  • Write for the benefit of the reader—not for potential earnings.

All articles on topical domains will:

  • Provide original content, reporting, research, or analysis.
  • Be well written with proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.
  • Contain a logical structure that supports the message.
  • Have a clear title with proper title case.
  • Have clear, descriptive subheadings with proper title case.
  • Be visually appealing, i.e., be easy to read online: broken up into multiple Text Capsules, using bullets and numbers where appropriate, etc.
  • Only have supporting elements (links, media, products) that are on topic and complement the content.
  • Add value to the online world of content.
  • Contain high-quality original or legal-use media.
  • If relevant, contain good step-by-step instructions or useful analysis.
  • Be free of keyword stuffing and other nefarious SEO tactics.
  • Include concrete and vivid detail and not be spammy.

*Articles should meet our definition of an 8 or better in our Informational Writing Scale.

In a nutshell…

We are looking for authors with a genuine interest in the article’s topic and whose main motivation is to inform and inspire (not to make money). Authors should have a unique perspective and be willing to share their personal experiences with their readers. Articles should be well written, have original insights into the topic, include high-quality media (preferably original), and contain no spelling errors, grammar mistakes, or spammy elements.

We are not looking for articles that have been published elsewhere, are simple regurgitations of content, or that are written purely to promote a blog or brand. We are also not looking for authors whose main motivation is to make money via unnecessary links, products, or spammy SEO practices—if money is your only goal, our topical domains are not the right venue for your information.

Examples of topical domain articles that meet our quality standards:

Monetization of the Page

  • Authors are compensated with earnings from ad revenue and affiliate links (like Amazon). Please see our FAQ on HubPages.com for more information on the revenue sharing program.

Editing and Moderating Policies

  • An editing service is available for popular articles.
  • Reported articles are regularly reviewed by moderators to make sure they adhere to our Terms of Use.
  • Articles that are moderated will become defeatured (removed from search engine results) or unpublished. Authors that continually add spammy elements to their article will lose the ability to host their article on our topical domains.
  • HubPages provides a two-tiered, free, professional editing service to its site authors: HubPro Basic and HubPro Premium editing. Articles on topical domains are eligible for these services.

    HubPro Basic includes the following services:

    • Editing for spelling and grammar.
    • Editing for formatting that reflects the HubPages Style Guide, e.g., providing a consistent style free of broken videos, low-quality photos, and elements that take away from the authority of the article.
    • Assuring that all links and products are relevant and beneficial to the reader.

    HubPro Premium is a much more extensive editing service. In addition to all of the points in HubPro Basic, Premium offers:

    • The addition of media—commissioned or creative commons.
    • Title or subtitle changes other than grammar and spelling.
    • Reorganization of the Hub’s layout.
    • Fact checking or research to add content.
    • Extensive Hubber and Editor collaboration.

    Useful Links: