Christmas Tree for Small Spaces One Time Cost

Anything Is Possible

I live in a small house. I have a small immediate family. I also have a large extended family. I am one of seven siblings. When it is my turn to entertain the miracle of Christmas my goal is to want to make Christmas come alive. No room, no problem. I can't take all the credit for this ingenious idea.

There is so much going on thru the internet network. For a creative mind it is sometimes too overwhelming. But, what I saw was sticks on a wall with decorations laced ever so perfect shaped like a Christmas Tree and that was the spark. Think it and it will be. And so it has been thought.

Here is my inspiration. Keep in mind that I did not take a picture when it was standing wide and tall. I have trained it flat. This is my mother in-laws ficus tree. After seeing a picture of a flat Christmas Tree on a wall my imagination took its place to design mine. This is it. My ficus tree resurrected as our Christmas tree for 2014.

I took a look at my 20 year ficus tree that, every year I housed outside. It doesn't do well in full sun. It grows well in shade out of direct sun. In the summer I bring it inside. After 20 years it has gotten too big and gazing at it I realized I can do this. How can I have this and a Christmas tree in my house?

I can manipulate this tree. I can make it into my 2014 Christmas tree and maybe if it survives never have to purchase a tree again. And so it was done. This is a picture after I took the Christmas tree apart. I know a picture of the tree untouched would have been nice to see, but, so sorry never took a picture. I have only words to exlaine it, robust and full of life. Now flattened. I manipulated the branches by weaving them in and out and creating a flat appearance to my ficus. During my spark many leaves dropped off. At one point my husband honed in and suggested I abort the mission seriously concerned I would kill his mothers ficus. Hello? Like that would happen. A 20 year old in house plant lives on for ever. At least forever in our life time.

Now that I know it will survive, I will do it over and over again. I can honestly say I feared the worst, that the ficus would kick the bucket, but I could not let that stand in the way of the creative energy flowing so profusely. I had to push on and create my one-of-a kind 2013 Christmas tree. A simple space saving commodity.

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