How to Make Your Own Fresh Floral Christmas Centerpieces I: Easy and Cheap

Fresh Christmas Centerpiece with Snowman Tealight.

A Christmas centerpiece with a snowman tealight (I bought it at 99cents store for only 99cents) with long-lasting carnations and mums.
A Christmas centerpiece with a snowman tealight (I bought it at 99cents store for only 99cents) with long-lasting carnations and mums. | Source

Fresh Christmas centerpieces bring the smell, the freshness and the spirit of Christmas into your home like none other can. Place a fresh Christmas centerpiece in your kitchen or dining room or whenever you fancy and you will see that it makes all the difference that only a fresh centerpiece can. However, fresh Christmas centerpieces can be expensive. You just need to check out the prices at the grocery stores, at the florist or online—they range from $20 (for a skimpy one) to $100, depending on how elaborate it is. If you’re one for saving money at this time of the year, since there are a million things to buy, why not consider making your own centerpieces? They are fun to make and with a few money saving tips given in this hub, you’ll be glad you did. You can easily make one for under $15, guaranteed.

If you’ve read my hub on “Bridal Floral Arrangments,” you know that I’m a little crazy about flowers. I talk to them and allow them to talk to me. I’m not a florist by training—I just love flowers. I do flower arrangements for fun, for friends and sometimes, I make them to raise money for a good cause. So, come Christmas, you’ll find that my kitchen resembles the florist shop, with flowers everywhere, pails of water holding oasis, flower clippers and lots and lots of stray foliage everywhere (imagine the cut hair on the floor of the salon, except mine has leaves and bits of stalks and the whole slew).  I make centerpieces to give to friends, to shut-ins and also to raise money for my daughter’s ballet school.

With so many centerpieces to make, I’ve learned a few tricks to cut down on cost, which I’ll share throughout this hub. I will also show you some of the arrangements I’ve made. So, if you’re ready to go, let’s start with some basics.

Colors of Christmas

Select flowers that reflect the colors of Christmas. Seen here green mums, Christmas greens and red berries I stole from my friend's yard.
Select flowers that reflect the colors of Christmas. Seen here green mums, Christmas greens and red berries I stole from my friend's yard. | Source


  • Stem Clipper, essential for cutting stems.

Saving Tip: It’s good to invest in a good pair as it will hold up longer.

  • Oasis (Floral foam for fresh flowers)

Saving tip: You can find them at Wal-mart, cheaper than at Michaels but if you have a 40% coupon, buy them at Michaels (slightly better quality)

  • Floral tape (or if you want to save, get a spool of green tape—they go a long way).
  • Containers

You can get creative with containers. There are endless possibilities:

Baskets of all sizes and shapes—just be sure to line them with waterproof liner if you’re using them as they are or you can insert a leak-proof container inside the basket.

Household containers—footed dishes, urns, teapots, china or glassware.

Vases—glass, ceramic, pottery and tin.

Saving Tip: Scavenge for containers at garage sale. I found a beautiful vase for only 50 cents at a recent garage sale. Save baskets from gifts or ransack your grandmother’s kitchen for pottery castaways. Some food containers look good enough to use once food item has been eaten. And if you’re eyeing a special container at the store, wait till it’s on sale or bring in your discount coupon.

Fresh Christmas Centerpiece with a taper candle.

A basic Christmas centerpiece to grace the Christmas season.
A basic Christmas centerpiece to grace the Christmas season. | Source


Bring the aroma of Christmas into your house by choosing Christmas foliage—Balsam fir, Noble Fir, Douglas fir, White pine brush, juniper, Incense cider, holly, blue spruce, silver dollar and Eucalyptus.

Saving Tip: Know the common saying, “Ask and you’ll be given?” This is the season to do that, especially if you want some free Christmas greenery. If you go to any Home Depot, Target or pinery and ask them for discards (they usually cut off the bottom of the Christmas tree and stray branches) and they will be happy to oblige. After all, you can helping them to haul off what they consider “trash,” and what you consider, “precious materials.”

Alternatively, you may have a friend with a pine tree or two in their backyard. Be thick-skinned and ask if they would spare you a branch or two. I have a friend who loves succulents and she has tons of them just wasting away. Every year, I do her the favor of trimming them off, while increasing my stash of Christmas greenery.  Or start planting some pines in your backyard and reap the joy of having your own Christmas foliage in a couple of years’ time.


