Create And Send A Personalized Letter From Santa

letters from Santa

If your looking for some last minute cheap gift ideas for kids, I found a fun site where you send a personalized letter from santa to your kids or grand kids.

As soon as I found this site I thought that it was perfect for grandmas looking for fun christmas ideas mainly because it just seemed like something my grandmother would do. The other reason I thought it to be perfect for grandmothers is if you have a few kids to send these to they offer a discount. You can send three letters and get the fourth free for $9.99 with free shipping.

Sent-by-santa has a list of example letters to give you some creative ideas for your letter from santa.

Letters from Santa

Letters from Santa
Letters from Santa

This could be a fun idea for older kids and adults as-well. If you want to have a little fun with friends or family you could always create a humerous letter to send. If my mom had of found this when I was younger I would have surely received a letter from santa informing me how naughty I had been. (as a teen-ager and not a child of course) Or you might have a naughty spouse, I'll let you guys use your imagination from here!

Gift Ideas For Kids
Gift Ideas For Kids

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sandhyap profile image

sandhyap 8 years ago

Hi Santa, What About my gifts.......Anyways good hub........

knslms profile image

knslms 8 years ago from North Carolina Author

He skips my house to lol

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