In Remembrance of Sacrifice and Defiance

For his strained eyes to see
And to penetrate his cold heart
We declare loudly
We are forever apart!
Men cast before swine
Cannot live under self-proclaimed majesty
With honor and freedom
We have ended this travesty
One man
Under Anglican rule
Answering to God
But who is the fool?
With words unable to curtsey
And a will that refuses to bow
We choose to live
Under what Democracy will allow
And these men
Are ready to die
For the truth lives forever
And this you can never deny
But the truth lives in darkness
Cloaked by men of deceit
For corruption and power
Melts good men with its heat
How many lanterns must burn
In order to hear the bell?
How many must suffer
In tyranny’s hell?
No matter to our own lives
We have made our choice
To die and grace antiquity
Rather than live without a voice
Oh King of England
Minister of the slave complex
You cannot know
The determination of your subjects
You send your proxies
Even though you will not receive them
You send ships laid full
Of murderous and delusional gentlemen
Spare the world of your ambition
For the flag that rises will not fall
And as the powder is readied to burn
You will well remember Liberty and Justice for All

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