Seasonal flowers include Amaryllis, lily, paperwhite, star of Bethlehem, ranunculus, carnation, chrysanthemum, roses, freesia, static and bouvardia.

If you want fresh flowers and you want them relatively priced, visit the Farmer's market--they carry a wider selection than the grocery stores and they're definitely less expensive than the ones found at the florist.While there, make friends with the sellers and you can even special order flowers they don't carry.

If you have a wholesale license, you can even buy your flowers from the Flowers' Wholesale Market, with enough choices to bedazzle and great prices.

Christmas Accents

Give your centerpiece even more character and charm by adding accents such as red winterberries, white teardrop berries, Juniper berries, corns, Christmas ornaments, Christmas tealight, Christmas decorations and ribbons.

Let’s Get to It

Let’s get to it—let’s roll up our sleeves, so to speak and get this thing ready for Christmas.


1. First decide if you want a circular centerpiece or rectangular centerpiece. The choice depends on where you want to place your centerpiece. Obviously a circular Christmas centerpiece goes better with  a round  table and a rectangular one goes better with a long rectangular table.

2. Soak your oasis in water until it’s totally soaked through, about 5 minutes.

3. Place oasis in container of choice. You may have to trim the oasis to size to fit the container. A kitchen knife will do.

4. Fasten with floral tape

5. Insert candles. Make sure it’s sturdy. Alternatively, if you prefer Christmas accents like a snowman lantern or a nativity globe, place on oasis and fasten with tape. I sometimes edge these accents with thicker stems to prevent them from wobbling.

6. Cut Christmas greenery—make sure it’s at least 2 inches longer than the length you desire. Make a basic shape with these cut  stems. For instance, a rectangular centerpiece should two shorter stems and 2 longer stems, in line with the four directions—North, South, East and West. From this basic shape, work your way up, with tapering lengths of stems.

7. Fill up the gaps with more foliage until it’s rather full.

8. Insert flowers at desired places, followed by fillers like berries, ribbons or pinecones.

A Christmas Centerpiece with orchids and mums.

If you want a lasting centerpiece, choose flowers that will last. Orchids and mums can last for at least 2 weeks, if not more.
If you want a lasting centerpiece, choose flowers that will last. Orchids and mums can last for at least 2 weeks, if not more. | Source

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stephhicks68 profile image

stephhicks68 6 years ago from Bend, Oregon

Wow - simply marvelous Christmas centerpieces. Lots of great advice here to make your own. Love all the photographs. Rated beautiful!

jill of alltrades profile image

jill of alltrades 6 years ago from Philippines

Wow! These are so lovely! I'd like to have one of these on my center table!

You are really starting early. I was planning to write something Christmassy (is there such a word?) but you beat me to it! Hahaha!

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Voted up and beautiful!

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 6 years ago Author

Thanks, Stephanie for visiting and commenting.

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 6 years ago Author

Christmassy--I use that word too, so there better be such a word. Thanks, Jill, you know I'll make you one if you live even remotely close to me. Come by next Christmas. Thanks for rating it up:)

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

I am so impressed. Your displays are gorgeous. You must have a natural talent for flowers. Great hub, rated up!

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 6 years ago Author

Thanks, Pamela for your encouraging comments.

Om Paramapoonya profile image

Om Paramapoonya 6 years ago

So cute! You're very good at this. Seriously, you can open your own floral shop. :)

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 6 years ago from London, UK

I really like the idea and it looks beautiful.


anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 6 years ago Author

Om, always nice to hear from u. Thanks for the compliment--I think writing is less messy.

Lady E, thanks for dropping by and commenting.

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 6 years ago from US

Nice ones. I love flowers and I learned a lot from this one. Maybe you can have a flower shop, you're good at it ms angel, Thanks, Maita

sheila b. profile image

sheila b. 6 years ago

I liked all of your centerpieces, and especially the last one. Very pretty.

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 6 years ago Author

Maita, you're so sweet. I love flowers but don't know about a flower shop--you need to mend it all the time, unlike writing. Thanks for dropping by.

