Adoption Poem - The Big Reunion

IT was on St Valentine's Day
IT was on St Valentine's Day | Source
A kiss goodbye on Valentine's day
A kiss goodbye on Valentine's day | Source
I followed you to school
I followed you to school | Source
The Reunion on St Valentine's  Day
The Reunion on St Valentine's Day | Source

Adopted Child

Where did I get my eyes of gold

This window to my soul

My funny little wonky toes

My turned up button nose

Each night I cried a million tears

Wishing you'd kiss away my fears

Did you hear your baby weeping?

In your dreams while you were sleeping?

This painted smile I wear so well

It masks the pain so they can't tell

Deep down there is a hollow place

The void that is my mother's face

So many things I need to know

Please tell me why you had to go

I've learned to laugh, no longer weep

The pain I had to bury deep

My mother dear if you ever cared

The truth we shared must be declared

Although you may not be prepared

To have you long held secret aired

So many things, need to be said

This day we planned we also dread

The circle we must now complete

A mother and a daughter meet

A Chance to Heal the Pain (Mother)

The saddest day of all my life

Still cuts my heart like a sharp knife

It was on St Valentine’s Day

The day I gave you life

I prayed each night

That you will stay

I was prepared to fight

But I was still only a child

And in a dreadful plight

I watch you grow

Now, you should know

I followed you to school

I didn’t care; I broke the rules

I caught you when you fell

A moment’s grace, released from hell

You turned; you smiled

You waved goodbye

And I just stood and cried

Your face I see, last thing at night

And when the dawn breaks through

But what’s done is done

Now we have begun

It's time to let you know

It broke my heart

On Valentine’s Day

They took my love away

I loved you then

I love you now

But only time will tell

maybe we’ll turn our pain to joy

On this Valentine’s Day

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tobusiness profile image

tobusiness 5 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K Author

Jamie, nice to have you back, you've been well missed

jhamann profile image

jhamann 5 years ago from Reno NV

Thank you. Jamie

Princess Prisca profile image

Princess Prisca 5 years ago from Heaven living on Earth

One word: Magnificent!

Ciao...Princess Prisca

shimmering Dawn profile image

shimmering Dawn 5 years ago

This is beautiful! Sad but beautiful! Have a blessed day!

iguidenetwork profile image

iguidenetwork 5 years ago from Austin, TX

Fabulous one...Thumbs up!!!

tobusiness profile image

tobusiness 5 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K Author

Rosemay, thank you very much for the visit and the comment, yes, thank goodness it is much easier these days, but there are still many people going through similar situation as a result of what happened in the past.

Even with all the support, children are still being placed in Care, wouldn't it be wonderful if every child was loved and wanted?

Rosemay50 profile image

Rosemay50 5 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

This is such a sad tale. These things happen for various reasons. It is a lot easier nowadays, there is a lot more suppot.

A union and understanding on Valentine's Day would be a wonderful thing

tobusiness profile image

tobusiness 5 years ago from Bedfordshire, U.K Author

Thanks Cape

Capedium profile image

Capedium 5 years ago from Texas.


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