Going to School vs Delaying Holidays

If you have been following my hubs this month, you will know that I am contemplating the return to school.  But with that, comes decisions which also cause life plans to be put on hold or ignored but hopefully not forgotten.

For instance, before I started to think about returning to school, I was planning a trip to Thailand as I had finally earned enough air miles to qualify for a flight there.  While I am only at the research stage right now of the trip, if I were to put it off to go to school, I am looking at another two or three years depending on the classes and the schedule I would be on to complete the courses.

But, that said, I have another opportunity for a holiday that would not conflict with classes quite as much as a three to four week holiday would.  My dad is talking about taking a cruise to the Panama Canal this fall and has no issue with going by himself.  This is one of the few cruises that I actually do want to go on, so I would be willing to put off my trip to Thailand for a year to go on a cruise, especially if I can convince my dad to pay for my trip.  J  But he has also talked about this trip for a few years and has not gone as of yet, obviously.

Travel to me is important.  There are so many places in the world that I want to see.  I have always wanted to travel even when I was younger.  I had thought about going on a school exchange to Quebec when I was younger, but never pursued it.  I’m not really sure why I did not go further with the idea as it would have been fun. 

So far I have been to a variety of places in the States, Southern Ontario, Mexico, Dominican and Cuba.  I also spent three months “Down Under” in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji but I want to do more!  That’s why I was so excited when I realized that I had enough points to fly to Thailand as that is not the cheapest flight in the world. 

But even if I am not able to go this year, I can go the year after possible, and then I will have enough points through another plan to go on another long haul flight.

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Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

So very interesting and I wish you all the best.

I now look forward to so many more by you.

Voted up for sure and enjoy your day.


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