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 6 years ago Author

Thanks, Sheila, so good to hear from u again.

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

Good to see you again, my friend. This is a beautiful hub from you. We can enjoy the beauty of flowers while enjoy Christmas as the special day. Although I am a Muslim, but I really appreciate this hub. You are very creative person. I love your work. Thanks for share with us. I give my VOTE UP for you.

Blessing and hugs,

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 6 years ago Author

prasetio, good to see u too. Thanks for the lovely comments. You're right, even though you're a Muslim, you can still appreciate the beauty of the occasion. Thanks for the vote up. Hugs too!

katrinasui profile image

katrinasui 6 years ago

All of your centerpieces are very attractive especially the last one. Great hub with beautiful pictures.

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 6 years ago Author

Thanks, katrinasui, for your kind comments.

TheListLady profile image

TheListLady 6 years ago from New York City

I'd like to do something different this year - so you have given me some wonderful ideas and I love orchids. This is so eco-friendly. I can eventually turn it all into compost. Yay!

Thanks a million and rated up.

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 6 years ago Author

Yay, listlady, I'm with you regarding eco-friendly. Let me know how your centerpieces turn up. Thanks for rating it up.

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 5 years ago from US

I hope it is not too late I can still go to Home Depot and ask for discards. Thanks for the advices but I rather hire you, Thank you angel, Maita

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 5 years ago Author

Maita, it's not too late. You can also go to any pinery. I would love to do one for you. I've been busy doing a bunch of them to give away. Merry Christmas!

Movie Master profile image

Movie Master 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Hi anginwu, what a fabulous hub, I love making Christmas table decorations and you have some great ideas here I will try!

Many thanks and best wishes MM

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 5 years ago Author

MM, I absolutely love putting flowers together. My mom used to buy me flowers so I can put them together for her. I'm glad you like it and I'm sure you have some pretty good ideas as well. We'll do a Christmas swap of ideas--deal? Thanks, again, for commenting.

Movie Master profile image

Movie Master 5 years ago from United Kingdom

Hi anginwu, that's a great idea! - deal! MM

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 5 years ago Author

Yay, MM--can't wait for Christmas!

Shonda 5 years ago


I work for a local prison and we are doing a holiday meal that the offenders can have with some of their family members. We were going to just do Pointsettia's like last year but the prices went up on them. Is there a cheap idea that anyone has for a centerpiece that we can make? It can't have any glass or wire. I love yours anglnwu, they are so beautiful!

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 5 years ago Author

Shonda, appreciate the work you're dong for the local prison. Where is this? If you're in the same town as I'm, I don't mind helping out. If not, you can always go to home depot or any pinery and get the Christmas leaves that they throw out every year--use the leaves to make fresh arrangements. They will look nice with pinecones or some fresh flowers. I hope that helps.

annmackiemiller profile image

annmackiemiller 5 years ago from Bingley Yorkshire England

these are beautiful well done

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 5 years ago Author

annmackiemiller, thanks for your positive feedback.

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 2 years ago from the short journey

And you think you don't have great talent… :)

How everyone can't be a little crazy over flowers is a puzzle to me, but not everyone has your talent with them. Thanks for sharing your methods for creating beautiful arrangements and including great tips with the photos.

heidithorne profile image

heidithorne 2 years ago from Chicago Area

Beautiful photos and floral work! Voted up, useful, beautiful and sharing!

rebeccamealey profile image

rebeccamealey 2 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

Wow! This is so pretty. I'll be glad when the holidays are here again!

Laura Schneider profile image

Laura Schneider 2 years ago from Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Awesome Hub! I loved all of your arrangements, and got a laugh out of your description of your kitchen while arranging flowers. I can't wait to put your ideas to work! You make it sound so easy I'm quite sure that I can make a Thanksgiving centerpiece using your wisdom and techniques. Thanks! I'm off to red part two of this article...

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 2 years ago Author

Rtalloni, you made me laugh. A good thing. Thanks for your kind comments.

Thanks, heidithorne, for voting it up. Enjoy your day.

rebeccamealey, yes, can't wait for the Christmas season. My very favorite time of the year.

anglnwu profile image

anglnwu 2 years ago Author

Laura Schneider, thanks for your kind comments. Do share your work when it's done. Can't wait to see them.

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